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Mitt Romney: Can Anything Really Conservative Come From Massachusetts?
'Purveyors of Deception'
- The Media at Work Shaping Public Opinion
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!
-by Scott Rohter, June 2011

Romney, Romney, Romney!  It’s starting to sound like a chant at a pep rally.  The echo reverberates across the land.  It’s all I hear whenever I listen to the national news and the talking heads in the ‘Lib-Media.’  And some of the hosts in Conservative Talk Radio are just about as bad!  They are playing right into the hands of the ‘Liberal Establishment’ with statements like these. 

“No one else can match Mitt Romney’s impressive credentials, both as a Governor, and as the former head of the 2002 U.S. Salt Lake Olympics Committee.” 
“He has first rate economic leadership experience.” 
“He has raised more money than all of the other Republican candidates combined.” 
“The nomination is his to lose.” 
 “He clearly won the last candidate’s debate.”

So then I guess it’s all settled!  Signed, sealed, and delivered!  Mitt Romney is supposedly the clear front runner, and he is already the favorite to win the Republican Presidential Nomination!  That’s the so-called storyline, and the prevailing chatter from all of the chatterboxes in the media, if you can believe it.  But I don’t!  Can anything politically conservative really come from Massachusetts, the home of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis?...  I don’t think so!  And what’s more, I don’t even think that those statements about Mitt Romney are actually true!  So hold on a minute!  What’s the big hurry?  Why do we need to pick a favorite already?  The campaign just got started!  I’m starting to feel little bit like a prospective car buyer at a new car dealership! Why do we have to close the deal right now?  I think we are being set up by ‘The Establishment,’  and it looks to me like we are being set up to lose once again!  Remember my trusty old axiom, “If the Liberal Media promotes a Republican candidate in the primary, it’s only because they are the least conservative of all the candidates!”…  And what would you expect anyway from the former Governor of what is arguably the most liberal State in the Union, Massachusetts???

If Massachusetts isn’t the heart of the ‘Liberal Beast,’ it is definitely close to the head!  It is the home of Harvard, in Cambridge, where the Liberal Elite send their children to be educated, trained, and eventually groomed for positions inside ‘The Establishment!’  It is about as close as you can get to 'The Beast' without actually being assimilated by it, or merging with it, in a peculiar union similar to the “Vulcan Mind Meld” as demonstrated by Leonard Nimoy, as Spock on Star Trek!  You are NOT going to find a successful, conservative politician coming from Massachusetts!  They don’t exist!  That’s because they don’t have a broad enough base of popular support from which to win a Statewide or National election! 

Just to illustrate my point, let me remind you of another so-called conservative, Massachusetts politician, Scott Brown, who ran for the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.  Everybody thought that Scott Brown was a real conservative.  He was the TEA Party favorite.  He appealed to conservatives by saying that he wasn’t running for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat!  He said he was running for the seat in the US Senate that belonged to the people of Massachusetts!  And with populist statements like these, he won the hearts, and the votes, of a great many conservatives.  But these statements also appealed to liberals, who wanted to make a change too!  After he was elected Senator, in one of the first crucial votes of his career, Republican Senator Scott Brown disappointed all of the conservatives by voting in lockstep with the Democrats to support President Obama’s ‘porkulous’ Jobs Bill, HR 2847, in February 2010!  This legislation increased both the size and scope of the Federal Government, and it’s intrusion into the lives of private citizens!  Candidate Scott Brown claimed to be a conservative when he was campaigning, but he clearly fooled all of us!

Anyone can say things they know that people want to hear in order to get elected!  Scott Brown did that when he ran for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and Mitt Romney, who is from Massachusetts, is doing that now, as he runs for President! There have been no successful, conservative politicians coming from Massachusetts, not since the days of John and Samuel Adams, and Thomas Paine!  And that was more than two hundred years ago!  Today, there are only media-savvy politicians in Massachusetts who artfully impersonate a conservative, in order to pay lip service to conservative values. Then they delicately walk a political tightrope between liberal and conservative issues in order to get elected!  That is because real conservatives don’t have a broad enough base of popular support in Massachusetts to elect one of their own!

So let’s begin our honest analysis of Mitt Romney with an acknowledgement that Mitt Romney is NOT a real conservative!  He has been walking the political tightrope and balancing between liberal and conservative positions his whole career!  He has been compromising on core conservative values and principles or he could never have risen to become the Governor of what is arguably America’s most liberal state!  This is basic common sense, but in order to prove my point, I would like to mention just two things: Romney's role in growing the size of government in Massachusetts, and his pro-choice position during most of his political career!  Mitt Romney is no more a conservative than Scott Brown is a conservative, and he is bound to disappoint us just as badly as Scott Brown did!  About the best thing that you can say about Mitt Romney is that he is a 'Pro Big-Business' politician.  But his position on Big Government over the years far outweighs his positions on Big Business!  Next, let’s take a closer look at what Mitt Romney actually did after he became the Governor of Massachusetts.  Mitt Romney signed legislation as the Governor of Massachusetts that created ‘O’Romney Care,’ and according to President Obama, who should know, ‘O’Romney Care’ was the official model that Obama used to create his National Health Care Plan for the whole Nation!  That’s right, according to the President, his ObamaCare legislation is modeled after Governor Romney’s Massachusetts Plan, O’Romney Care!  We should not reward Mitt Romney for his role or complicity in creating Nationalized Health Care, with the Republican Party’s nomination for President in 2012!  It gives away one of our greatest advantages over the Democrats in the next election!  The Republican Party has always been firmly opposed to any plan of nationalizing healthcare!  But by nominating Mitt Romney to lead the Republican ticket in 2012, we would effectively concede that point to the Democrats!  Then we would not be that much different than they are on the most important issue of the upcoming  elections! And we would be perceived as wavering, and flip-flopping on the issue!

Remember that twenty-six States have joined forces to sue the Federal Government to stop the implementation of ObamaCare!  The battle has barely begun in the Federal Courts, and we should not undermine their position, by selecting a Republican candidate to lead the Party in 2012, who also prefers some form of Government mandated health insurance too!  So if you don’t like ObamaCare, or forced individual mandates, and eventually the full scale nationalization of America’s healthcare system, complete with all kinds of Government rationing, and even more intrusion into your private lives,  then don’t compromise on principles or undermine the twenty-six States who are suing the Federal Government on our behalf, and don’t turn over the “reigns of state” to Mitt Romney!  He is the author of the official plan that President Obama used to model his National Health Care Plan for the whole country! 

Say what he will, Mitt Romney played a pivotal role in creating ObamaCare!  He actually led the way first in Massachusetts!  And he can neither disown it, or disassociate himself from it!  He can speak all he wants about granting State Waivers to ObamaCare if he is elected, or about replacing  this top-down, one size-fits all approach to Health Care handed down from Washington D.C., but he was part of the experimental, leftwing, social engineering that created compulsory individual mandates, and Nationalized Health Care in the first place!  Mitt Romney must not be allowed to become the Republican Party’s 'Poster Boy,' and Presidential Nominee in 2012!

For any State to receive a waiver from President Obama’s National Health Care Plan, under current law, they would have to implement a mandatory Health Insurance Plan that is at least as rigorous and demanding as Obama’s National Plan!  It would not be any better if we had fifty Federally mandated, Court Ordered State Plans, all more onerous than the President’s Plan!  What we really need is 315 million individual waivers from ObamaCare, one for every person in the Untied States of America who wants to opt out of Nationalized Health Care for any reason!  In other words, we need to repeal ObamaCare and completely start over again, from scratch! Mitt Romney won’t do that!!!

I would like all of you to pay close attention to how much positive media airtime that Mitt Romney receives in the coming months from the mainstream media.  I would be willing to bet that it’s a lot!  That’s because they like him.  DANGER WILL ROBINSON!  (At least they’re not afraid of him.) And if the Liberal Media like or promote him, then we conservatives better re-evaluate our opinion of him!  We should definitely reconsider supporting him in the Republican primary because the Media doesn’t actually want anybody to beat Barack Obama in the General Election, but if Obama does lose, then they want to be sure that the Republican candidate who beats him is as much like Obama as possible. Obama light in other words. That is why they give Mitt Romney such a lot of free and positive media airtime. He is a lot like Obama.  Mitt Romney is their insurance policy against the unthinkable happening, against what to Liberals would be a total disaster, that is for a real conservative to beat President Obama in 2012! Mitt Romney is the Liberal's life preserver in case the boat sinks.

And one more thing… for all of you pro-lifers out there, Mitt Romney converted to his current, pro-life position just before the Primary Election of 2008 when he was also running for the Republican Party’s Presidential Nomination.  In other words, at age 61, Mitt Romney is a Johnny-come-lately to the Pro-Life Movement!  Do you think it might be a politically calculated, lukewarm conversion, just like what you would expect from another RINO!... By golly, I think I have coined a new acronym.  ‘LINO’, for Life In Name Only candidate!  Since then he has been campaigning as a pro-life candidate, but, and this is very important, he will not sign the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Pledge!  Some Republicans who have signed the SBA 4 Point Pledge include Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Tim Pawlenty among others.  However, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney refuse to sign the SBA Pro-Life Pledge!  It appears that the fourth point of the Pledge might be the source of their reluctance to sign it.  The fourth point of the Pledge states that those who sign it will advance and sign legislation that will protect unborn babies who are capable of feeling pain, from the abortion doctor’s knife!  So what’s the problem with that?  It’s just another reason not to support Mitt Romney in the Primary!!!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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