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Barack Obama - Growing Up Socialist in a Capitalist Country
Getting Off to a Bad Start

-by Scott Rohter, March 2012

The other day I was trying to figure out a good analogy for Barack Obama’s misguided and dangerous foreign policy in the Middle East, especially as it pertains to Iran’s nuclear weapons development program.  Why does Obama continue to avoid doing what is absolutely necessary in order to prevent this Iranian threat from coming to fruition?  All across the Middle East, in one country after another, President Obama’s policies are leading to insurrection and instability, but not in Iran. Why not?  In Tehran, President Obama prefers to have stability, in spite of the fact that it allows these mad Mullahs to develop a nuclear weapons capability, which will eventually destabilize the entire Middle East. But that’s my whole point. There is actually more instability to be gained by allowing the Mullahs to remain in power, and letting them develop their nuclear weapons program, than there is to be gained by supporting an “Iranian Spring” on the same order as the so called “Arab Spring” that spread across the Middle East.

So what is this perfect analogy which will aptly describe President Obama’s rather ill-conceived foreign policy goals in the Middle East, and his administration's behavior vis a vis Iran.  It is like a foolish child that is holding a lit match between his fingers, and trying to see just how long he can hold the match without getting his fingers burned.  What is the point of all this foolishness, I ask myself?  Why does President Obama keep waiting and waiting when he knows full well that the flame is eventually going to burn his hands. But maybe he knows that he won't be in office when the flame gets down to the end of the match, or maybe he just doesn't care. Why does he wait when it comes to enforcing America’s determination to see to it that Iran does not develop a nuclear bomb?  What advantage can possibly be gained from all of this waiting, and by whom? The simple answer is clear.

The only thing to be gained by all this waiting and hoping is gained by the Iranians. They gain the necessary time to bury their enrichment facilities deep underground, beyond the reach of conventional weapons.  Barack Obama is providing the Iranians with the time to relocate their nuclear facilities out of the reach of harm’s way!

But why would President Barack Hussein Obama want to give the Iranian regime the time to bury their nuclear enrichment facilities deep underground where they are safe from attack?  To find out why let’s take another look into his background and his ancestry.  He was born the son of a Kenyan father. His father was a Muslim. His grandfather was a Muslim.  So even if Barack Hussein Obama is not actually a Muslim himself, it would not be unreasonable to think that he has a soft spot in his heart for Muslims, or a weak spot if you will whenever it comes to anything Islamic, because of his ancestry.

Secondly, he attended a Muslim school (called a Madrassa) in Indonesia, as a young boy where he was further immersed in the culture and the traditions of his father and grandfather.  Perhaps that is why he did not find it difficult to bow down to a Saudi King on an official State visit.  If Barack Obama wants to bow down to a Saudi King on his own time after he is out of office, then that is his own business, but right now as our President he is supposed to be representing over three-hundred million Americans, and we don’t bow down to foreign dignitaries, especially those who are financing a War on Terror against us. Perhaps Barack Obama’s affinity for the religion of his fathers is also contributing to a growing blind spot that he has for the so-called religion of peace!

Consider this.  One of Barack Obama’s very first trips abroad was to Egypt, where he delivered an important speech in Cairo appealing to the entire Muslim World to join us in fighting terrorism. He asked them to accept America’s outstretched hand of friendship.  In that speech President Obama said that America was one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.  Excuse me!  America is not a Muslim country, Mr. President.  It never has been a Muslim country, and hopefully it never will be a Muslim country, but apparently President Obama must have thought differently because he said that it was.  There is a huge difference between having a few million Muslims living in our country and actually being a Muslim country. That not too insignificant distinction was apparently lost on our President.  Maybe he should consider this.  We also have a few million British subjects living in our country and yet… we are not subjects of the Queen!  We are not a British country either.

You see how concerned President Obama seems to be about all of the poor, oppressed Muslims living in North Africa.  He wants to help them overthrow their repressive governments that hold them down.  In the past 230 years we have not had an American administration that cared so much about the poor, oppressed Muslim people of North Africa, nor for a culture or a religion that despises our own country so much!

And that brings me back to Iran, which is the head of the snake.  What did Barack Obama do to actually help all of the poor, oppressed Iranians who were demonstrating in the streets of Tehran a couple of years ago when they were trying to overthrow their own theocratic dictatorship? He didn’t do anything.  He didn’t lift a finger.  He didn’t even say anything encouraging to the thousands of Iranians who were demonstrating in the streets of Tehran.  And the Iranian Spring was brutally crushed by the Iranian government.

Is it too much of a stretch to imagine that Barack Obama actually wants the Ayatollahs who are in control of Iran to develop a nuclear weapon which would tip the balance of power in the Middle East away from Israel and the United States, and more towards Russia and the religion of his fathers?  After all, his father and his grandfather were Muslims.  And he did grow up socialist in a capitalist country.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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