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Little Red Lying Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
A Grim Scary Tale

-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

This is a story about Little Red Lying Hood and a big bad wolf named Barry Sotero.  In the beginning of our story Little Red Lying Hood leaves his boyhood home in Hawaii and travels through the woods to "Indonausia" where he attends an Islamic Madrassa.  There he comes face to face with radical Muslims who hate America. While he is there he changes his name from Barry Sotero to Barack Obama in order to conceal his American identity.

From Indonausea Little Red travels back through the woods to Chicago where he meets up with some pretty bad wolves namely Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Tony Rezko.  Under the influence of these hoods, the young Barack becomes a little bit of a hood himself.  While the undisputed leader of Barack Obama's Chicagoland wolf pack was always Bill Ayers, he also knew a bigger wolf named Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky was familiar with the writings of even bigger wolves in the world like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Antonio Grimche.  These were the progressive role models for Barack Obama. Bill Ayers made sure that America's ‘Little Red’ became familiar with all of their writings. 

After a while the young Barack Obama started to internalize everything he had learned from the other wolves in his hood and he began to look just like all the rest of the wolves from the south side of Chicago. Then ‘Little Red’ travelled back through the woods to Grandmother's house in Hawaii to see his Grandma before she died.  “My what a big ego you have Barack," she is reported to have told him.  “All the better to become President grandma," he replied.

After his grandmother died Little Red Lying Hood left the big island of Hawaii and marched off to the little District of Columbia to become our Nation's first Black President. He marched right into the White House in a remarkably complicated twist of fate. From there President Obama began to go after everyone else's grandmother by proposing cuts in Medicare. Then he began to devour the Constitution before our wary eyes and what ever still remained of our individual freedom.

The only thing left to tell is the end of the story.  Will someone come along and rescue America from this lying little hood in the White House and restore the Constitution to its rightful place or will this big bad wolf from the south side of Chicago be allowed to remain in the White House until his term of office is completed and he completely destroys the checks and balances in our Constitutional form of government? I hope I am wrong but I am afraid that by the time his term of office is over there won't be much left of our traditional way of life nor of our personal liberties.

- The End -

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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