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Suspending Elections
A Glimpse Into the Mindset of Beverly Perdue, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party
-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

The Governor of North Carolina made national news this week when she declared that the United States should suspend the upcoming Congressional Elections so that the current members of Congress could be allowed to do their jobs, i.e. make the tough decisions to turn the economy around, without having to worry about being re-elected.  In other words, they should just be allowed to do their jobs without having to worry about loosing their seats in Congress next November.  To put it another way, the current ‘hard-working’ members of Congress shouldn’t have to worry about what the people back home in their districts are thinking.  Call me crazy, but that sounds to me like it would be telling those guys back there in Washington that it’s OK, whatever they do, and that there are no consequences to their actions! 

That is Governor Beverly Perdue’s recommendation to fix what ails our country.  Scrap the Constitution, and declare what amounts to martial law, so that they can suspend General Elections!  I suspect that also goes for the upcoming Presidential Election too! Then President Obama can be just like his old friend Hugo Chavez, the Dictator-President of Venezuela, who suspended elections in his 'tin pot' Socialist Democracy, and increased his own dictatorial powers, while turning the Venezuelan law-making body into a big, brown, Latino rubber stamp for his Socialist agenda, kind of like what the Cuban legislature is for the Castro Brothers!  That is probably what Mrs. Perdue envisions the roll of our Congress should be, for President Obama: Just a big, left wing rubber stamp for all of the 'Dear Leader’s' Socialist policies! 

I wonder if Mrs. Perdue has ever raised any children.  Doesn’t she know that good parents everywhere, all across America, are trying desperately hard to teach their children the concept of responsibility, and that there are real consequences to their actions?  But now all of a sudden, according to Governor Perdue, when they grow up and become voters, and elected public officials, there should be NO MORE CONSEQUENCES to their actions at all!  All of this good parental training will be undermined, and wasted if the Democratic Governor of North Carolina and the rest of the Democrats that think like her, get their way, and elections are suspended in our country.  And don’t think for one minute that there aren’t other Democrats out there that think just like she does!  If she is a parent, then she probably does just as lousy a job of being a parent, as she does at being the Governor of North Carolina.  That is precisely why the Democratic Party picked her to float this trial balloon, because her career as the Governor of North Carolina is expendable!  She will probably loose her office in the next election anyway!  The Democratic Party would have never chosen a valuable Democrat asset like Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, or Debra Wasserman-Shultz to express what they were only thinking!  They would have never sacrificed, or even risked an indispensable Democratic Party operative, to suggest such heresy as suspending free elections in order to test the political waters!

However, they did get mighty damn close last year when Nancy Peels said that if there were’t enough votes in the House of Representatives to pass the President’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) that she would abolish the House rules, and just deem that it passed anyway!  That little bit of verbal Houdiniism was nothing short of treason!  Her deem and pass maneuver scared the living daylights out of the last two remaining patriots in the Democratic Party, who still love their country, and the Constitution, and brought President Obama the legislative victory that he wanted SO BADLY!

So let me see if I understand all of the ramifications of Governor Beverly Perdue’s suggestion to suspend general elections.  First of all we will be undermining parents everywhere, all across America, and we will be sending exactly the wrong message to our children, that when they grow up and become voters, and Congressmen, and Senators, that there won’t be any more consequences to their actions. We will teach them the famous double standard of Prince Machiavellian.  Do as I say, not as I do.  Then one day when you grow up and get like me, then you too can do as I do!  This kind of hypocrisy and immorality is rotting the soul of our nation from within, and destroying the trust that forms the foundation of our Republic!  And that is the ultimate goal of the Social Democratic Party, the Party you know as the Democratic Party.  Before they can get their precious New World Order, they first have to destroy the last remnants of the Old Order!

Governor Perdue is complaining that Congress can’t get it’s work done properly, with all of our Representatives and Senators constantly worrying about what the public is thinking back home in their districts, or worrying whether they will be re-elected or not.  Hmm… I thought that little bit of concern or worry, if you want to call it that, was actually healthy for Democracy! It is the only means of control that “We the People” have left over our elected representatives, and Governor Perdue would like to eliminate even that little bit of voter oversight, and public accountability! If I understand her correctly, Congress simply can’t get it’s work done, what with the constant threat of re-election hanging over their heads.  The stress is just too over-whelming!  The Congress is too worried about elections to get it’s work done, what with such a large percentage of them running for office every two years! But wait a minute. I have a solution for that!  If they had only one term, and they could’t run for a second term, then they would’t have to worry about getting re-elected again, would they?  It’s just too bad that Mrs. Perdue was’t around back in 1787, to offer her excellent advice to the Founding Fathers, or to the First Congress Assembled in Philadelphia, or better yet to James Madison himself, before he wrote that thorny little clause in Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.  Then she could have warned him about the egregious mistake that he was making by requiring elections to be held every second year for all members of the House of Representatives, and for one-third of the Senate.  US Constitution Article 1, Section 2 and 3.  I’am sure that Governor Perdue thinks that she is so much smarter than Mr. Madison!  After all, he did’t have indoor plumbing, or use a personal computer, or drive an SUV, like she does!  And his horse and buggy did’t have Map Quest!  Personally, I’am sure that all of the Founding Fathers could have greatly benefited from the rest of her wisdom too!  And the country is so much worse off because no one back then shared her views about elections.  In fact, the Founding Fathers could have greatly benefited from the prevailing wisdom of the entire Democratic Party of today!  Our country is much worse off because no one at that First Congress Assembled was as smart, or as wise, or as thoughtful as any of the Democrats in Congress are today, nor shared their current views about the nature of government. 

Today The Congress is spending doesn't twice as much as it raises in revenues, and it is printing or borrowing the difference, about forty cents on every dollar!  Since they are not willing to reduce the spending in Washington, and they are worried that the public will throw them out on their asses next November, therefore we should just suspend regularly scheduled elections.  (Maybe we can suspend them indefinitely. No, that would be too drastic!  Let’s just say that we are going to suspend elections temporarily at first. That won’t stir up as much opposition.  We will start out small, and then we will increase the pressure to suspend elections indefinitely over the next few years, gradually, progressively, just like we did with the income tax.  Remember?  The first income tax in 1913 was only 1%,and we promised the voters that it would never be any higher than that, but we progressively raised the income tax to over 40% in only sixty short years!  Not a bad idea for a rookie from the south side of Chicago, is it?  We can do the exact same thing with general elections. They don’t need to vote for us anyway!  We know what’s best for them!  We will start out small, by telling them that we are suspending elections for only two years.  That way, we can get the House Republicans to sign on. After all, they still have a majority in the House of Representatives. We have to give them something! But you watch. Within one generation we will have elections suspended indefinitely!  I guarantee it!  Just like we forced the Wall Street Bailouts down their throats, and the Healthcare Legislation down their throats! ... Have you noticed how nicely Michelle and I have also stopped them from putting too much salt, and sugar, and fatty foods down their throats! That will come in very handy when the Federal Government is responsible for paying all of their health care bills! Neat, huh? I will get this done.  I don’t quit!  I never give up!  My name is Barack Obama. I can get free elections suspended indefinitely in America, if you just give me a chance! I guarantee it!)

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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