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“If men were angels then government would not be necessary!” –James Madison

"The British once had an empire which ruled the world. Now what is left of that former empire rules Britain."

Should the United States Invade Iraq Again to Re-capture the City of Mosul? - March 2015

The Evil Nature and the Sinister Agenda of the World's Most Dangerous Cult: Islam - September 2014

Thousands of Palestinians Die after Launching "Hamas-cide" Rocket Attacks on Israel - Palestinians are Committing Collective "Hamas-cide" in Gaza
- August 2014

From a Bully Pulpit to the World's Biggest Bully - Has the United States Become the Biggest Bully in the World?
- June 2014

Little Pawns for "Big Oil" - Why are the World's Biggest Bullies Vying for Influence over Ukraine and over Access to the European Energy Market?
- April 2014

Nelson Mandela Memorial Mania and Funeral Service - The World Converges on South Africa.
- December 2013

Transparency - The Way Barack Obama Sees it. - November 2013

President Obama's Vitriolic Disinformation Campaign Against Bashar al Assad of Syria - September 2013

Barack Obama - The Chief Scoundrel in the World - August 2013

Barack Obama Plays another Round of Golf as the Middle East Continues to Burn - August 2013

The "Chinafication" of America - June 2013

Barack Obama - Alternative Version of Reality - October 2012

"From Tunausea to Indonausea" – The Center of their Muslim World - September 2012

A Jew Looks at the Muhammad You Tube Video - September 2012

Muhammad, King of Medina - September 2012

Prominent Newspaper Editor Arrested in Egypt and Tried for Criticizing Mohammed Morsi - August 2012

What’s Next for Egypt and the Middle East? - June 2012

The Fanatical Face of France - May 2012

Iran at a Crossroads - April 2012

Post 9-11 – World of Fear – Living on Edge! - February 2012

World Wide Intellectual Property Pirates and American Intellectual Property Rights - January 2012

Iran: Dropping Terrorism or Dropping the Bomb? - January 2012

Ding Dong, Taepo Dong, and So Long Kim Jung-Il - December 2011

EU Bailout of Greece or Not? A Very Unfortunate and Dangerous Time for the World - November 2011

What the Heck Is Going On In Libya - Starting Off on the Wrong Foot - October 2011

A Primer on the Middle East and The Arab – Israeli Conflict - October 2011

The Summer of Muslim Discontent - The So Called 'Arab Spring' - August 2011

Harold Camping, Family Radio, and Bible Prophecy - May 2011

Libya: Should America Get Involved In Another War In the Middle East? - March 2011

Southern Sudan Votes for Independence - The Birth of a New Nation - February 2011

Egypt: Peaceful Revolution Leading to Democracy or Can We Please Be Realistic? - February 2011

President Obama Does the Limbo in Front of Chinese President Hu - January 2011

BP Didn't Change the Way They Run Their Business - Tigers Don't Change Their Stripes - January 2011

Did Europeans Learn the Wrong Lesson from World War II? - January 2011

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter