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Big Government Advocacy and Original Intent

By Scott Rohter, April 2011

Big Government Advocacy Groups, I’ll just call them the ' Big GAGS,' groups like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, and Move have become like a millstone around this nation’s neck.  They are sinking our country faster than a lead balloon!  So what can we do about it?  For starters, we need to vomit out of office all of the liberal and progressive politicians that they have supported, and elected to Congress at our earliest opportunity this November, along with their chief spokesman, Barack Obama.  Our country cannot take another four years of this mismanagement!  But let’s face it.  No one is forcing Americans to vote for any of these people, who have grown our Federal government well beyond it’s Constitutional limitations and “Original Intent!” They are supplanting the Constitution and bankrupting our country in the process! They have expanded the power and the reach of the Federal government and the Federal bureaucracy in so many different areas and ways, with so many different, unconstitutional programs, that our very freedom itself is at stake!  Yet our fellow Americans eagerly vote for progressives in both of the major political parties, and they happily elect them to public office! Why?

Our republican form of government is imperiled by voters who elect politicians to public office that promise them government “kickbacks” after they are elected. These kickbacks are in the form of increased government assistance, welfare, public housing, food stamps, and financial aid of all kinds.  Many Americans are familiar with the famous quote of President Kennedy, who said “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”  But few Americans know that 40 years earlier, another lesser known President of the United States, Warren G. Harding noted, “We need citizens who are less concerned about what their government can do for them, and more concerned about what they can do for their country.”  See Memorable Quotes.  When the average American citizen finds out that they can vote politicians into public office who will then turn around and reward them from out of the Federal Treasury with government largesse, then the foundation of our republic, as well as our very freedom itself is threatened!

But some of our fellow Americans have already figured this out! And they have discovered that it is in their own selfish interests to elect Democrats and progressives of both major political parties!  They eagerly elect progressives to public office and then they just sit back and wait for their benefits to increase as promised, or for new benefits to be created for them!  The Public Employees Unions, the Teachers Unions, and the Service Employees International Union, all do this, and encourage their members to vote the way they tell them to vote, and they also use the mandatory union membership dues, to help elect more progressive politicians to office who will play ball with them!  What is going on in America today is every bit as corrupting to the political process as the patronage system was in the 19th century! 

Americans elect progressives to office, first and foremost because they think that progressive politicians will benefit them personally in some way, and secondly because they actually believe that progressive policies will be good for the country.  Therein lies the crux of the whole problem!  I can do nothing at all to combat the first reason, which is plain old selfishness.  Only God can give someone a new heart!  However, the second most important reason that Americans elect progressives to office is because they actually believe that progressive policies will be good for the country.  That rationale can be argued against, very effectively with irrefutable logic! 

Some of our fellow Americans actually believe that progressive ideas are better ideas, even better than the Constitutional ideas of limited government and personal responsibility that motivated our Founding Fathers, men like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.  Some of our fellow Americans also believe that bigger government is better government, (I know it's hard to believe) and that the Constitution is like a lump of clay that can be molded and reconfigured to fit their popular progressive ideology!  Where the hell do they get those ideas from?  It’s certainly not from our Constitution, or from the men who wrote it!   Progressives get their ideas from outside of the Constitution, and from outside of the mainstream American experience!  Progressives get their un-American ideas from the government funded state colleges and universities across our country, and from the college campuses and private universities that receive generous endowments and subsidies from the Big GAGS!  It’s a very short but pernicious cycle!  Big GOV and the Big GAGS provide generous federal grants and subsidies to fund public institutions of higher learning, and private endowments to fund private colleges and universities, who then in turn educate and graduate our country’s future leaders. These generations of young voting Americans are beholden to them, and have been brainwashed into believing that bigger government is better government!  Then they vote more progressives back into office who in turn increase both the size and the scope of the burgeoning Federal Government again!

So how can we conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians work together to interrupt this cycle, or are we all just helpless to do anything about it?  I would like to paraphrase a former American President who was much maligned in his day by the press. They did everything in their power to destroy him.  He said that you don’t lose until you give up!  And we conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians are not going to give up!  But we need a good plan and an effective strategy to win, and it starts right here in our schools.  In order to win, we need three things.  Education, education, and more education!  We need to push back against the foreign, progressive, ideological onslaught in our schools, by targeting our children with the writings and the wit and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. We need to instill in them the distinctly American concepts of limited government and personal responsibility, that result in the freedom and the uplifting of the individual!  We might need to repackage the message a little, and remarket it in smaller sound bites, in order to make it more palatable and acceptable to the next generation.  Our Founding Fathers did not speak or write in little sound bites, and thanks to the media, our children have only a limited attention span! But it is easy to do.  I reach out to young people every day on my website, Less Gov Is The Best   That is exactly the same thing as quoting Thomas Jefferson directly, “The Government is best which governs least.”  If we can challenge our nations youth to think for themselves again, and not just to imbibe the cool aid that is being offered to them while they are being taught to parrot back from their Professor’s pap all that they have been weaned on, then we might have a chance of actually restoring soundness and saneness to our government and our country again!  

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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