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The Last Two Standing
Just like ‘Newt-Romney’
-by Scott Rohter, January 2012

How is it that the national media and the political Establishment have already picked our Republican Presidential candidate, or at least the last two who will be left standing, who will then go on to slug it out between themselves for the Republican Presidential nomination?  How did they read the tea leaves, or divine the future?  Do they have special psychic powers at ABC?  Can they read a crystal ball at NBC?  Does CBS have remote viewers?  I don’t think so!

What I think is that the “powers behind the throne,” based upon the candidates quarterly financial reports, have selected ‘Newt-Romney’ (there really isn’t a hill of beans difference between the two of them, you know) because they have raised the most money to get elected.  That’s why it appears that they are going to be The Last Two Standing.  The media moguls at ABC, NBC, and CBS are blinded by all of the money, and that is exactly why Newt and Mitt will be the last two finalists in the Republican ‘Race for the Gold’.   But not before everyone else has spent all of their campaign resources on political ads trying to win the nomination.  Only after everyone else has spent all of their money trying to achieve the nearly impossible, will we finally select our Republican Presidential nominee for 2012.

Did you actually think this election was about principles or policies?  Silly you.  It is about money!  To the movers and shakers who call the shots in Washington, policies are formulated behind closed doors, in private meetings that are directed by individuals that we don’t elect.  And principles?  Well they don’t really have any, and they don't exactly matter to the people who exercise real power in Washington.  They are only useful as campaign slogans to help turn out the vote, which is only for show of course, because we don’t actually have anything to say about anything. That's the truth! It has all been decided for us by others, just like ‘Newt-Romney’.

Maybe that’s why we have so many candidates in the Primary.  To the average voter I’m sure it seems good that there are so many candidates vying for the nomination.  It just looks like there is more on the menu to choose from.  But having more candidates in the race actually benefits the media even more than it does the public.  More candidates in the Primary means that there will be more money raised from more contributors, and more money spent trying to get elected, which will ultimately wind up in the pockets of the liberal media.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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