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From "Tunausea to Indonausea”
The Whole Muslim World Makes Me Sick

By Scott Rohter, September 2012
(Updated September 2013)

I am sickened by events unfolding in the Middle East and I want to vomit as I watch America's feeble response to events as they occur. It is like that from North Africa all the way to Southeast Asia. Little Israel feels very threatened as it watches the entire Middle East exploding all around it. American foreign policy under Barack Obama is largely responsible for these events in the Middle East. Our overtures toward Muslim countries are perceived as a sign of weakness. In fact kindness has always been interpreted as a sign of weakness by Muslims. This perception goes all the way back to the Muslim conquest of Christian lands during the Middle Ages.

By reaching out and extending a hand of friendship to our adversaries in the Middle East Barack Obama is perceived as being weak and vulnerable and by extension so are all Americans. This perception of weakness was initially demonstrated by President Obama on his very first trip abroad when he spoke at the University of Cairo and offered an olive branch to the Muslim World. It was repeated again when he offered to meet with the leaders of Iran without setting any prior conditions on his visit. It was repeated yet another time when he did not insist upon the immediate return of our military drone that crashed on Iranian soil.  Over and over again President Obama keeps making the same mistake of demonstrating weakness to our Muslim adversaries.

The only thing that has kept Islamic fanatics under wraps for the past six hundred years has been the liberal application of force which has been effectively imposed by strong Arab dictators. But President Obama has ended all of that with his ill-advised support for so called "democracy movements" across the Middle East under the all encompassing umbrella of the “Arab Spring”. In so doing he has removed some of the strong rulers who applied the necessary force that has kept the endemic fanaticism in the Muslim world under control. By so doing he has opened up a whole Pandora’s Box full of pent-up problems. Barack Obama’s misguided foreign policy overtures to Muslims in the Middle East coupled with his well known affinity for international socialism and an incomprehensible naiveté have lit the fuse on a ticking Muslim time bomb and has paved the way for Iran to develop a real nuclear bomb as well.

Barack Obama has created this mess in the Muslim World all the way from Tunisia in North Africa to Indonesia in the South China Sea. He has been the great facilitator of all the unrest occurring in the Middle East and in the broader Islamic World. Under Barack Obama's misguided leadership the United States of America is perceived as being weak and war-weary. Muslims believe that we are unwilling to do anything to stop the violence that is erupting in their world which is spreading into ours. In their view it is time to act and there are a great many Muslim opportunists who are willing to act.

I think we should put sanctions on the entire Muslim World from Tunisia where all of the turmoil began all the way to Indonesia... We should impose a total quarantine on the Uma... no trade and no travel. What is going on in the Muslim World is far worse than the Ebola virus that is spreading through West Africa. This murderous virus is infecting their brains and making Muslims a danger to the entire civilized world. We should quarantine Tunisia where the virus began. We should quarantine Libya where they brutalized and murdered four Americans including our ambassador. What these American citizens had to endure was far worse than any waterboarding administered by the Marines at Guantanamo Bay. The quarantine should include Eqypt where thanks to Barack Obama our strong ally, Hosni Mubarak was ousted and replaced with a very unfriendly government run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Our Embassy in Egypt was attacked there too. The quarantine should extend to Saudi Arabia from within whose borders emanates all of the inspiration and most of the money to fund the Islamic terrorist organizations of the world. It should include Yemen, the Persian Gulf State of Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran which is seeking to develop a nuclear bomb, and Pakistan which already has the nuclear bomb. We need to have the courage to do what needs to be done. Whether or not we have the support and the backing of the international community doesn't really matter.

The practitioners of the so called “religion of peace” have no intention of practicing peace, never. They have no intention of turning their swords into plowshares, never. Their hearts and minds are only inclined to commit more savage acts of violence against their fellow man. It doesn't even matter to them if the objects of their violence are Muslims or infidels as they refer to all non-Muslims. We need to quarantine the Muslim world all the way from the equator to about 35 degrees north latitude, from Morocco on the west coast of Africa all the way to Indonesia in the South China Sea with the lone exceptions of the mainland of Southeast Asia, Spain, Italy, and poor little Israel. We need to isolate this part of the planet from the civilized world and we should have absolutely nothing further to do with them. That means not buying their oil too. We should develop our own oil reserves right here in America. There should be no more trade, no commerce, no travel, and no communication at all with them until they undergo a religious reformation.

We should drop one small conventional bomb on a little place right in the center of their Muslim world in order to get their attention and convince them that we are serious. That little place is the little Black Box in Mecca where they all turn their attention and pray five times a day. That little cubicle is the center of their Muslim world. It is also the source of most of the turmoil in the world today. From there emanates all of the murders committed in the name of Allah.. decapitations, stonings, the cutting off of hands, honor killings, forced genital mutilations, forced child marriages, and many other sinful expressions of their religion. The Quran is the problem and the black box of Islam needs to be reduced to rubble. Every terrorist act that is conceived and directed at Muslims and non Muslims alike emanates from that little black box.  I don’t know what is inside of that little cube that makes Muslims do the things that they do in the name of their god and frankly I don’t care, but the existence of that black box is doing the rest of the world great bodily harm just by its very existance. It needs to be reduced to rubble. Then they can have a big black hole in the ground where that little black box once stood. They can direct their prayers to that big black hole in the ground where it once stood. It will give them something to remember just like they gave us something to remember where the twin towers once stood in New York City. It may not seem like good diplomacy to a Harvard educated graduate or a progressive community organizer like Barack Obama, but an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is all that these unrepentant savages seem to understand and it has worked well for thousands of years.

If they stage any more violent anti-American demonstrations in the Middle East or if they attack any more of our embassies or murder any more of our citizens we should drop another bomb on their next most holy site and so on and so forth until all of their holy sites are all reduced to rubble and smoldering ash. Then they can bow down to the rubble that used to be their great holy places and they can contemplate how great God really is, not theirs but ours. It would provide a vivid reminder that the god of the Quran is not able to save them, and what they call a religion is not really a religion at all. A tree is judged by the fruit it bears. For thousands of years the fruit of Islam has been nothing but poisonous to the rest of mankind. The humanity of anyone who eats that fruit is destroyed.

This is the eleventh anniversary of 9-11. I am mad because our soldiers have spent the last eleven years of their lives fighting in that God forsaken part of the world in order to liberate these modern day throwbacks, and to create opportunities for them to prosper which their religion does not allow them to have. They have repaid us by raping and brutally murdering our embassy personnel, setting fire to our Consulate Offices, and burning American flags all over the Middle East... All the progressive media can talk about right now is how offensive a very unimportant little You Tube video about the life of Muhammad is. The only form of free speech that actually needs protecting is free speech that is offensive. Agreeable forms of speech do not need protection.

Let me tell you what I think is offensive. Even if that YouTube video is just as deplorable as Muslims say that it is, those Americans who bore the brunt of their anger and paid dearly for it with their lives had absolutely nothing at all to do with it. They didn’t make it. They didn’t act in it. They didn’t finance it. They didn’t even watch it. They might not have agreed with anything that it said. What possible complaint did these backward savages who invaded our Embassy, and burnt our Consulate to the ground have against our American ambassador and the three other Americans who died at their hands? Why were they held personally responsible for something that they had absolutely nothing to do with?

Christianity teaches that you don't hold people accountable for the acts of others or for acts they don't commit. The Bible teaches that you do not blame the fathers for the sins of their children. You do not blame the children for the sins of their fathers. You don’t blame your friends and your neighbors for your own sins. Every man or woman is responsible for their own actions. But in the Muslim World it is a common practice to blame someone for someone else’s actions just because they are members of another country or another faith or another sect of the same faith. This is especially true if you happen to be an infidel. In Islam revenge lasts forever. It has always been this way for as long as Islam has been around... ever since the murder of Mohammed's cousin and son in law, Ali. The rift between Sunni and Shia over the leadership of the Muslim world has grown bigger with each passing generation and there has never been any forgiveness in the Muslim religion although it is frequently alluded to in their textbooks.

That is why I believe that these backward mobs of savages who are rioting right now in Muslim countries all across the Middle East, and all of those who condone their actions or excuse them in the name of tolerance and political correctness are far worse than any of the decadence that we permit in the West in the name of free speech. Our decadence under the banner of freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness as awful it is doesn’t hold a candle to the atrocity of holding one person accountable for another person’s actions and then compounding that mistake by making them pay for it with their life.

What Muslims call a religion is in desperate need of a reformation, but unfortunately we don't have two hundred more years to wait. Either if needs to happen immediately or Islam needs to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. And we should begin right now by pulling all of our remaining troops out of the Middle East, quarantining it off from the civilized world, and dropping a bomb right on that little Black Box in Mecca that is in the center of their Muslim world.

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"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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