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When A. Weiner becomes A Whiner!
For Conduct Unbecoming a Member of Congress… 
-by Scott Rohter, June 2011

“Our House of Representatives which in the past has sometimes been likened to a den of thieves, is now starting to look more like a House of ill-repute.” -Scott Rohter

“An opportunist only thinks of himself and today!  A statesman considers everyone else and tomorrow as well.”  -Dwight D. Eisenhower, reprisal by editor

It’s quite an accomplishment. Washington has even surpassed Hollywood now as America’s cultural epicenter of corruption. We’ve gone from being the greatest generation to the me generation in only a single generation. We have gone from a time when our country’s national political leaders struggled over larger than life problems, that dealt with hundreds of millions of people, and wrestled over the balance of power between the Federal government and the States, and between the idea of providing for the general welfare and safeguarding our individual rights, to a time when they struggle over nothing greater than their own fallen natures and how to cover up their own personal indiscretions while in office.

Ted Kennedy tried to cover up his sexual affairs and numerous instances of cheating on his wife. He was even suspected of causing the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick.  Bill Clinton tried to cover up all the allegations of rape and sexual misconduct that swirled around him while he was in office, and he used the power of his office both as Governor of Arkansas, and as President to cover up all of his numerous extra-marital affairs... as well as the allegations of possible insider financial trading and unethical real estate deals in Arkansas. 

Barney Frank, the former gay Democrat Congressman from Massachusetts, and the former head of the House Financial Services Committee tried to cover up accusations of running a homosexual prostitution ring out of his Washington offices.  Charlie Rangel, the Democrat Congressman from New York and the former head of the House Ways and Means Committee tried to cover up income tax violations. Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Timothy Geithner tried to conceal his own income tax violations which came out at his Senate approval hearings. (Yes, even the head of the IRS was discovered to be a tax cheat.) The Democratic congressmen from Louisiana, William Jefferson was caught on tape by the FBI with $90,000 cash in large bills in his freezer, lending a new meaning to the phrase, "cold hard cash"  He was accused of bribery, and extortion. 

Finally there was former Illinois Congressman Dan Rostenkowski who spent 15 months in jail for defrauding the taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars in postage using his franking priveleges. He was found guilty of committing mail fraud, and misusing public funds.  Would you like me to go on?  I could you know.  Up until now, I have only listed the Democrats. But it isn’t strictly a Democrat problem to have bad morals, low self-esteem, and no conscience. President Dwight D. Eisenhower likened it to being an opportunist instead of a statesman. There must be at least one hundred opportunists in life, for every one statesman that is born, I think.

So we have all of these self-styled opportunists who are elected to public office to serve the people, and they congregate for nine months every year in Washington, D.C.  In this congregation of the high and mighty there are many who are there primarily to enhance themselves at the taxpayers expense. That is especially true of feathering their own nest financially.  Thomas Jefferson noted that you don’t get liberty by being carried there on a feather bed. But alas that was then, and this is now.  Today’s political leaders not only want the liberty to lay down on a feather bed, but they also want to lay there with another man's wife, or with another woman besides their own wife. Their list of potential bed pals includes hookers, prostitutes, and even members of the same sex. Washington which was originally built on a swamp is starting to smell more like a sewer again.

We’ve gone from a time when our nation’s political leaders were completely drunk with the great concepts of freedom and liberty, to a time when they are more interested in their own naked bodies, or sexting provocotive photographs of themselves in the buff to women they’ve never met before online... which brings me to the case of Anthony Weiner. The outright scandalous conduct of Congressman Anthony Weiner is representative of the type of behavior that goes on when you have freedom without a sense of personal, moral, and social responsibility, that derives itself from a belief in God. Is this the type of individual that New York wants to send to our nation’s capital to make public policy for our country? I hope not. Anthony Weiner is just the latest member of Congress to get caught with their pants down, literally. He is a Democrat member of Congress from New York’s 9th Congressional District, and he sits on the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee. Last year Congressman Weiner demanded that Congress re-impose the Fairness Doctrine on Conservative Talk Radio. If I had my way I would like to impose a sense of decency doctrine on Congressmen like him.

“If you want to make enemies, [just] try to change something,” a 20th century liberal president once quipped.  And if you are going to make enemies, you better first look in your closet for any skeletons you may have because “there is no misdeed so insignificant that it won’t be remembered by your political opponents,” as another American President, John Quincy Adams remarked almost 200 years ago. So Congressman Weiner who made plenty of enemies by trying to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine, forgot to heed the advice of one of his own Democrat Party icons, Woodrow Wilson. Mr. Weiner also forgot to check his closet for any potential skeletons in there that could hurt him before he alienated those powerful enemies that he made in the Talk Radio business by trying to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine.  So the people who earn their living from Talk Radio probably decided to poke around in Mr. Weiner's closet for themselves, looking for anything that might hurt him, and Bingo, they struck pay dirt when they discovered his sexting episodes with strage women he had only met on the internet.  But it’s all true, Mr. Weiner finally and publically admitted, albeit very grudgingly, only after he first lied for weeks to try to cover it up. So I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. Would someone please ask him to stop crying. It's not manly.

Congressman Weiner was sending sexually explicit photos of himself to perfect strangers all across the country on his twitter and facebook accounts.  This led to sexually explicit phone conversations with the women all for his own personal self-gratification. There were over a hundred of these calls. Obviously all of these phone calls couldn’t have been made from his home because he is married, and he has a small son. They were probably made from his Congressional Office late at night, after hours when no one else was around.  Isn’t it nice to know that he is staying up late at night and working so hard (literally) for the people of New York City? 

If Anthony Weiner was a conservative or a Republican, then the media would have had a field day with him... plus he would have been immediately repudiated by his fellow Republicans, and he would have probably been forced to resign in disgrace, like Congressman Chris Lee did from New York, when it was learned that he had sexted similar shirtless photographs of himself. What is it with this double standard that the media has for Republicans and Democrats? And by the way, what is it with all of these Congressmen from New York too? (Wrangel, Weiner and Lee.) Don’t New Yorkers have any morals or any common decency anymore  Democrats don’t normally repudiate members of their own party for moral indiscretions, not even when caught lying and trying to cover them up... not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt at least.

Mr. Weiner said that he broke no laws, and he has no intention of resigning from office.  But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has suggested that an ethics investigation into Congressman Weiner’s activities might be in order. After all there is an upcoming General Election to consider. Perhaps Democrats are thinking of jettisoning Mr. Weiner before the next elections. He would not be very good for their public image. I suggest that Congressmen Weiner just resign now, if he has even one statesmanly like bone in his body. That's bone by the way, not boner, or bonehead. So stay tuned…

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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