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Lois Joyce Rohter
March 18, 1927 - March 15, 2012
Beloved wife and mother

Birthday Present and Final Reward
by Scott Rohter, March 2012

For My Mother


You taught me how to stand
And helped me learn to talk.
When I preferred to crawl on the floor
You encouraged me to walk.
While I was just a little boy I was still an empty book,
But you always believed in me
Even if some refused a second look.


When I was just in grade school
You taught me to believe myself too
When I was the object of bullies around town.
You persuaded me if I stood up to them
They'd be the ones to back down.
You always seemed to know what was best for me
When I didn't have a clue
About the difference between right and wrong,
Or the way to act weak or strong
I knew I could trust in you.


A straight “A” student you were
On your high school honor roll,
When most of the women of your generation
Weren’t noted for their wits outside of the home.
A devoted wife and mother
who spent your entire life.
In service to your family
Without regard to the strife.


Even towards the end of your life
When what used to be you was no longer present
You were still trying to fill your role as a caregiver
When you couldn't even take care of yourself.
But you began to leave your earthly bond
Ten years ago when Dad died.
I watched as I tried to prevent your departure
But I could not stop your progressive slide.


It was your wish to leave this world behind
I wished you to remain here instead.
But your heart was more with your husband
That's where you preferred to be.
I didn't know how hard you would take his untimely demise
But it became obvious you lost your will to live
On the day your husband died.
And you just never recovered nor 'er re-discovered your will to go on without him.


You might have found solace or some other reason to live
If you would have looked around and kept going.
But in the end it was your choice to make.
And your will to cease living and knowing.
And when you finally gave in and gave up on this world
You resigned yourself to your heavenly reward.
In just three more days you would have turned eighty-five years old
That is the reason I am crying.


Tomorrow will be your 85th Birthday Mom
It took a little over eleven years for God to grant your wish to die.
He listened to your heart wanting to be sure you were serious
Before he allowed your spirit to fly.
But now your journey is over
You have found your final reward
You have heard those beautiful words,
When you were gathered Heaven toward.
May you Always Rest in Peace.
Happy Birthday Mother.
Love Scott

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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