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 Failure to Communicate or a Failure to Convince
Living in Different Echo Chambers
535 Plus 1

By Scott Rohter, April 2012

The Obama Administration and the entire Democratic Party are hard of hearing! The Establishment of the Republican Party is completely tone deaf. Two years after the passage of the historic Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a full sixty-five percent of Americans still want the precedent setting health care law that requires Americans to buy a health insurance policy, either overturned or repealed. And what does one key Democratic Senator, Chuck Schumer from New York say on Sunday’s Meet the Press? Only that the Obama Administration has done a poor job of Communicating their message. That’s right! They have done a poor job of communicating to the American people about the wonderful advantages of a run-away Federal Government that is exceeding its Constitutional authority and limitations, and an administration which is shredding the United States Constitution before our very eyes! They have done a poor job of explaining why it is good for the government to force Americans to buy a product that is viewed by many as not in their own best interests!

A failure to communicate? No, I don’t think so! There is not really a failure to communicate. There is just a veritable failure to convince the American people! They have been communicating for two straight years their big government, socialist message, and their ideas for more government intrusion into our private lives. But they have not made their case. They have failed to persuade the American people.

And the American people have also been busy communicating their ideas too, through the TEA Party and through the ballot box. We have told our Congressmen and Senators to stick to the Constitution and to a stricter understanding of the Law! We have said that we love our Freedom and we want our children and our grandchildren to remain free. There is no failure to communicate. What we have here is a failure to listen! We have expressed our dissatisfaction with the Health Care Act, but we were unable to get Congress to listen and we have been unable to convince the 535 plus 1 that they were wrong.

We are living in different echo chambers where we can’t seem to hear each other. We can’t hear anyone outside of our own echo chamber. Democrats are in one chamber and Republicans are in another. Elected officials are in one chamber and the voters are in another. We are talking , but the only ones who are listeneing are those that are in our own echo chamber!

One by one, the various members of the Republican Establishment are now coming out and endorsing Mitt Romney. They are not listening to the conservative base of their Party. They are obviously living in a different echo chamber than the rest of us. First there was New Jersey Governor Chris Christy. Then there was Arizona Senator John McCain. Then there was former Kansas Senator and unsuccessful Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole. Then there was Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and former President George H.W. Bush. And now there is the freshman Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

The Mitt Romney bandwagon just keeps rolling along. It is laden with phony conservatives endorsing another phony conservative! I guess the latest endorsement by Marco Rubio proves that conservatives have been duped once again, this time by a phony Cuban-American conservative from Florida. It seems that Marco Rubio is no more a real conservative than Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is!

All the latest polls show that Mitt Romney is trailing Barack Obama in a head to head match-up in Wisconsin and Florida. And he is losing the female vote to Barack Obama by almost two to one! But did that provide any pause for thought to either Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, or to Florida Senator Marco Rubio? Why of course not! They are living in a different echo chamber!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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