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Gay and Lesbian Activists Planning Their Next Victory After Repeal of Don't Ask - Don't Tell

By Scott Rohter, December 2010 (Updated March 2013)

“For lack of wisdom the nations fall, and the people perish.”

No sooner than the ink dried on President Obama’s signature repealing “Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell,” hard core gay and lesbian activists across the country, were already planning their next move. They were already moving forward to the next item on their agenda which is same sex marriage. Thus filled with boldness, and encouraged by their latest success, they can’t even take time out to savor their recent victory. Knowing that they must strike while the iron is still hot, they are all ready to pounce on their hapless old victims again. Those victims are tradition, religion, and good old fashioned morality, the same old values that have nurtured and sustained our country over the years.

Consider the evidence. There were two stories that appeared in the news, not more than 24 hours after President Obama signed this “game changing” legislation. On December 22 in a press conference, President Obama reported that he was “struggling” with his current position on same sex marriage. He said that his views on same sex marriage were “evolving.” Struggling and evolving? His position is, or at least it was, that he opposed same sex marriage. That was plain enough. He said he supported civil unions or domestic partnerships, but he was opposed to same sex marriage. At least that was his position when he was running for President. Well I guess his most recent statement to the media means that he won’t be opposing same sex marriage for much longer. President Obama was placed into office with the generous help of “Hollywood,” the entertainment industry, and “the gay community.” He is now rewarding them for their financial support. (and betraying most of the rest of the people who voted for him and took him at his word).

In a separate news story, ABC reported on December 24, that “the president of vice,” Vice President Joe Biden said, that “the United States is evolving and changing, and we are about ready for a new consensus on same sex marriage.” Hold on there Joey, not so fast. That’s an awful lot of talk about evolution and change for a good Catholic boy. I thought the citizens of this country have been expressing ourselves pretty clearly, all across the nation in every statewide referendum wherever the people have been allowed to vote. Haven't you been paying attention? We have consistently said no to same sex marriage in 31 States including Oregon, California and Arizona. We have said it over and over again. Maine was the last state to say no to same sex marriage in November of 2009. In fact there is no place where the people have actually voted in favor of same sex marriage. Only 6 states, Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York have actually legalized same sex marriage so far, and all have been by legislative or court action. So I think that the people have spoken very clearly. There is no national consensus, and certainly no big hurry to change the definition of marriage to include same sex couples.

The problem is Joey, that you are not listening. Just what is it about the word "NO" that Democrats don’t understand? The courts which are packed with Liberals and Progressives don’t respect the results of the ballot box, nor the will of the American people anymore. These liberal controlled courts have entered the fray and they have overturned the votes of millions of Americans all across the country, just as they did in California. Don’t tell me that the nation is ready for some kind of “a new consensus on same sex marriage”. We are not! We are not changing nearly as much, or as fast as liberals would like us to change. The fact is that we are not yet ready to commit "national suicide" like Athens, Sparta or Rome did by removing all of the social prohibitions against homosexuality. We are not yet as eager as they were to relinquish our sanity and fully participate in our own untimely demise.
"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter


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