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It’s About Time to Start Revitalizing the Republican Party,
so that Conservative Values Really Mean Something Again!

by Scott Rohter, April 2012

This was a conversation that occurred between myself and another member of the Republican Party regarding Rick Santorum’s disappointing withdrawal from the Presidential Primary.

My Statement: There was a lot of pressure put on Rick Santorum to withdraw from the race and to end his Presidential campaign. My guess is that it was both financial and personal. Regardless of what anyone else says, this was not a good day for America. The day that Senator Santorum suspended his campaign was not a good day for the Conservative cause either! He was the last authentic Christian conservative voice in the race. Now the Republican Party has been duped once again by its Progressive Establishment. Most Republicans will obviously vote for Mitt Romney, and of course the Establishment is already counting on that. Perhaps it is about time that we begin revitalizing the Republican Party from the inside out, from whatever remains of the TEA Party, so that by the time  the next election rolls around, no matter who wins this one, we will be ready and running with both feet on the ground. What do you think??  There is no hope of building a Party based upon principles with a membership full of compromisers! Thomas Jefferson said, “On matters of principle stand like a rock!...”

Response: Politics is about compromise.  To fail to accept that is to spit in the face of the men who wrote and ratified our Constitution. Many of the Founding Fathers actually hated each other. At least one of them actually killed another (Burr killed Hamilton in 1803). Yet most of them somehow managed to make the compromises that enabled them to build this nation.

My Statement: “In matters of principle stand like a rock!  In other matters Jefferson said, “swim with the current."....  And Jefferson was neither stupid nor hot headed enough to get involved in a duel…  A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Response: I know Jefferson quite well, and the quote you’ve used is simply not the sort of thing that he would have said. Yes, a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. So can Jefferson’s quotes when they are taken out of context. His letter to the Danbury Baptists regarding the wall of separation between Church and State is a perfect example. I would suggest a good biography of the man to understand his thinking so that you can spot an improperly used quote whenever you see one.

My Statement: Well you certainly do have the mind of Thomas Jefferson. You and Mitt Romney both! I didn't know that I was in the presence of such greatness! I'm both humbled and honored to be in such fine company. It's just too bad that Jefferson isn’t here to lend credibility to your statement. His quote is simple enough though, and quite straight forward.  I don’t think it requires an interpreter. It doesn't actually matter where Jefferson made his famous statement about principles. That is what is so great about real men of integrity throughout history. Unlike politicians of today, people with integrity don't tailor their message to fit their individual audience! They win over their audience to their individual message! There is a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Rick Santorum is just such a man today. Mitt Romney is not!! Just listen to Jefferson's own words, and try to imagine him speaking. "IN MATTERS OF PRINCIPLE" stand like a rock!  “In other matters swim with the current.” That sounds like a priciple to me. It wasn't specifically tailored to suit the Danbury Baptists. What core conservative principles has Mitt Romney consistently held throughout his long political career?? Pro-life? He used to be pro-choice. As far as I can determine he still hasn’t signed the Susan B Anthony Pro-Life Pledge… Obama Care?? He used to be for it before he was against it. That’s the same way he feels now about individual mandates!.. The Second Amendment? Why he used to be against it before he was for it… Reagan-Bush?? When he was running to be the Governor of Massachusetts he said, “I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush!” Now he just loves Reagan–Bush. So if you want to elect another smooth talking politician then Mitt Romney is definitely your guy.

It's just too bad that most Republicans today, in fact most politicians today don't actually have any principles, at least not any more than most of the people that they claim to represent! The only principle that I see the Establishment Republicans hanging on to is compromise which isn’t actually in itself an ideological principle, (It is a tactic) and victory (which isn't a principle either)!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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