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Democrat Party “Love Fest” in Charlotte
Five False Claims Made by Democrats at their National Convention

By Scott Rohter, September 2012

The theme of the Democratic National Convention for 2012 was “Democrats care about you.” What a bunch of crap. Democrats don’t care about you any more than any other Communist or Fascist politicians care about you, which is not at all. They only claim to care about you. Communists have always claimed to care about the poor and the working class people. But where is all the evidence? There is just about as much bullgeshikte going around Washington D.C. today as there was in Moscow back in the days of Lenin and Stalin. And Democrat's claims to care about you are no more true than the claims of these Communist dictators of the former Soviet Union.

Communist ideology has always relied upon class envy and class warfare in order to gain support. It has always pitted the rich against the poor, the employees against their employers, and the workers against those who let their money work for them. “Workers of the world unite” is not a recent slogan that was just created by the Service Employees International Union. No, it was first used to motivate the disadvantaged masses in Europe over one-hundred years ago.

Democrats today are just like their Communist or Socialist predecessors of the past. They are always appealing to the base human instincts of jealousy and resentment based upon the inequities that currently exist in the world. They are always complaining about the unequal distribution of wealth. Such disparities have always existed and they will continue to exist in spite of everything that government does to try to eliminate them. The inequities of life will remain in spite of all of the lofty, dreamy eyed, theoretical, socialist, Democrat rhetoric which promises to eliminate them… Jesus said that the poor will always be with us. Please read my article, The Justice of Inequity.

Since inequity is as natural as ambition or the lack of it there is absolutely no point in trying to eliminate it. There is also no end to all of the gullible new proselytes who are ripe for indoctrination into the false hopes of Communist or Socialist theories. This is because class envy, and envy in general is just as natural as the inequities in life that breed it. The people who usually fall prey to the Democrat's claims about caring for the poor are all too frequently young, idealistic and naive college age students. They are the ones who become believers in these false promises of socialism, but there is no plan invented by man that is ever going to eliminate poverty just as there is no plan invented by man that is ever going to eliminate laziness.

The theme of the Democratic National Convention in 2012 was, “We care about you.” -No they don’t. They don't care about you. They care about themselves. I called their Convention in 2012 their little “Love Fest in Charlotte.” They claimed to care about all of the gays and lesbians and transgendered people. They claimed to care about all of the undocumented workers who are in our country illegally.  They claimed to care about the working men and women of America who are struggling to make ends meet. They claimed to care about all of the unemployed and the under-employed workers in our country. And they claim to care about the disadvantaged and the down and out.  -No they don’t!  They care only about themselves. If they actually cared about these groups then they wouldn’t have gone deeper into debt in just the first four years of the Obama Administration than all the administrations of all the other forty-one President’s combined. This forced the Federal Reserve Board to print massive amounts of fiat currency and they flooded the Nation’s monetary supply with virtually worthless Federal Reserve Notes which reduced the value of everbody’s paycheck, everybody's savings, and everybody's retirement accounts? How is that for caring? And to pass on all of this debt to future generations of Americans doesn't sound like caring to me.

Last but not least they claimed to care about women’s reproductive rights. That is probably the only thing that they really do care about.  But what about the hundreds of thousands of innocent little victims of a woman’s right to choose? Why don’t they care about them… Why don't they care about their right to life. They are certainly helpless victims in need of the Democrats concern and care. Do you remember the Iron Curtain that divided Berlin and separated the East from the West?  Well let’s take a look behind the “Velvet Curtain” of the modern Democratic Party that divides America today and examine some of their false claims.

Claim # 1  Democrats claim that they care about gays and lesbians and transgendered people.

Claim # 2  Democrats claim to care about all of the undocumented workers who are in our country illegally.

Claim # 3  Democrats claim to care about the working men and women of America who are struggling to make ends meet.

Claim # 4  Democrats claim they care about the unemployed and the under-employed.

Claim # 5  Democrats claim that they care about a woman’s reproductive rights.

Science has proven that when a young fetus has developed fingers and toes, it already has a beating heart and a functioning brain. Therefore it is aware of its surroundings and it can experience pain.

In closing, the Democratic Party claims that they care about you. In reality they only care about themselves! They have divided up the country into a group of disparate classes, pitting one group against the other, and they have made all of them dependent upon the Democratic Party and the Federal Government for their desired relief.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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