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Two RINOs Out, Two RINOs In!
Trump and Huckabee Drop Out of the 2012 Republican Primary.  Gingrich and Romney Still in the Race
-by Scott Rohter, May 2011

“The strategy of the 'Progressive Establishment' has always been to get the two most liberal candidates, one from each political Party nominated in their respective primaries, and then to promote the most progressive of those two candidates in the general election!” - Scott Rohter

It’s just like playing Whack-A-Mole.  The biggest threat I see to the Conservative Movement, and our chances for victory in 2012, is to nominate another RINO Republican again, another phony conservative to lead the Republican ticket in 2012, because that is what the liberal media has convinced us we need to do in order to win! 

'The Trump' sounded the call to retreat early last week, when the Liberal’s ‘darling little Donald’ decided to toss in the towel.  He was certainly the liberal media's star while it lasted, but like a white-hot supernova he burned out in an implosion of bluster and bravado!  This self-promoting, media savvy, potential Republican spoiler, decided to do an abrupt about face, after he stuck his formidable toes in the Presidential waters, but then put his entire big foot in his mouth, when he called Congressman Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal too extreme and too radical for the country!  He actually had the nerve to tell the ranking Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee to sit down and shut up!  Oops, but that’s his loss not ours.  Bye Bye Donald!  After that remark and his poor positioning, Mr. Trump, who popularized two words “You’re fired,” must have seen the latest polls, which showed his popularity plummeting faster than a paratrooper in freefall!  Then he really only had two more words to say, “I quit!”  The whole Donald Trump Experience can be summed up in just nine short words, “you’re fired, sit down and shut up, and I quit!”  But Trump was certainly no conservative, so it is no loss for us!  He voted for Barack Obama, donated money to liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, and he even gave $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel’s successful campaign to become the Mayor of Chicago. That last decision will hurt us far more than the other three mistakes combined. Rahm Emanuel’s decision to leave the White House, where he served as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, to become the Mayor of Chicago, was so that he could “make sure” that Chicago votes overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party and for Barack Obama in 2012!  In other words, when Mayor Richard Dailey announced that he would not be seeking re-election, Chicago which is usually a Democratic trophy, was seen as potentially vulnerable!  Rahm Emanuel’s job is to make sure that Chicago is safe back in the hands of the Democratic Party in 2012! Pure and simple. Mission accomplished, with his election as Mayor!  I don’t know where all of the Republican strategists were when Rahm Emanuel was running for Mayor of Chicago, but I can tell you this, NO conservative would have ever donated $50,000 to help finance Rahm Emanuel’s campaign to become the Mayor of Chicago! Donald Trump did!  So for the last time, bye bye Donald and good riddance!  We’ll probably see you in the movies or on TV!

Will the next phony, conservative candidate please step up to the Republican plate!  That would be President Wannabee, I mean Governor Huckabee.  I’m sorry I just can’t help myself, the former Governor of Arkansas.  Well anyway, does anything politically good ever come from Arkansas?  I mean, just look at the last native son of our 25th state!  That would be Bill Jefferson Clinton, alias BJ!  Thank God that Governor Huckabee who is also a TV star in his own right, like Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger… By the way, what is it with all of these TV stars wanting to be President?  Oh well, thank God that when Governor Huckabee searched his soul for direction, his heart was telling him no!  My heart was telling him no, too!  Maybe he heard it. It was a horribly heart-wrenching sound.  P L E A S E  don’t run Mike!  When Governor Huckabee decided not to run for President, it was certainly an answer to prayer, for a lot of conservative Christians!  Remember that the liberal media loved both Trump and Huckabee, and if the 'lib-media' likes a Republican candidate in the primary, it’s only because he is more liberal than the rest of the Republican candidates!  So no conservative should ever consider supporting a Republican in the primary who gets a lot of positive, or even not so negative, media air time!

Now, with Trump and Huckabee gone, that’s Two RINOs out and two RINOs still in!  That would be Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  For now, all I want to say about Mitt Romney is that the media obviously likes him too!  DANGER, Will Robinson!  He is the son of former Michigan Governor, George Romney.  Do we need yet another political dynasty in the country, like the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s?  I certainly hope not!  But, Mitt Romney has a large family, and we might just run out of States, if all of his children and grandchildren decide to become Governors, just like their father and their grandfather before him!  And Mitt Romney is the only Governor in the land, with the lone possible exception of Oregon’s own Dr. John Kitzhaber, who has tried to implement a State-run, socialized, healthcare system!  Kitzhaber didn’t even come close, but Governor Romney actually succeeded in Massachusetts, although apparently it is not doing very well in his absence!  Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts style healthcare model, which is dubbed “Romney Care” was the model for President Obama’s National Health Care plan, Obama Care!  So, if you don’t want a single payer National Healthcare System, or forced individual mandates, then don’t turn over the reigns of state to Mitt Romney!  He wants to be the Republican standard bearer for 2012, but I don’t think we should reward Governor Romney for his role in bringing Nationalized Healthcare and forced individual mandates to the entire country!

Newt Gingrich is the other RINO in the race!  He also believes in forced individual health insurance mandates!  Strike one for him!  Newt has got to be one of the smartest, shrewdest, longest surviving Republican candidates in years!   Scholar, lecturer, history professor, political pundit, successful businessman, former Congressman from Georgia, Minority Whip, Speaker of the House of Representatives, author, and long standing member of the Council on Foreign Relations, his credentials are as outstanding as they are many, all except for that last one!  Strike two!  But he is truly one of the elder statesmen of the Republican Party, and to say otherwise is not to give him his due credits! He is NOT a conservative leader however, and his twenty-year record in politics proves that point!  For more information about Newt Gingrich, please read my article, NewtWorthy or Not? from March 2011, on the National page of this website.

Newt has a lot of Big Money behind him and some of the most influential people in National politics, business, and finance, the least of which is not Karl Rove, the so-called architect of the George W. Bush Administration!  But don’t be fooled by Newt’s brand of so-called conservative straight talk.  It’s not much different than John McCain’s so-called straight talk express!  Neither man was ever a conservative!  They only begin to sound a little more like conservatives around election time!…  But once securely back in office again, they invariably revert back to their true form!  Newt is trying very hard to reinvent himself after twenty years in the political wilderness, but unlike Nebuchadnezzar, he is not going to get another chance!  He is trying to run as a conservative.  He thinks that this is his moment in history, his time and his destiny to become America’s 43rd President.  He is wrong!  He is trying to appeal to the TEA Party, because they are the future of America!  At the same time he can’t help saying things like, “Right wing social engineering is just as bad as left wing social engineering.”  He is wrong again of course! I should call strike three right now, but there’s still a little more to this story, so I’ll just forgive him and call that one a foul ball instead, and give him another chance!  Newt invokes the name of Ronald Reagan, frequently.  He says he is a Reagan Conservative, but his long political record, which is a relevant predictor of his future behavior, testifies otherwise!  It reads like a long train of political abuses.  His twenty-year career in the House of Representatives culminating in his role as Speaker of the House proves that he advanced the cause of raising taxes, Strike three, growing the Federal Government, Strike four, and expanding the reach of the Administrative State, our unconstitutional Fourth Branch of Government, Strike five!  At the same time he also cooperated and was even instrumental in surrendering American Sovereignty to supra-national world organizations such as the World Bank and the World Court, through various treaties like NAFTA and GATT! Strike six! and Strike seven! You’re out! Read my article NewtWorthy or Not? from March, 2011.

Over and over again, the liberal media establishment has attempted to cover for Newt Gingrich by portraying him as a true conservative Republican leader even though he isn’t, and giving him valuable free airtime to ingratiate himself with the American people! He was their man on the inside in Washington! But without any shadow of doubt, Newt Gingrich is a Progressive member of the Elite, Liberal Establishment. In fact, he has been a Progressive for so long that it is hard to even remember a time when he wasn’t! Obviously Newt Gingrich is not my favorite candidate! I am holding out for much better! I am tired of holding my nose and voting against somebody that I don't want! I want to vote for somebody that I actually believe in, somebody that I am enthusiastic about! That somebody hasn’t decided to get into the race yet! This is not Newt Gingrich’s time! It is our time! It is America’s time! So, let’s encourage a real conservative Republican candidate with experience, to step up and get into the race!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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