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The Fanatical Face of France
By Scott Rohter, May 2012

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore”

For over a hundred years the French have had a big love affair, not with the moon, nor with pizza, but with big government Socialism. Last week they renewed their love affair once again by electing a member of the French Socialist Party to be the next President of France. He will replace their outgoing French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who by the end of his first term in office had already squandered most of the popular good will that he received five years ago when the French people handed him the keys to the Elysee Palace. Darn it, and I was just starting to get used to the pronunciation of his name! He squandered all of that good will on a legacy of controversial initiatives, followed by a regime of strict austerity measures that many Europeans, not just the French, didn’t like! And his equally tough approach to French unions didn’t earn him many friends on the Left either, nor did it win him the enduring affection of most of France’s blue collar workers.

The last time a Socialist governed France was about thirty years ago when the French people elected another French Socialist by the name of Francois Mitterrand to be their President. But whether the French head of State is actually a card carrying member of the Socialist Party or not, every French leader since Charles De Gaulle has been a Leftist to one degree or another, except for the charismatic Sean and Marie Le Penn!

This Francois’ last name happens to be Hollande, instead of Mitterrand. Francois Hollande. I guess I'll just have to get used to his name. The new French Socialist President’s name is Francois Hollande, and he promises to restore France to its former days of greatness by doing away with the "Troika’s" recently negotiated European austerity measures, and just taxing the hell out of the rich. Where have I heard that idea before? Oh yes, I know.  That’s Barack Obama’s plan to cut the deficit right here in America. Just two Socialist peas in a pod: Barack Obama and his Socialist comrade from across the pond, Francois Hollande. And that goes for their respective Parties too, the French Socialist Party and its evil twin sister, the Democratic Party in our own country.

At least the French have the nerve to call something what it really is: Socialism! Francois Hollande’s plan to tax the hell out of the rich is a Socialist plan. That’s how he intends to try to balance the French budget, restore the value of the Euro, provide for all of the French social programs that his sycophants clamor for, and restore the French economy to financial soundness once again, yata, yata, yata. He will do it all on the backs of the rich. Well good luck Francois, but I don’t think that’s going to ever happen. Rob from the rich and give to the poor is not a sound economic policy, nor is it a prescription for national greatness. It sounds more to me like a recipe for widespread mediocrity and total national disaster!

I guess if you were to ask the average French man or woman on the street they would tell you that they still believe in French fairy tales, little green leprechauns, and fantastic, Socialist Utopian dreams. I don’t know what wealthy French people Francois Hollande actually thinks that he will be taxing, because in the global market that we live in today, by the time that he implements any such tax schemes, most of the rich in France will either move, or move their money out of the country to some more friendly place like Curacao, where they will enjoy tax free status.

Apparently many citizens of France still believe in the French National Motto: “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.” I hate to tell you that there is no real equality in life, and very little fraternity especially when push comes to shove. And if they are not very careful, the French people are going to lose whatever precious little liberties they still have left. Nevertheless they want to believe that all of their French dreams can still come true with a thirty hour work week, three months of paid vacation every year, and free health care for everybody! It’s just not going to happen! They want to believe that France can still be a great nation without hard work. Not so whispered the little bird that so many French voters didn’t want to hear when they marked their ballots.

America’s 18th President had this to say, “Whatever greatness there is in a country exists because of the hard work of its citizens. Work creates wealth, and without this hard work there would be no such thing as a great nation.”  -President Ulysses S. Grant  (Reprisal). The nation of France should take a lesson from the notebook of one of America’s greatest military generals and famous Presidents, but alas they chose to believe in Socialist, French fairy tales instead.

So French President Nicolas Sarkozy of the French UMP Party lost his bid for a second term of five years to the Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande. Meet the new Francois. He is the same as the old Francois, well not literally, but practically and politically speaking he is. Both Francises came up through the ranks of the same Socialist Party, and both men rose to become the leader of that Party, which still stubbornly clings to unproven Socialist fantasies about how to create a Utopian paradise, or a Socialist heaven on Earth.

Fransois Hollande is about as far left as a French politician can go without literally dipping his toes into the cold waters of the North Atlantic. He is about as far left as any French President can go without changing his official residence from the Elysee Palace to the Kremlin. The new French President believes that he can restore his nation to its former greatness by just laying more taxes on the rich. If he does institute the higher tax rates that he proposes, then more wealthy French citizens will just leave their country and emigrate to North or South America and to other places where they will find a more business friendly climate, and a better tax haven for their money.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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