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The Key to a Healthy Economy

-by Scott Rohter, September 2011

The next time you visit your local home improvement center just take a look around on the shelves that are all fully stocked with products for sale and ask yourself one very important question.  Why is there nothing on the shelves that is made by the United States Government?  Well that’s because the United States Government doesn’t really know how to make anything and they certainly don’t produce anything that anyone wants to buy. They just make excessive government regulations and red tape that virtually nobody wants.

The free market is a wonderful thing if it is allowed to function properly, and capitalism is a powerful motivator when it is actually unleashed. There are still a few things on the shelves that are actually made in America, but there is absolutely nothing on the shelves that is made by our United States Federal Government.  Furthermore if we don’t get the U.S. Government out of the business of making more regulations and regulating American businesses to death then pretty soon there won’t actually be anything left on those shelves that is still made in the U.S.A. because all of our American factories will have been run out of business or out of the country just in order to remain competitive. That's the sad truth about where we are headed.

The key to life is balance. Proper balance is the key to health and it is also the key to a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

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