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“There is something behind the throne that is greater than the King himself.” – Sir William Pitt 1770

Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll –
Please Remember to Duck, Michele!
- By Scott Rohter, August 2011 

The Liberal Elite Establishment who runs our country, whom Sir William Pitt in 1770 would have probably referred to as the 'power behind the throne,' have many sharp arrows in their quiver with which to slay their political opponents! Former US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter echoed his remark in the 20th century when he wrote that, “the real rulers in Washington are invisible, and they exercise their power from behind the scenes.” (From FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law by Curtis B Dall, 1970 p67.)

The first political arrow out of their quiver this election season was the one marked Newt Gingrich! The media promoted him right from the start as the top candidate, and the clear favorite to win the Republican Primary! He was supposed to be the intelligent Republican choice to solve America's problems (at least from a liberal/progressive point of view!) But his arrow fell far short of its intended target very early in the campaign!

The next arrow out of their quiver was the one with Governor Mike Huckabee's name written on it.  They half-heartedly shot that arrow somewhere in the direction of their prey, but it missed entirely and fell far short of its mark too!

Then Donald Trump begged to be noticed (I mean used), so they hurriedly fired off his arrow into the dark, and it went up and came back down about right where it started! Then they reached over and picked it up, and put it back in their bag, just in case they might need to use it again some time!


Now Governor Romney's arrow seems like it's the most promising arrow in the quiver and the one most likely to reach the intended target. It is after all, the strongest and the straightest arrow that they have and it is meant to be victorious this hunting season! So they grabbed it and steadied it in their bow, and they aimed it right at the target, and they fired it off! The Romney arrow is still in mid-flight, and it is heading right for its target (The WhiteHouse) with deadly precision! It is the arrow that is meant to deliver the prize! But just in case his arrow misses the mark too, they grabbed another strong arrow out of their quiver. This one, they didn't even know they had when hunting season began. It has the name of Texas Governor Rick Perry on it. They shot that arrow off too, just to be sure. Just in case the Romney arrow misses the mark, the Perry arrow will finish the job!

 So where are all of these arrows going? What is their target? Who are their hapless victims? Why the true conservatives in the race for the GOP nomination of course! Any conservative patriot who is incorruptible, and who looks like they could really motivate the base, and actually win the GOP nomination! A real conservative with integrity, who threatens the Establishment, and the status quo, like Senator Robert Taft and General Douglas MacArthur did in the Presidential primary of 1952!

It could be Michele Bachmann. It might be Rick Santorum, or Ron Paul, or Herman Cain, or whichever real conservative seems to catch on and resonate with the voters. Whichever conservative seems to be leading in the polls at the moment is where those arrows are going! Any one of them, or all of them could be the intended victims, but certainly the biggest trophy right now after her surprising victory in the Iowa Straw Poll is Michele Bachmann! So I guess most of the arrows are heading right for her! Please Remember to Duck, Michele!

According to one of the media's many little bow-hunters, Rick Perry is just another 'political hamburger' on the menu for conservatives to choose from! It’s all good! I'm sure they hope that Bachmann and Perry will split the conservative vote, and allow their favorite, Romney to reach his intended target, the WhiteHouse! I'm not even sure if Texas Governor Rick Perry actually knows how he is being used by the Establishment! But as the governor of America's second largest state, they are using him to make sure that whoever wins the Republican Primary, that he or she will be willing to play ball with them! It's hard for me to believe that the Governor of Texas hasn't already been approached by the 'real rulers in Washington' and educated in the same way that Harry Truman was re-educated, corrupted, and compromised by the powers that be, who are the "real power behind the throne, in America!" Those who own the mainstream media are the same people and corporations who control our country, the same powers that Sir William Pitt, and Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter warned us about!

One of the other members of the journalistic tag team of character assassins that the media prefer to call 'political pundits' said Sunday on Meet the Press that “Rick Perry is a political barracuda who will eat Michele Bachmann alive!” Well I don't think that's what they really want. I think they would prefer it, if Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry just chew on each other's candidacy, and cancel each other out by splitting the conservative vote, thus allowing Mitt Romney to land in the WhiteHouse, right where he was intended! BINGO! Mission accomplished! Another election in the bag for the real rulers in Washington!

They are friendly to Rick Perry now, but I promise you that if Rick Perry beats Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney, and goes on to win the GOP nomination, they will turn on him faster than the weather changes on the Oregon coast, and the tag team of political sharks on Meet the Press will portray him as just another swaggering Texas governor like George W. Bush, complete with gun-toting, Bible-clinging anecdotes that would make a lifetime liberal / progressive cheer!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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