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An Historic Moment in New York History
New York Legalizes Gay Marriage
-by Scott Rohter, July 2011

I woke up to the news that a historic moment had just occurred in New York... a great moment in New York's hostory and by that I’m not referring to the unbelievable nerve of Congressman Anthony Weiner. The New York State Legislature had just passed an "historic" piece of legislation giving its approval to “gay marriage”. Governor Andrew Cuomo had rushed to a public microphone so fast to announce that he would sign this bill that he nearly stumbled over his own two feet. In about thirty days homosexuals from all over New York will be running just about as fast they can to an alter in New York to "wed" their same-sex lovers and since there is no legal residency requirement in the state of New York I am sure that gays from all over America will be running there too.

Yes indeed, New York has certainly made history but by that I am not referring to the New York State Legislature’s pathetic capitulation to a nearly non-stop lobbying effort by the gay and lesbian community. I am referring only to an historic failure of the institutions of our representative democracy, because after the passage of this legislation New York is neither representative nor democratic. New Yorkers have elected Republicans who are Republicans in Name Only. They always stand for surrender and with this recent statewide failure of the institutions of their representative government in New York I think we have observed the birth of a new era in New York politics. New York is really just a "state of mind" now, just like California is. New York is now the State of Anthony Wiener not the State of Susan B. Anthony. New York is now the State of Gay Marriage not a place of family values, and New York is now in a near total state of confusion. It can't tell right from wrong.

Remember that out of all the states which have legalized gay marriage there has not been a single instance where gay marriage has been placed on the ballot and it won. There has not been a single instance where it was passed by the consent of the voters. Every time that people have been given an opportunity to vote on the question of "gay marriage" they have always said NO. One-hundred percent of the time the people have said no to "gay marriage". In each state where gay marriage has been placed on the ballot it has always been voted down. In each state where "gay marriage" has been legalized, it has either been done by court order or by an action of the State Legislature. Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Oregon are some of the states that have legalized gay marriage, but it has never passed on any ballot measure in any state.

I am sure that the purveyors of deception in the mainstream media will continue to peddle their non-stop lies and not let this little statistic get in their way. They will continue to trumpet the latest victory for the LGBT community in New York as if it is some kind of great national trend that is sweeping the Nation by storm while quite literally the opposite is actually true.

Here is a little known fact for the liberals in the mainstream media: The people in thirty-one States have actually voted on the question of legalizing gay marriage and in all thirty-one States the people have said no. The way I see it, that represents a national trend. Maybe they should consider that before they broadcast another story on so called gay marriage, and perhaps when the United States Supreme Court decides to rule on the question of "gay marriage" as they almost certainly will do, perhaps they should consider that too.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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