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“The hope of the hypocrite shall perish. His joy is but for a moment. His trust shall be like a spider’s web. He shall lean upon his house and it shall not stand.”
Job 8:13-15 & 20:5

Democrats Seek Bipartisanship to Repeal Don't Ask – Don't Tell
But Where Was Their Bipartisanship When George Bush was President?
By Scott Rohter - December 2010

“The only thing a hypocrite inspires is a good, sound argument.”   Scott Rohter

Dateline: December 12, 2010, Washington D.C. 

This Sunday on Meet The Press, I mean "Meet the Duh-Press". I heard a member of the President's team of economic advisors, Austin Goolsbee, say that, "Republicans should work together with Democrats, to help the President be successful, because if the President and his economic policies are successful, than the country will also be successful." What a cart load full of donkey poop! When did the Democrats develop a change of heart and begin to realize that working with the President could actually help our country be successful? They certainly didn’t feel that way during the 8 years that George W. Bush was President! They didn’t feel much like helping George Bush, and they didn’t ever think that helping George Bush be successful, would in fact help our country be successful. That goes for you too NBC, so take that cart load full of donkey poop that you’re peddling around and wheel it somewhere else, because you won’t be selling any of it here! I saw what you Democrats did to try to destroy George Bush’s Presidency and damage our country, during the 8 years that he was President. You felt no compunctions back then about opposing the President. The fact is that you never felt like helping the President until the President was a Democrat! I also remember what you did to hinder the prosecution of the war effort in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and in the wider global war on terrorism.

It’s true, cooperating with the President can help our country, when he is right, but not in all cases, and certainly not if his policies are bad for the country! If the President's policies are bad for the country, as this President's are, then helping him can only harm the country, and that’s just what the DREAM ACT would do. It’s bad for the country. That’s just what the repeal of “DON’T ASK-DON’T TELL” would do. It’s bad for our fighting troops and therefore it's bad for the country. Neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals are supposed to be either asking or telling about their sexual preferences, predispositions, predilections, or orientations in the military. Afterall it's the military. It's not a gay bar or a night club! They are not there to flirt or talk about their sexual experiences and they're not on their own time or on their own dime! You don’t hear a lot about heterosexuals clamoring to go public do you? So why should there be one standard for heterosexuals and another standard for homosexuals, or are we we going to drop all pretense of discipline, and just let everybody start talking about sex in the military and on the front lines, 24/7?   Let's just keep sex and sexual orientation out of the military! That is the best policy.

The military is not a sexual experiment or a public bath house. It isn’t even a place for male homosexuals to go publicly lusting after their fellow soldiers, in the showers or in the locker rooms, otherwise why would they even need to ask or tell, or "go public" anyway. The heterosexuals in the military aren’t asking or telling about their sexual orientations, or at least they should't be, nor do they need or want to “go public”. They are there to do a job and they are focused on doing their job, as they should be. What’s the point of even asking or telling if you don’t intend to be engaging in specifically prohibited sexual activities? I repeat, the military is not a bath house or a sexual experiment or a place to publicly push your sexual propaganda. It isn’t a recruitment field for the gay and lesbian agenda either, even though some might think that it is and try to make it so! Soldiers are there to do a job and sex has nothing at all to do with it! And they need to stay focused on their job in order to do their job well! Anything that serves to distract them from doing their job, especially on the front lines is not in their own best interest or in the interest of the country!

Repealing “DON’T ASK-DON’T TELL” would be bad policy for our military. Helping the President do something that is bad for the military would be bad for our country. I really don’t care how many civilian appointed military officials and cabinet appointees the President trots out there to come out in favor of repealing “D.A.D.T.”. Listen to the commissioned and noncommissioned officers and to the enlisted troops in the field. They are overwhelmingly opposed to the repeal of  “DON’T ASK-DON’T TELL”. If "DON’T ASK-DON’T TELL" is repealed and a new policy in the military is implemented, allowing homosexuals to "go public", it will give a new meaning to the term "watching your back". Instead of our brave young men looking over their shoulders for enemy combatants, now they will also have to be looking over their shoulders to see who is oogling them, or ... which one of their fellow soldiers is making unwanted advances at them from the rear, or ... they might have to suffer the consequences of giving a "cold shoulder" to the guy standing next to them. Instead of our fighting men being focused on real threats to their lives, coming from all around them, they will now have to be distracted by perceived threats to their masculinity or their morality coming from a fellow soldier. Repealing D.A.D.T. is bad policy! Repealing D.A.D.T. is bad for our military and bad for our country!

For 8 years, the Democrats did everything in their power to sabotage and undermine the Presidency of George W. Bush, to stymie, block, frustrate, incapacitate, emasculate, repudiate, and otherwise render ineffectual, the policies, domestic and foreign, of the 43rd President of the United States. Am I supposed to just forget about that? Some Democrat politicians even went so far as to provide aid and comfort to our enemies! The Senate majority leader Harry Reid publicly stated that the war in Iraq was lost. Democrat congressman John Murtha, from Pennsylvania, the chair of the Armed Services Committee falsely accused our brave soldiers of murdering innocent civilians! Democrat Senator Patty Murray, of Washington publicly praised Osama Bin Laden’s outreach to the poor and needy! Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters, routinely lavishes praise on the Communist dictator Fidel Castro! And now, you want to try and shame Republicans into cooperating with your President for the sake of the country? You've got a lot of nerve! Your hypocrisy is unbelievable! At least President Bush didn't try to repeal "DON’T ASK-DON’T TELL"! That's something you Democrats are doing, and we will certainly not cooperate with you on that one or on any other policy change or law that threatens to harm this country!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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