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Barack Obama Plays another Round of Golf as the Middle East Continues to Burn.

By Scott Rohter, August 2013

“I have some good advice for Barack Obama the next time he feels inclined to stick his two cents into the Middle East where it isn't wanted... Don't! And even if it is wanted, he should just play another round of golf instead.”

President Obama played golf again Saturday with comedian Larry David from Seinfeld fame (He was the head writer and the executive producer of this T.V. sitcom) as the fire that he started in the Middle East during his first term in office continues to rage on unabated. This fire is the direct result of the destabilizing effect that Barack Obama’s Middle East foreign policies have had upon the region since he made his first trip abroad there to Egypt in 2009, and he addressed the Muslim world from the podium of Cairo University.

Foooour! Barack Obama stepped up to the tee and took a big swing at the little ball, and he hit a doozie of a hook shot right into the sand trap off to left of the green. His shot fell far short of its intended goal. He is not on the green, in the green, or even anywhere near the green, and I am not talking about the little sand trap on the golf course either. I am referring to the big sand trap in the Middle East which is right next to the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf is not the name of a world class golf course either, but it is a very well known world flashpoint that Barack Obama can’t seem to find his way out of. He can’t seem to find his way back out of this Muslim sand trap and on to the green again, but then neither can just about anyone else in the Middle East… especially Egypt. The Arab Spring is just a mirage in a Muslim desert.

All of the “green” in the Middle East is located in the royal hands of the Saudis, and a few other very wealthy Persian Gulf oil States like Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The rest of this region is as parched or as destitute of money as they are of water. They are as barren of any economic green for their people as they are of any natural vegetative greenery. The economies of Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt as well as Syria are all in various stages of disarray as President Obama played another round of golf to wrap up his latest vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. I mean what Western tourist would actually go to Egypt to see the Pyramids when the country is ruled by a terrorist organization called the Muslim Brotherhood. No wonder Egypt’s economy is in a state of shambles and young Egyptians don’t have any jobs. Meanwhile President Obama is stalking the golf course just about as hard as murder and mayhem are stalking the Middle East right now, and he is doing just about as well on the links as the people of the Middle East are doing in their respective Persian Gulf sand traps.

Perhaps President Obama should just mind his own business in the future and let the countries of the Middle East sort out their own damn problems, seeing that it was his support for the anti-government revolutions in the Middle East that set the stage for the so called Arab Spring in the first place which has resulted in the whole region going up in flames. I have some good advice for Barack Obama the next time he feels inclined to stick his two cents into the Middle Ease where it isn’t wanted… Don’t! And even if it is wanted, he should just play another round of golf instead.

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