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The Occupy Wall Street Gang vs. The Wall Street Gang
The Filthy Rich and the Dirt Poor Have Something in Common

-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

The Occupation of Wall Street

Anybody in America today who is worth less than a million dollars is actually poor!  Welcome to the New World, and welcome to reality!  That is true for the vast majority of people living in the United States, and there is no point in complaining about it to anyone, because most of us are all in the same boat.  The ‘middle class’ now falls roughly somewhere between 1 and 100 million dollars. This is just a rough guide.  It is not a hard and fast rule, or one that is supposed to be understood too literally.  But this is the same group of taxpayers and job creators, ‘the middle class’, that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and most of the Democratic Party literally want to target, and hope to increase taxes on.  In order to do this they have secured the help and support of the ‘uber-rich’.  These are the billionaires George Soros, and Warren Buffet, who don’t want any more company at the very top of the economic food chain.  They don’t like to share, and they don’t want anyone else getting as wealthy as they are!  They don’t want any competition (a sentiment that is shared by all monopolies everywhere), so they are very happy to help President Obama promote his new millionaires tax.  That is why they have been so busy lately claiming that millionaires need to pay more taxes, or that they aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.  That is also why Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, proposed a new 5% surtax this week on millionaires!

The only problem with all of these plans to raise revenue is that we will be handing over even more money to the Federal Government, which already spends way too much money, and which has demonstrated an uncanny knack for spending its way right into a hole, a very big hole!  I am opposed to raising taxes, or revenues for a good reason, and on the basis of a sound principle.  It doesn’t matter whether they are planning on raising the taxes of the rich, the poor, or the middle class.  Regardless of whose taxes they are raising, the money still winds up in the exact same place, or in the exact same hole, namely your Federal Government in Washington D.C.!  Enough is enough already!  Washington has a spending problem and a revenue addiction, and a love affair with taxes, if we keep them from their first love of raising taxes, then they have demonstrated a peculiar and dangerous inclination to either borrow or print more money!  They obviously cannot be trusted anymore.  The Federal Government is so deep under water, and buried under a sea of red ink, that before they make any more economic decisions, or pass any new budgets, they need to come to the surface for air, and to decompress!  Then they need to go through a detox program to kick their twin addictions of taxing and spending, not to mention printing and borrowing, before they can ever be trusted with the public’s money again!  Maybe the program should be called ‘De‑TAX’, not detox!

But I digress, so back to my definitions of the rich, the poor, and the middle class.  Real financial wealth in the world today is not what it used to be, you know.  In fact, real financial wealth today is having a net worth of somewhere between 100 million and 100 billion dollars!  That wide ranging figure best describes the rich and the wealthy, in America.  And that’s the cold-hearted truth in terms of the cold, hard cash!

Democrat policies are designed to target the middle class, that is those Americans of substantial worth, between 1 million and 100 million dollars. They continue to confiscate money from the middle class, in order to fuel the growth of big government, and distribute it to the rich and the poor alike, except that the rich and the poor are not alike.  However, they actually do have something in common!  They have both learned very well how to manipulate the system to their advantage.  It’s just that the rich are a lot more greedy than the poor!  The poor are simply content to use other people’s money, money they didn’t work for, in order to satisfy their basic human needs, like food, housing, and shelter.  The rich however, want to use other people’s money for a lot more than that!  Beyond the basic necessities of life, most of the poor have no further economic ambitions.  But the rich, and the ambitious, are not content with only a little.  They want to use other people’s money for literally everything under the sun.  Their story is the story of ambition.  But ambition itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Some of what the super-rich want is actually good for society. It creates jobs for others who are less fortunate, or less ambitious than they are.  It raises the standard of living by creating goods and services that people want and need, which improves our lives.  But there is a lesser-known side of the super wealthy that we don’t frequently hear about.

There’s a small group of extremely wealthy, ‘uber-rich’, economic sociopaths at the very top of the economic food chain.  They don’t co-exist well with their economic competitors, or with the others in the food chain.  They destroy them!  They prey upon them, and feed on them like giant economic birds of prey, or ‘fishy’ financial predators.  Perhaps you have heard the expression, “a glutton for punishment.”  Well these guys are gluttons for money, or ‘gluttons of money’.  They are typified by the Democrats very own sugar daddy, George Soros, who probably hasn’t performed one day of hard work with his own two hands, in his entire adult life!  He doesn’t use his vast wealth to create new jobs for anyone, except for those in, which don’t produce anything but trouble!  Nothing that George Soros ever does with his billions of dollars raises the standard of living, or improves the quality of life for anyone in America except himself!  He has used his billions of dollars only to make more money for himself, by speculating in currency trading to the detriment of millions of people all around the world, and even entire countries.  He has done this by destroying the value of their currency.  He uses his substantial economic resources only to promote himself, and his Socialist agenda, through his foundations. Everything he does is designed to increase his own power and prestige!  At the same time he seeks to gain control over everything and everyone that he can get his hands on.  It doesn’t matter whether they are everyday people like you or me, millionaires, or other billionaires like himself, companies, countries, or resources.  George Soros only sees money wherever he looks, and he can never get enough of it!  King Solomon talks about this in the book of Ecclesiastes, and he calls it a great evil!

Last year while just about everyone else on earth lost money, and while millions of Americans were losing their homes and investments, and taking big hits in their retirement accounts, Democrat Sugar Daddy George Soros increased his own personal net worth from $14 billion dollars to $22 billion dollars.  Last year alone his personal net worth rose by over 50%!  Is there any defender of the free market system that wants to extol the virtues, or praise the successes of George Soros?  If so, email me at

Outside of Wall Street now there is a small, but growing group of demonstrators that call themselves 'Occupy Wall Street.'  Maybe these demonstrators are onto something.  However, they are trying to gain support for their idea of overturning, or “overthrowing” the capitalist system.  The question begs to be asked, “What would they replace it with?”  A lot of them are Communists!  What do you think they would like to replace the system with?  Some of them are avowed anarchists!  What, if anything, do you think they would like to replace it with?  The rest of the demonstrators are union members, Socialists, and mobs of professionally unemployed.  Karl Marx motto was, “Workers of the World Unite!”  That is also the motto of the SEIU, the Service Employees International Union.  It is probably the motto of the AFLCIO as well.  The motto of the ‘Occupy Wall Street Gang’ should be, “Unemployed Workers of the World Unite!” 

I thought about the convergence of these two disparate groups on Wall Street, those inside the walls of the Stock Exchange, and those clamoring crowds of demonstrators gathered outside the walls of the Stock Exchange, in other words: the insiders and the outsiders.  And it seemed to me like a perfect metaphor for Wall Street!  They appear to be so totally different on the outside, but I came to the conclusion that both groups actually have something very interesting in common!  The Communists, and anarchists, and the crowds of professionally unemployed demonstrators protesting outside of Wall Street; and the muckity muck, stock market insiders who play around with the Stock Market everyday, actually do have something in common with each other.  They don’t like to work!  I mean they don’t like to really work. Demonstrating outside Wall Street isn’t real work, anymore than manipulating the stock market to your advantage inside Wall Street is real work!  The professionally unemployed crowds of 'Occupy Wall Street', which have spread to at least 150 other cities across our country, wouldn’t dream of actually working for a living!  And neither would the George Soros’ of the world!  But that’s about where the similarity begins and ends, because the professionally unemployed only use other people’s money to take care of themselves!  Not that they wouldn’t like to try to do more things with other people’s money, but they usually can’t get their hands on enough of it! Thank goodness!

The George Soros’ of the world want to put other people’s money to work for them.  They would never dream of getting their hands dirty either, well at least not literally!  And because the filthy rich are far more influential than the dirt poor, they do have access to more of other people's money.  As an insignificant little capitalist myself, and one who actually doesn’t have a whole lot to say about anything, but who says a lot nevertheless, I don’t really have a problem with that.  If people don’t want to work, I really don’t care!  I just don’t want to take care of them!  And if some people want to let their money, or other people’s money go to work for them, instead of actually working themselves, I don’t have a problem with that either, just as long as the work that this money does, is contributing in some way to the overall benefit of society, or the improvement of life, or it raises the standard of living, or creates new jobs, or wealth, or products, or services!  I am O.K. with all of that!  What I am not O.K. with is allowing financial predators like George Soros, to use his vast capital assets to destroy and tear down what other people have spent their whole lives to create and build up, and in the process of doing so, to enrich only himself! George Soros is not involved in creating new wealth. He is only involved in transferring existing wealth to himself!

In conclusion, I would like to make one more point.  Politicians in Washington from both Political Parties are pushing the idea that Wall Street is broken or out of control, and that it needs to be regulated or fixed.  Wall Street is NOT broken or out-of-control, and I’m not sure that any regulations from Washington will actually fix anything, because I think that Wall Street is very much ‘under control’ and doing exactly what it is supposed to do.  I think that Wall Street is working just the way that it is intended to work, the way it was made to work, and just the way it has always worked!  If you don’t like it, then stay the heck away from it.  But Wall Street is only doing what it has always done from time to time, i.e. turning some people into filthy rich over night, and some other less fortunate types into dirt poor over night!

Our political leaders want you to think that Wall Street is broken or out of control.  But Wall Street is doing the bidding of its masters! It is doing just what those who control it want it to do!  Don’t think for one minute that everything that has happened to our economy wasn’t planned and orchestrated right down to the last note, or that there isn’t a real command and control structure somewhere out there calling the shots.  Don’t think that it doesn’t exist, just because you can’t see it, or you don’t hear about it on the evening news!  There are a lot of things that people don’t talk about in public, and there are a lot of things that you can’t see that are very, very, real!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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