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Colonizing America in the 21st Century
Illegal Immigration from Mexico
The "Reconquista"

By Scott Rohter February 2011

"Spain through her former colony of Mexico and other surrogates in Central and South America
is re-conquering the United States right before our very eyes."
- Scott Rohter

In the 1930’s and 1940’s the German Nazi Party coined the phrase “Lebensraum” to describe their doctrine that the German people needed more room to expand and grow. They needed room in which to work and live. In the German language they needed more "raum tzu arbeit und leben". Hence the term "Lebensraum" came to be used to describe their yearning for world-wide domination. They believed it was their eventual destiny to re-populate the lands of the other countries around them, especially those in eastern Europe and Russia. In practice however they really weren’t too picky about whose country they occupied. They took over all the land they could from north Africa to Norway. It doesn’t really matter for the sake of this discussion whether the Nazi doctrine of Lebensraum was a good idea or not. It wasn't, but the point is that the people of Germany believed that it was and their leaders wanted millions of Germans to leave their homeland and immigrate to other countries in order to spread the German language and culture abroad.

For the British and the French, their colonial empires started coming apart at the end of the 18th, and 19th centuries. For the upstart German nation, all of their dreams of colonization collapsed with their dramatic defeat at the end of WWII. So where is colonizing still going on in the world today? It is going on right under our noses in the United States. Incredible as this may sound it is true. As I have already said, the days of colonization for England, France and Germany all ended by the middle of the 20th century. But there was still another colonial power. This country through her former colonies of Mexico and those in Central and South America is still exporting her culture, religion, and language to the rest of North America today. That country is Spain. This colonization of our country is going on right under our noses through Spanish surrogates, Mexico and Guatemala primarily. It is happening while we just stand around and watch it, and it is dramatically changing our lives.

Mexico and the rest of Spanish speaking America is exporting their excess population to the United States. Obviously their governments aren't doing anything at all to stop their people from leaving. They are not providing enough jobs to keep their citizens at home, or to stop the northward flow of migrants into our country. The Spanish speaking countries of America want this northward flow of people into our country to continue in order to alleviate the wretched poverty that exists in their own countries. As a result, the population of the United States of America is continuing to grow at an alarming rate of three million people every year, and the demographics are changing right along with it. There will be about 600 million people here in another forty years, and English will not be the native language of many of them.

In his first term in office President Obama stopped all funding and construction on the virtual fence along our southern border. The one-billion dollars that the Federal Government already spent on this project has provided only 53 miles of protection. The Obama Administration claimed that the virtual fence didn’t work. It was nice of them to tell us after they wasted our money... after they spent one billion dollars of taxpayer money on this boondoggle. I guess it only worked on paper, and it only worked for Boeing who was the developer and the builder of this “billion dollar boondoggle.” I’ll bet it sure worked to help build up the reserves in Boeing's bank account though. They bilked one-billion dollars from the American taxpayer. I guess that was their Obama Stimulus Package. I want Boeing to return every single penny that they extracted from our government for this expensive failure.

Regardless of the fact that we have already been shafted once, we must still do something to secure our southern border with Mexico, at least if we want to remain a separate, sovereign nation. Please don’t talk to me about providing more border patrol agents or putting troops on the border. The problem with both of those ideas is that politicians in Washington won't let the border patrol agents actually do their job, and it’s just way too easy to remove troops from the border. As fickle as the winds of politics blow in our Nation's capitol, that would not provide a permanent fix for the problem. The only real answer to the problem of illegal aliens in our country is a permanent, no nonsense, honest to goodness, impenetrable barrier similar to the one the Israelis built along their volatile border with the Palestinians. It has been proven to work, and it will work here too. If a little country like Israel can do it with their limited financial resource then we can do it here. If we don’t erect an Israeli style border security fence, we will never curtail the flow of illegal drugs, crime and migrants coming into our country. And we will never ensure that English remains the principle language of our country.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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