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The National Debt and Economic Slavery
A Political Parable

By Scott Rohter – February 2011

“We don’t make flatware. We don’t make tableware. We don’t even manufacture our own underwear anymore! How can this kind of free trade actually be good for our country?” – Scott Rohter

If I could make use of an analogy from the medical profession, I would like to compare the United States to a patient in critical condition, who is suffering from a potentially terminal disease, like to an emphysema patient who refuses to stop smoking, even though they know that their actions are probably going to kill them. That’s exactly how the Democrats in Congress have been behaving, and the Democrat State Legislators in Madison Wisconsin are behaving now! And just like the prognosis for the emphysema patient or the cancer patient is not good, the prognosis for our country is not good either, if we don’t stop spending money that we don't have! We are fourteen trillion dollars in debt, and that figure keeps growing! Our children are already in economic bondage up to their eyebrows to China, yet we won’t stop borrowing or printing more money, and we refuse to cut spending in any meaningful way! We simply don’t feel the chains around our ankles yet, or see them tightening around our children's ankles yet! We simply refuse to balance our budgets, both State and Federal, or cut back the spending on non essential items, in order to pay off our State and National debts! But those ankle chains are being fitted for our feet right now, and for our children's feet, deep in the industrial mainland of China!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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