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WePluribUS - It's More than Just a Little Social Site...

It's a Big Change in the Paradigm.

By Scott Rohter, June 2013

“In the quiet crucible of your own personal sufferings is where your noblest dreams are born, and where God's greatest gifts are given... in compensation for what you have been through.”

– Pastor Wintley Phipps (7th Day Adventist minister and world renowned gospel singer)

There are no phony fakebook profiles. There are only real people trying to be just as brave as our Founding Fathers, connecting with other real people for the latest information and the best discussion of news and politics available on the internet today. We are real American patriots who are ready to stand up and be counted as well as just heard from. There are no cowards here. For the most part we are conservative Christians who are really serious about returning America to the Constitutional path of limited government and personal responsibility.

Why should anybody pay attention to what you have to say if you are not willing or not brave enough to use your real name or your real photo as your personal profile? Why would I even want to read your posts or comments, more less get into a political discussion with someone whose profile is not real? I don’t, and our elected representatives in Washington won’t pay the slightest bit of attention either to what a bunch of phony fakebook-like profiles have to say.

When our Founding Fathers created our country they signed their names on the dotted line. They used their real names. They didn’t have fakebook profiles to hide behind. They stood up and let the whole world know who they were and what they believed, and they built our great country. I am only asking conservatives to keep faith with the tradition of our Founding Fathers. I am asking them to stand up and be counted. But if you don’t like our higher standard of reality on then you can stay on Facebook or on somebody else's social network. WePluribUS is for real people who are not afraid to use their real identities.

Own the media and you own America, That's what I believe, and I am determined to convince others that I am right. If we own the media then we can set the agenda… If we own the media then we can control the discussion… and we won’t always have to be responding all of the time to the liberal’s left-wing agenda. If we own the media then we won’t always have to be defending our conservative values in the face of their liberal progressive onslaught.

So then I started a social media network called WePluribUS in December 2012 as an alternative to the liberal owned Facebook. It is my desire to either to provide or provoke a more fair and equitable balance for conservatives in the arena of social media then exists today with the virtual monopoly of Facebook. More and more people are turning to social media to get their news and information. This is partly because of the obvious liberal bias of the mainstream media, and partly because of the annoying presence of advertising all of the time. On any given night on television there are almost fifteen separate commercials between different segments of a program. And they don’t call them programs for nothing. The people who watch these Hollywood productions are definitely being programmed. The business model for televison and radio is not that different than the business model for social media. Although there is a definite conservative presence on the radio it still follows the same business model as television does, and so too does social media. Far too many people in every branch of the media... in radio, on television, and over the internet are just making millions off of America’s misfortunes. The business model for all media is basically the same. It is to accumulate a large audience or user base and a list of potential advertisers, and then to charge their advertisers to connect with their audience or users. The more users they have, the more money they can charge their advertisers to advertise on their network, and it doesn't matter whether it is ABC, Clear Channel, Facebook, or the Tea Party Community Network. They all work the same way.

Ads are starting to become a frequent nuisance over the internet and on social media because they are embedded into short, little YouTube Videos on websites like and then shared to Facebook and other social networks. Unfortunately because of the motivation of some of the people who own these websites and social networks, these annoying little ads are only going to become more frequent in the future.. The worst offender by far is, a sleazy on-line tabloid.

The current paradigm in the news business today which makes it possible for virtually everyone to receive their news on radio and TV, or over the internet is to let the audience or the user ride free, and to charge the full cost of producing the news to the advertisers. In this equation the real customers are the advertisers, not the listening or viewing audience, and those advertisers want to receive something for what they are paying.. They want to put more and more of their ads on the screen, or on your desktop, and they want to control the content of what is being broadcast. The audience really has nothing to say about anything. They have no rights and no responsibilities. The viewing or listening audience, and in the case of social media the users have nothing to say about the news that is broadcast, what is considered to be news or not news, and how the corporations are run that broadcast the news. That gets down to the root cause of most of the problems in America today. There is just not enough personal responsibility.

Congress doesn’t exercise responsibility when they fail to balance a budget year after year. The President doesn’t demonstrate responsibility when he fails to enforce our immigration laws. A defendant in a courtroom who committed murder doesn’t show it when he pleads not guilty to his crime by reason of temporary insanity, and social media users on Facebook don’t exhibit it either when they expect someone else to pay for what they are receiving for free. The unfortunate truth is that because people are using social media for free, they have absolutely nothing to say about how social networks are operated. Little WePluribUS is trying to change all that.

If you want to change America back to a real Constitutional Republic again then We the People need to own and operate our own little arm of the media monopoly. Right now the media is mostly owned by Liberals, and We the People need to own a little piece of it, not Mark Zuckerberg, or or a conservative knock-off of Mark Zuckerberg, but rather We the people who actually use social media should actually own it and operate it. First we need to acknowledge that there is an actual cost to operating a social network. Then we who use it should each agree to pay our fair share of the operating cost. That should give all those who contribute a say in key decisions regarding their site.. In the final analysis, if it is to be truly owned by the people who use it, then the actual startup costs need to be re-capitalized and re-embursed to the current owner by the members of the network, and then the ownership of the network should be transferred to an elected Board of Directors. That Board of Directors then should take over the management and the responsibilities of the network. That's how the people are going to have a say in how their network is run and that is how we are going to earn a say in how our country is run.

That is my great goal for WePluribus… To build a people owned social network or a social media co-operative if you will expressly for the purpose of sharing news and information and providing a way around the mainstream media… I want to restore responsibility to you the viewing and listening audience, and to provide an ad free environment where the content of the news is not dictated by the perogatives of the advertisers, but rather by you the members of the network.

"It does not matter how many different representatives we elect and send to Washington D.C. We will never have a real voice in our country until we own the media. It is my goal to try and persuade others." - Scott Rohter

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"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
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