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An EU Bailout of Greece, or Not to Be an EU Bailout of Greece? 
That is the Question.
Not Everybody That is a Dictator is Called Dictator
A Very Unfortunate and Dangerous Time for the World
-by Scott Rohter, November 2011

The BBC reported today that Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou put together, “This puzzling proposal” to let the people of Greece actually vote on the planned EU bailout of their country.  That’s assuming that they still have a country, which apparently they do not!  The attitude of the other socialists in Papandreou’s Party, and in Europe was, “Let the Greek people be damned.  How can we let them actually vote?”

According to the ‘Beeb’, this idea of allowing the Greek people to vote, angered the socialist, former East German Angela Merkel, who is the leader of Germany, and her fellow socialist traveler from the other side of the Rhine, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  They were both outraged that Papandreou actually wanted to let the Greek people vote on this matter.  But that’s Socialism for you, for all of you Democrats!  I hope you are paying attention, because that’s what’s in store for you too, if you keep following those left-wing policies of yours!  There is really no difference between Socialism and Communism, except the point of a gun!  Neither form of tyranny actually likes the idea of voting!  One form just keeps coming after your rights, and trying to wear you down through the perpetual brainwashing of the national media, while the other form seeks to obtain a speedier surrender of individual liberty, and personal responsibility, through the use of arms and coercion!  But they both take the individual, and society to the same hellish destination, i.e. Big Government Tyranny!

My question is, who cares if Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are upset that the Greek people actually wanted to vote on something as important as their own future?  It’s none of their damn business if the Greek Prime Minister was inclined to let them weigh in!  Is it?  Just lend them the money or not as they will, and keep their big noses out of Greek national politics!  That would be my advice.  But the nations of Europe are not actually sovereign countries anymore!  They are more like little nation-states, and like States in our own country, the central government is always trying to control them through the ‘power of the purse’!  In their case, that central authority that is trying to control them through the purchase of their national debt is called the European Union.

The former sovereign countries of Europe don’t have a Doctrine of States Rights to protect them, or a Federal Government with limited powers, as set forth in the United States Constitution, and in the 9th and 10th Amendments.  But they do have their own national constitutions, if they would only follow them.  It’s just that they don’t seem to follow them!  They have surrendered their national sovereignty to the so-called higher authority of the European Union.  In America, our states must not be willing to make the same compromise with our Federal Government!  “The Government is best which governs least.”  That is a quote from Thomas Jefferson, our third president.  Less government is always the best government, not bigger government, or costlier government, or more centralized government!  The only thing you get from bigger government is higher taxes and more regulations, plus you get a bigger bill!  And in some cases you also get crippling, inter-generational debt, like they have in Greece!  (By the way, we also have that in America too!)

Can you imagine how much political pressure must have been put on poor Greek PM George Papandreou by the leaders of France and Germany, in order to make him buckle the way that he did, and call off the nation-wide referendum, which he had previously proposed?  That referendum was scheduled to give the Greek people a chance to weigh in on the important matter of the EU bailout of their country.  All of the arm-twisting that went on must have been very persuasive, in order to make Papandreou back down and reverse course the way that he did!  We can certainly see who is giving the orders in Europe today, and who is taking orders.  While they are still taking orders, I think I will have a cheeseburger and fries, and a small Pepsi!

Obviously the real rulers in Europe are no longer the descendants of Socrates!  They don't want the Greek people voting on anything, especially the EU bailout of their own country!  They probably don’t want the Greek people to have much of anything to say about what actually goes on in their own lives!  But as I say, that isn’t very unusual for so-called ‘Socialist Democracies’, where the real rulers could usually care less about what the people actually want! Where is Plato when you need him?

Let me remind you of some other recent examples of the socialist mindset, which illustrates the same causal disregard, and lack of respect that socialist governments the world over have always had for their own people.  At one time or another, the governments of Ireland and Holland did not want to let the Irish or the Dutch citizens vote on whether they wanted to become members of the EU!  Instead, the Irish and the Dutch parliaments wanted to vote on behalf of their electorate which they only claim to represent.  So much for any Socialist claims to being democratic.  ‘The powers that be’ must have sure been afraid to let the Irish or Dutch people vote on the important question of EU membership, and give their own 99% a chance to be heard!

All across the world, national governments, and even state and local governments, are emboldened right now to ignore their own people, trample on their basic rights, or simply refuse to let them have a say in decisions that affect their own lives!  It doesn’t seem to matter whether the governments are socialist or capitalist, whether they are religious or secular, Islamic or Christian, or whether they are dictatorships, monarchies, or so-called ‘representative republics’.  Whatever is happening seems to be occurring to one degree or another, all across the world, in every country, regardless of what form the government takes!

Let’s take another look at Greece.  The Greek people apparently are not going to be allowed to vote on something as important as the European bailout of their country! (And I am not sticking up for the horrible way in which the Greek people have conducted their financial affairs over the last thirty years that got them to this point.  By the way, we are not too far behind Greece!)  But they still have a right to vote, don’t they?  They are still a sovereign people, aren’t they?  Are they or aren’t they?...  The Bible says, “The borrower is slave to the lender.”  Maybe the Greek people are all just slaves now, indentured servants for a time, until they can pay off their debts.  Maybe the Greeks have lost all their rights!  It sure looks that way!

In Iran, the so-called Islamic Republic, which is a total sham, doesn’t even consider what the Iranian people want.  They are all afraid to even open their mouths and disagree with their government!

In Syria, the people of that country are actually being gunned down in the streets by their own government, for peacefully assembling and expressing their grievances!  In Egypt, the folks were being ignored for almost thirty years by Hosni Mubarak, and they are still being largely ignored by the military junta that took over, and rules in his place!

In Libya, the people were going to be quietly slaughtered ‘en masse’ because they opposed the government dictator who ran that country for the last forty years, but fortunately for most of them, they slaughtered him first!  And life is not much better either in Russia, China, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Mexico, or Cuba!

In the United States, we elect people to office, who once they are in power don’t keep their campaign promises, and they don’t even listen to us anymore until it's time for them to run for office again!  They pass massive bailouts for Wall Street and the big banks, the TARP and the Stimulus Bills, against our overwhelming will!  Apparently our will wasn’t overwhelming enough for them!

In my own hometown of Eugene, Oregon, the people are not going to be allowed to vote on a major transportation proposal that affects our city, the proposed expansion of the EmX into west Eugene!

The common thread that connects all of these examples is that governments all over the world are not listening to their people anymore!  The people in Holland and Ireland were not allowed to vote on whether their countries were going to become members of the EU!  Wherever you look all around the world, people are either being ignored, denied their basic human rights, or gunned down in the streets in cold blood by their own governments!  What is really going on in the world?  What makes you think that we have come so far from the days of old when knights were bold, and Kings still ruled by ‘divine right’?

I believe that we are being set up and prepared for some kind of worldwide change, some kind of new world government, or some kind of New World Order!  I think that people all over the world are being deliberately made to feel unhappy about, and unsatisfied with their current governments, and with the status quo, in order to prepare the world for the change that is coming, the change that we are all supposed to want!  I believe this is all being orchestrated down to the very last note! I a word, we are all being conditioned!

In my little town, our city’s leaders don’t want to let the people of Eugene vote on a major issue that affects our lives!  When we actually do get a chance to vote on something, such as when we voted to build a major new street through west Eugene to relieve the traffic congestion, our city government simply ignored the results of that vote.  Now they are afraid to ever let us vote on anything important again!  We were not even allowed to have a say in the selection of a new name for another important highway that runs through our community!  The so-called Democratic Party that runs Oregon has passed new laws that make it much harder to get a citizen’s initiative on the ballot.  Not everybody that is a dictator is called dictator.  Some are called Mayor, Commissioner, Governor, Speaker of the House, and President!  But a rose by any other name smells just as sweet.  And a crap salad is still a crap salad no matter how you toss it!  Vinegar still sets your teeth on edge no matter what you call it!  And I call it A Very Unfortunate and Dangerous Time for the World!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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