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I Am Woman!  Apparently I Have to Roar in Order to be Heard
Gender Bias in the Republican Presidential Primary
-by Scott Rohter, November 2011

In the Republican Presidential debates, the moderator seldom asks Michele Bachmann a question.  When they ask another candidate a question, that candidate seldom mentions her name in their answer, so she seldom gets a chance to follow-up.  They stick her all the way over on the far left, or the far right side of the stage, next to Ron Paul who also gets ignored by the press.  If I was Michele Bachmann, I would be scratching my head, and wondering what I have to do to get noticed.  “What does a gal have to do in order to get noticed around here?”  After all, I am smart.  I am successful.  I Am Woman!  What do I have to do in order to be heard?  Well apparently, you have to roar!  You are being way too nice.  You are playing by the same set of rules that have been put into place by the media, and by the Establishment, in order to marginalize your campaign!  They don't like your political message. The only thing the media care about is the amount of money that you can spend during the campaign, but since Michele Bachmann hasn’t raised the kind of big money that they like to see, they are going to try to avoid even mentioning her name!

Michele Bachmann needs a new national campaign strategy, a strategy that will help her get noticed again in the national press.  She is certainly photogenic, but apparently the ‘lookin good' strategy only works for the Governor of Texas, who doesn’t mind putting his big foot in his mouth in order to get noticed, or in a steaming hot, pile of Texas cow chips every once in a while!  Rick Perry sure is good at doing that, and he takes it in such a good natured way, doesn't he? And he keeps getting a lot of news coverage, and face-time on the TV, whenever he does step in it, even while his campaign seems to be imploding!  But we don’t want Michele Bachmann to follow in Rick Perry’s rather stinky, but very noticeable shoes!

Maybe she can imitate Herman Cain’s more successful, albeit controversial strategy.  Maybe after the next Presidential debate is over, Michele Bachmann can do a sit-down interview with Wolf Blitzer, or Chris Wallace, and try to put her hand on their leg.  Just the putting of a hand on someone else’s leg sure worked well for Herman Cain, didn't it?  Then if she really wanted to get noticed, she could always lean forward and reach for their genitalia, while she promises them a job in her national organization, just the way that Herman Cain supposedly did when he was the president of the National Restaurant Association!  At least that’s what someone accused Herman Cain of doing when they were sitting down together!  That would certainly get her noticed again by the media, just because she is a Republican!  But it wouldn’t help her campaign fundraising the way it did for Herman Cain, because unlike Cain, she would actually be caught on video performing the alleged, unwanted act.  But if the media didn’t promptly start talking about her again, or trying to make hay out of the flap, like they are still doing for Herman Cain, then she could always file a gender discrimination lawsuit under Title 7, against ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, because they certainly keep talking about Herman Cain after his alleged sexual indiscretions came out.

So the media would probably all be talking about Michele Bachmann once again, which is a lot more than they are doing now!  People following the Republican Presidential debates scarcely even know that Michele Bachmann exists, outside of Iowa!  After each debate is over, the liberal pundits in the media seldom even mention her name.  It’s like she doesn’t even exist!  And that’s just the way they want it of course, those that control the national media, because a real conservative woman running for the Republican Presidential nomination, scares them half to death!

But in all candor, it’s time now for Michele Bachmann to take her silk gloves off and lace on her boxing gloves!  Actually, this race is more like a street fight, or a bar room brawl, than it is a real boxing match with the Marquis of Queensberry rules.  She is in the ring with the professional members of the ‘good-old boys club’, like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  And in their corner, they have the media, and the entire progressive establishment of the Republican Party!  That includes Karl Rove, the so-called architect of the Bush Administration, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the entire Fox News team, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, Laura Ingraham, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and all of the usual culprits.

If Michele Bachmann actually intends to win this fight then she has to land a few good  punches, and she should start right now by landing a big one, right on the nose of the national media who keep ignoring her!  She needs to point out how the media keep ignoring her, and keep pointing it out, until they stop ignoring her!  Their predictable response towards a conservative woman running for President illustrates exactly what is wrong with all of the so-called news coverage of the Presidential debates.  It’s more a promotion, and marketing for ‘their guys’, than it is fair and balanced news coverage for all of the other candidates in the race.  Michele Bachmann has to stop playing by their rules which are designed to marginalize her campaign, and control the outcome of events!

Congresswoman Bachmann is courageous, insightful, and articulate, and she also possesses the most important qualification to be President of the United States, which beyond the purely Constitutional requirements of age, residency, and birthright citizenship, is exceptional character and personal integrity. Please read my two articles: Beyond Compromise! The Significance of this Moment in American History, and The Most Important Qualification to be President. And the liberal press just continues to ignore her because she is a conservative woman.  We must not let them get away with that!  It does not say anywhere in the Constitution that in order to become President of the United States that you have to be a liberal, or a progressive, or a man, or that you need to have an unlimited amount of corporate money behind you to hand over to the national media in order to get noticed.  Our country, our Constitution, and our elections have been hijacked by big money, and by big business, and the process of electing our President has been corrupted!

Michele Bachmann has bravely stood up to the establishment of both political Parties in Washington D.C., and to the limp fisted leadership of the Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives.  Quite frankly, she has been a real source of inspiration for conservatives in the TEA Party. She deserves more than just our respect. She has been leading by example. She has done what she asks others to do.  She is more than just talk, like some of the other front-runners in the race!  Therefore she is well qualified to lead the nation and to inspire our people! But because she is a conservative, and because she is a woman, and because she doesn’t have a vast treasure trove of money behind her, the mainstream media and the Republican Establishment are content to ignore her. And they just wish that she would go away.  We must not let that happen to this brave and dedicated public servant!

The challenge for Michele Bachmann is to get herself noticed again.  Winning the Iowa Caucuses can be a new beginning for her Presidential campaign.  But that won’t be enough, because one of the liberal Republicans will undoubtedly win the New Hampshire Primary, and maybe even the South Carolina Primary.  She is in the ring fighting against the 'good-old boys club', and she is playing by their rules.  She should stop playing by the good-old boys’ rules!  Take the silk gloves off!  Put the boxing gloves on!  If the old boys don’t create any opportunities for Michele Bachmann to get her message out, or give her any openings to land a punch and score a point, then she must create these openings for herself, so she can get her message across to the people who vote in the Primaries.  She can start right now by pointing out how the national press is deliberately trying to ignore her.  If her campaign frames this as an epic battle between the national press and any woman who dares to become the President of the United States, then she will win!  If she suggests that this policy of trying to ignore her is actually a subtle form of gender bias, and the public thinks that the media is treating her unfairly, or that she is being unfairly discriminated against by the national press, then millions of undecided Republicans, and independents will immediately become Michele Bachmann fans and supporters!  The media has actually given her a gift!  She just needs to open it up and use it!

Most Americans already know that the national media is unfair and biased, and that it leans way to the left!  Even Fox News leans to the left although it's hard to tell sometimes, because all of the other networks lean even farther to the left!  In a head-to-head show down between Michele Bachmann and the national press, she would win hands down!  But she has to have the facts to show how the press is deliberately attempting to ignore her, both in the debates, and in the post-debate spin shows, and also in the overall news coverage of the Republican Presidential Primary.  Her campaign staff should be monitoring just how many times the mainstream media mentions her name, and the names of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain.  Then, when they have all the facts, she should go public with the information.  If she can prove that she is being deliberately ignored, then she will have millions of sympathetic Americans on her side, and enthusistically following her campaign, and her historic struggle to become the first woman President of the United States.  Herman Cain’s campaign received a big boost after he was accused in the media of sexual harassment, only because the perception was that a black man was being treated unfairly by the national press.  What would the result be if Americans perceived that a woman was also being treated unfairly by the press?  We are a society that believes in fairness! Michele Bachmann’s campaign should take advantage of the gift that the media has given her unwittingtly.  They should take advantage of the obvious issue of gender bias that the media is using against her, and turn it around to her own advantage!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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