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Government Shutdown - That's One Small Step for Conservatives,
One Giant Leap for the Republican Party... I Hope.

(And Let's Just Hope that their next step will be Forward, Not Backwards Again as Usual)

By Scott Rohter, October 2013

"The Office of the Presidency has gone from being a ‘bully pulpit’ under Theodore Roosevelt to being a bullying government under Barack Obama." – Scott Rohter

No one was more surprised than I was when I heard that Congressional Republicans inspired by Senator Ted Cruz from Texas and his “Green Eggs and Ham” filibuster in the U.S. Senate actually showed some fortitude in the face of the usual Democratic intransigence on Capitol Hill, and they held their position while preparing for the next round of Congressional budget talks. The media is accusing House Republicans of being bullies, but the real bullying in Congress isn’t coming from the Republicans in the House of Representatives. It is coming from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his ruling gang of Democrat thugs including Chuck Schumer, Carl Levin, and Diane Feinstein. Most of all the bullying comes from their Party’s imperious leader in the White House, Barack Obama who acts like he is a little dictator. The Office of the Presidency has gone from being a ‘bully pulpit’ under Theodore Roosevelt to being a bullying government under Barack Obama.

In the face of the Democrat’s bullying tactics, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives forced the government to shut down last week even as they made it perfectly clear that this was not their real intentions. But of course nobody in the mainstream media listened to them, and just about nobody in the entire country ever heard their explanation. The media proceeded to ignore them, demonize them, and blame the government shutdown entirely on House Republicans, and on “radical elements” within the Republican Party which are “controlling” them, namely the sinister and oft-scapegoated Tea Party. Yes it is those pesky, Constitution loving Christians again… those gun toting, Bible believing, Right wing nut-jobs and their irksome Libertarian cohorts on the extreme political Right that are always the problem in America.

With that having been said, I wonder how long the normally weak-kneed Republican Party will hold their political ground before retreating like they usually do in the face of the expected avalanche of furious rhetoric coming from the other side. The Democrat’s well-coordinated campaign of lies and grossly inaccurate misrepresentations of Republicans in the media which are further fueled by phony push polls are always designed to force the Republicans to back down, whenever they take a political position based upon principles or the Constitution. The Democrats on the other hand have no principles, especially those Democrats in the mainstream media.

For the time being now we can enjoy the fact that all non-essential functions of the United States government have in fact actually been shut down. And one thing is for sure. There are a lot of non-essential functions being performed by the United States Federal Government. The words “non-essential” should be construed to mean unconstitutional. For instance there will be nobody there to hold the door open for President Obama when he comes and goes at the White House. Maybe the door will hit him on the way out.. I hope so. I wonder if his chauffer driven limousine is considered to be an essential use of taxpayer dollars. It probably is. There were actually 800,000 non-essential government employees that were laid off as a result of this temporary government shutdown which in my opinion should become permanent. That begs the question, “Why do we have so many non-essential government employees in the first place?” Why can’t the Federal government slim down?

One thing that won’t shut down you can be sure during the government shutdown is the government media complex known as the mainstream media. America’s lap dog media is completely owned and operated by liberals and progressives who are members of the Democrat Party, and they won’t shut down. In fact they will be working overtime to spin the news to their Party’s advantage. They will be continuing to bash Republicans, marginalize conservatives, and attempting to demonize members of the Tea Party at the top of every hour all during the government shutdown. That is why one of the top priorities for the next Republican Administration should be to eliminate all taxpayer funding for National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and to provide an equal amount of taxpayer dollars to launch a rival start-up public radio and television network where conservative ideas can actually be heard in America. They tried several years ago to remove the liberal head of PBS and install a more centrist politically orientated top executive, but that attempt went absolutely no-where and public broadcasting is even more politically Left leaning now than it ever was. We could call a rival public network Conservative Public Radio. Its slogan could be, “CPR needs America and America needs CPR. It does.

Perhaps we could call it No BS instead of PBS. These call letters could stand for the National Organizational Broadcasting System. The “O” could be represented by President Obama’s cute little campaign logo with a slash running right through the middle of it. I am just dreaming of course, but for now our Republican members of Congress should pay absolutely no attention to what they hear on public radio. They should listen to No BS from PBS. Instead they should listen to conservative voices which are trying to be heard in the relative obscurity of the virtual media.

I called the Republican majority leader of the House of Representatives at his Washington D.C. office and I told Eric Cantor’s staff that allowing the government to shutdown was the first thing that the Speaker of the House has actually done that I agree with. “It is going to take a lot more to convince me to change my mind about him,” I said, but forcing the government to shut down in the face of the customary Democrat intransigence was a good first step. I told them to make sure that the next step is forward, not backwards.

Barack Obama says he will not negotiate with House Republicans at the point of a gun. However he will talk to representatives of the Iranian Ayatollah at the point of a nuclear reactor that produces hydrogen bombs. He says that he won’t be held hostage by Republican threats to shut down the government, and that ObamaCare will still go forward no matter what happens during this session of Congress. That’s just the kind of arrogance that we have come to expect from President Obama, who let four Americans be taken captive at our American Embassy in Ben Ghazi and then be brutally murdered because he failed to even one step to protect them. He also betrayed and abandoned our main Arab ally in the Middle East, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and allowed him to be held in captivity for over a year.

President Obama barely received a simple majority of votes in the last General Election. He has no sweeping public mandate to make any drastic changes in America. We are a country that is about evenly divided between liberals who want more government and conservatives who want less government. In the face of these tell-tale numbers Barack Obama and the Democrat Party have no business trying to force any kind of fundamental or transformational change upon our society like they did with ObamaCare without a single Republican vote. In the same way that he puts his feet up on the historic furniture in the Oval Office, this man in the White House has absolutely no sense of how to conduct himself in the footsteps of far greater men than he, who have preceded him in that office. In view of the slim majority that he enjoyed at the polls in the last General Election he should govern more modestly and humbly, but there is nothing humble about this President.

Now he wants to blame Republicans for shutting down the Federal Government. No Mr. Obama. It is you and your arrogance and your Party of ideological demagogues that are causing the government to shut down by passing un-constitutional, two-thousand page long Bills in Congress, in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve… This is legislation that will fundamentally change America forever, and you have the nerve to criticize Republicans in Congress for remembering that and finally standing up to you?

In a desperate attempt to misrepresent Republicans in the mainstream media they will drag out disgraced and discredited Republican turncoats like John McCain and Newt Gingrich in order to criticize members of their own Party who are standing up now to President Obama.

I wonder if the 800,000 non-essential government employees who have been laid off during the government shutdown will receive back pay during their time off of work. Knowing how things work in Washington I would be willing to bet that they will. So if they are going to be compensated for as long as the shutdown is occurring then why are they all complaining? For all practical purposes they are receiving an extra paid vacation this year at the taxpayer expense. If Republicans in the House were really serious about restoring fiscal sanity and solvency to Washington then they would fire at least half of the 800,000 non-essential government employees, and they would put the rest of them on indefinite non-paid leave.

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