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Politics and War without Pain
The Party of Drones

By Scott Rohter, August 2012 (Last Updated Jan 2014)

The Democratic Party is the Party of drones. They would rather employ sophisticated military drones in the airspace above America's enemies than to fight our wars using actual soldiers on the ground overseas. They also prefer to use un-sophisticated human drones on the ground here at home to fight their own domestic political battles. I call Democrats two legged drones because no thoughtful American would ever consider raising taxes to solve a problem that is caused by excessive government overspending. That makes no sense at all. Americans who belong to the Democrat Party are just mindless, robotic drones. They are the only kind of people who could actually believe that you can control government spending by increasing government revenues. They are the blind followers of the blind. That is why I call Democrats, the Party of drones. Their domestic policies are literally stripping Americans of our fundamental freedoms as fast as they are siphoning off more of our tax dollars to fund their disastrous entitlement programs. All the while they are promoting their progressive agenda, the Democrat’s reckless spending policies are continuing to bankrupt our Nation to the tune of $17.8 trillion dollars in debt. The proponents of these disastrous policies must be drones.

Democrats prefer to use the two winged variety of drones in the skies above foreign countries to fight our nation’s enemies because Democrats are afraid of the political consequences of placing American troops on the ground in harm’s way. In other words Democrats are cowards militarily and politically. They prefer to fight in a cowardly way without looking their enemies in the face. Democrats would rather try to fight a war without pain. They prefer to rain fire down from the sky upon their unsuspecting foes, and learn the names and identities of the casualties from Al Jazeera after they are dead.

It is certainly a cowardly if a less costly way to wage war. It is less costly in terms of the political consequences, but it is also an inappropriate way for a great Nation like ours to behave. If you consider the idea of a great super power like the United States fighting a war using robots instead of actual ground soldiers, and reluctant to meet its enemy on the battlefield, then I am not so sure that fighting a war without pain... a war using predator drones is actually such a good thing. It doesn't enhance our image abroad, or America's respectability in the eyes of the people we are fighting in the Middle East. President Obama and President Clinton both preferred to use Predator Drones. I am sure that the Barbarians we are fighting against don't have any respect for an enemy who is unwilling to face them on the battlefield, but which prefers to attack them from the sky using robots instead. I think that President Obama's policy of launching predator drone attacks is seriously shortsighted, and it will backfire on us in the end.

Fighting a war with computerized robots makes it a lot easier to do. Do we really want to make war easier? War should be hard to do. It should always be Hell... a refuge of last resort. But the Party of drones wants to make war easier. They actually want to make everything easy. They want to handout welfare payments to people who turn up their noses at the prospect of good, hard work. They want to make everything easy for everyone. They want to handout corporate bailouts to CEOs of major American companies who have never felt the consequences of their bad executive decisions. They want to have open borders without punishment for foreign nationals who illegally enter our country and then sign them up for government subsidized health care after they get here. They believe in restorative justice for pedophiles and other social deviants instead of swift execution, or the hard jail time that their crimes actually deserve. And they want to fight America's wars without pain... wars without the actual loss of American lives or serious political consequences.

To be fair, the Bush Administration and even the Reagan Administration occasionally sent predator drones to pay an unexpected visit on some of our Nation's worst enemies, but their use has drastically increased during the Obama Administration. That's because President Obama is a coward. His misguided foreign policy consists of trying to inflict damage on our Nation's enemies by using high technology while scaling back the presence of actual soldiers on the ground. This is a political decision more than it is a serious military strategy. At the same time we are bombing our enemies with drones, we are also pulling our ground troops out of Afghanistan. President Obama is withdrawing American soldiers so that the Democrat Party doesn’t have to bear the adverse political consequences of American ground casualties on their popularity at home during an election.

President Obama is the first U.S. President to use a Blackberry. He is the first President to use the internet, Facebook, and Twitter to fight his political battles. And he is also the very first U.S. President in history to rely heavily on the use of drones to fight America's military battles overseas. He also uses political drones right here at home on the ground too in order to fight his domestic political battles.. In other words President Obama likes to wage politics and war without pain.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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