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Is Michelle Obama Turning Into a Modern Day Marie Antoinette?
Food, Diet, and the Public Health
' Modern Day Marie '

By Scott Rohter, February 2011

“The Office of the Presidency has gone from being a ‘bully pulpit’ under Theodore Roosevelt to being a ‘bullying government’ under Barack Obama.” – Scott Rohter

            When Louis XVI was the King of France and Marie Antoinette was his Queen, there was a shortage of food in their land. The royal advisors informed the King and Queen that the French people were hungry, and Marie Antoinette is supposed to have said, “Let them eat cake!”

            Today many Americans are overweight. So Michelle Obama is expounding on important matters relating to food, diet, and the public health. She is meeting with her advisors, actually they are the Restaurant Owners Association and it’s members, and she is asking them to put less food on our plates so that whenever we go out to eat, there will be less food available for us to eat! In other words she is pushing for smaller portions on our plates, in the ill-conceived and ill-advised attempt to get Americans to eat less, and thus not be so fat! She sure has got our backs! (And our fronts too!) I wonder if the restaurants will also lower their prices correspondingly? Hummmm. …Then we could just take the money that we saved, and buy a second helping if we are still hungry, providing that Michelle will let us!

            Aside from the obvious difference that the people in France were actually starving, due to a real food shortage and the people in America today are not (Michelle Obama just wants to create an artificial food shortage in order to get Americans to eat less), there are some obvious parallels between Michelle Obama and Marie Antoinette! The royal couple of France was exceedingly extravagant at a time when the people of France were enduring great economic hardships. Their opulence, and the contrast between their lives and the lives of the average Frenchman or woman of their day was a source of anger and resentment to the people! It’s not too different today then what the typical Egyptian might think, when they hear that their leader Hosni Mubarak, may have amassed a fortune of between forty and seventy billion dollars, during his thirty-year reign as the President of Egypt. In America we don’t quite have that level of excess yet, but when we hear that Mrs. Obama is traveling around Europe with dozens and dozens of her friends, accompanying her on the tax payers dime, at a time when our country is fourteen trillion dollars in debt, most of us find it “a little hard to stomach,” as we do with all of the vacations that the First Lady and her husband take!

            Michelle Obama seems about ready to make a change! Like a caterpillar in a cocoon, ready to emerge into a full grown butterfly, all Mrs. Obama has to do now is to change one small word in her remarks about food, diet, and the public health. Then Bingo, the First Lady will be just like Marie Antoinette!   Marie Antoinette said, “let them eat cake!” Michelle Obama says, “let them eat less.” I suppose that goes for cake too! Just let them eat less of everything including the cake! And while you’re at it, raise the prices on food, or at least give them smaller portions to eat, and keep the prices the same, so that they will actually be paying more for whatever they eat !

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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