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Tax Cuts are Still Tax Cuts
and Democrats are Still Playing Class Warfare

By Scott Rohter

Tax cuts are still tax cuts. Whether they are for the wealthy or for the middle class is really irrelevant. They both go to limiting the amount of money going to the Federal Government, so whatever kind of tax cuts we are talking about, they are all good for the same reason! Tax cuts are all good because they limit the amount of money going to the Federal Government! They are all good for the private sector and for the economy. Not only do they limit the amount of money going to the Federal Government, to grow our already bloated Federal bureaucracy, but at the same time they also increase the amount of capital available in the private sector to create new jobs.

The private sector is the productive part of our economy! The private sector creates wealth for everyone. The private sector creates new products for everyone too. The private sector employs the people who do the research and development, then design and build the products, then market and distribute them, and finally sell them. The private sector creates wealth where none existed before. It does this by taking raw materials from right out of the ground, and adding raw talent, the brilliance and inventiveness of the brightest human minds, and creating useful products that people need and want, and are willing to buy. You can’t say that about the public sector.

The public sector does not create new wealth. It only transfers money around from Peter to Paul! It only redistributes wealth from one part of our economy to another or from one group of people to another! The government is an equalizer of wealth, or a re-distributor of wealth, not a generator of wealth! We need more generators of wealth in our economy, not more equalizers, and we certainly need more producers. Therefore, we need to help the productive part of our economy which is the private sector, not the public sector!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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