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The Wiki Leaks Revelations and Scandal with Julian Assange and Bradley Manning
By Scott Rohter
December 2010

After I first admit that I am truly troubled about the origin of these information leaks, an apparently disgruntled homosexual in the Army, PFC Bradley Manning, and I am also equally troubled about the apparent character, ideology and possible motivations of the publisher of the Wiki Leaks website, professional computer hacker Julian Assange, I must say that no matter how, “we the people” have acquired this information, it is probably better to know than not to have known. Unless you just want to stick your head in the sand and proclaim that ignorance is bliss and the people in charge of our government are all totally trustworthy, I don’t know what possible good can come now from siding with the government on this matter.

The Wiki Leaks website isn’t harming our country nearly as much as our own government officials are if they are making poor choices, doing bad things, or behaving in bad ways in our name! So I say, let’s find out, and if Mr. Assange has committed rape or he is a pervert and a moral miscreant, then he deserves to pay for his crimes too! But I am more worried about moral crimes and possible bad behavior by high government officials acting on the world stage in our name, than I am about Mr. Assange’s sexual dalliances!

I know who will hold Mr. Assange accountable for his crime, but who will hold the US government accountable, if not “we, the people?” So if Mr. Assange has provided us with useful information to hold our own government accountable, then no matter what else he has done wrong, he has served a useful purpose, and I feel no qualms about using him and his information to hold my government to a higher standard. There are others no doubt, who are lining up right now to hold Mr. Assange accountable.

And, by the way, when did our government become so concerned about the safety of our soldiers or other personnel overseas? If they were so concerned about our own soldiers, then they wouldn’t keep sending them down the same streets in Iraq or Afghanistan over and over again as human guinea pigs to get blown up by I.E.D.s. They would purchase cheap remote controlled robots which are available and expendable, and which could precede our convoys down the streets and absorb the impact of these explosions. They also wouldn’t send them into potentially hostile homes and order them to shoulder their weapons! The notion that our government is just worried that these leaks are endangering American lives and the lives of our allies is ridiculous! There is something other than American lives that our government is worried about!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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