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Climate Science or Science Fiction?
Is it Really Science at all?
A Look into the Research on Global Warming

By Scott Rohter, June 2014

"How quickly the world forgets what the liberal media doesn't want us to remember, including all of the damning e-mails between scientists who are studying global warming. The last, best hope for the future of our democracy and our continued prosperity are the millions of thoughtful, well informed Americans who refuse to accept all the lies being propagated by the mainstream media."- Scott Rohter

They call it climate science, those who really believe that the earth is warming, but is it really science or is it not really science at all? Science is the actual search for the truth. It is a painstakingly deliberate and methodical approach to collecting all of the facts. It is a serious attempt to understand the physical world around us. Science is not the intentional manipulation of partial or deliberately fabricated data in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion and then an attempt to impose that flawed view of reality upon the whole world. It is not some half baked account by some half baked pseudo-scientists to impose their particular political agenda upon the rest of society.

Climate science is not any more of a science than political science. It is actually more political than it is science. Computer models predicting that low lying coastal areas will be flooded by rapidly rising sea levels are no more scientifically accurate than all of the defective temperature data compiled from global monitoring stations located right in the middle of an asphalt parking lot and then comparing that intentionally skewed data with the previous data collected from the same site twenty years ago when it was formerly a hayfield located in the middle of a green pasture. The disagreement over global warming is really not any harder to understand than that. The controversy about global warming is really a controversy over scientific integrity.

The scientific data about global warming has been deliberately fudged and manipulated as the scandal at East Anglia University originally revealed back in 2010. As revelations of suspicious e-mails between so called climate experts became known it proved that a real climatological conspiracy was occurring in order to cover up the actual facts and the scientific truth from the general public, but as the storm over their intentions subsided with time, the same leading proponents of the theory of anthropogenic global warming have continued to pound their political agenda with unrelenting pressure and with the help of the United Nations and other international forums under their control, and with the help of the lying mainstream media.

It is time to put an end to all of this nonsense which claims that human beings are responsible for causing global warming.. It is time to put an end to the foolish idea that the earth’s overall climate can somehow be affected by the mere activity of human beings. While some human activity probably is responsible for localized and regional air and water quality issues these local problems are barely even noticeable outside of the earth's major metropolitan areas, and they only make up an infinitesimally small fraction of the earth's overall land surface area. They are certainly not impacting the climate of the entire planet as a whole. There is absolutely no reason to impose punitive carbon caps and carbon trading schemes upon all 180 nations of the world as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is proposing to do.

The best thing you can say about the theory of anthropogenic global warming is that it is still an unproven theory for now. It might soon turn out to be a debunked theory if real scientists would do their job and stick to the facts and if they would get their numbers right instead of allowing other politically correct, climate change pseudo-scientists to do a real political number on all the rest of us.

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"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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