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Paul Ryan / Patty Murray Congressional Budget Deal Reaches the Senate
Was it a Good Compromise or just another Republican Sellout ?

By Scott Rohter, December 2013

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, and Democrat Senator Patty Murray from Washington have worked out a bi-partisan compromise deal on the Federal Budget which promises long term spending cuts over the next ten years in exchange for immediate increases in government spending right now. But those actual spending increases right now amount to another whopping 63 billion dollars worth of new deficit spending. The Ryan / Murray Budget Bill increases spending now by getting rid of the across the board, mandatory Sequester Cuts that have actually forced a new regime of fiscal belt tightening around Washington D.C. It is not a good idea to remove those Automatic Sequester Cuts for any reason or under any circumstances. The only reason that the government has made any progress at all toward reducing our burgeoning National Debt and our annual Federal deficits is because of those Automatic Sequester Cuts which have been imposed upon our Congress and our President.

The Ryan-Murray Plan which is officially known as the Ryan / Murray Budget Compromise Act of 2013 will supposedly result in a net reduction in the deficit after ten years of about 23 billion dollars if the envisioned spending cuts are ever implemented, and if they ever come to fruition, which they won’t. But even if they did, they would still only amount to a mere drop in the financial bucket of hurt we are in. We have 90 trillion dollars worth of Unfunded Liabilities. The envisioned spending cuts amount to only 23 billion dollars of spending reductions against a whopping 18 trillion dollars’ worth of debt we are in right now. So this lousy political deal drummed up by Ryan and Murray is more like typical Washington style kick the can down the road politics again.

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray have taken to the airwaves to try to sell their little deal to the American people, but it looks more to me like another Republican sellout rather than a real bipartisan compromise. It looks like a "little steal" instead of a big deal. The only thing being compromised here are sound conservative fiscal principles. Some people I respect have already made up their minds about this budget compromise and so have I. This budget deal is a bad deal for the American people because it only preserves and prolongs the crazy regime of annual deficit spending that exists in Washington.

The Ryan / Murray Bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 332 to 94. Next it will be taken up in the United States Senate. This Bill must be defeated and we must keep the Automatic Sequester Cuts in place if are ever going to reduce our annual deficit spending and make a noticeable dent in our National Debt. If the Ryan-Murray Plan is the only alternative to those real across the board spending cuts imposed by the Automatic Sequester, then we need to keep the Sequester in place and get rid of Ryan/Murray. The Sequester is the only thing actually working to scale back the size of the Federal Government all across the board, and it does so fairly and equally. So let’s stop worrying about how another government shutdown might take the attention away from the problems with ObamaCare, or how it might look in the mainstream media. Let’s stop worrying about what the media is going to portray it if the government shuts down again. Let's stop trying to make the crazy mixed up process in Washington look like its perfectly normal when it isn't. There is nothing normal about being 18 trillion dollars in debt and having 90 trillion dollars’ worth of unfunded liabilities to pass on to our children and our grandchildren.

Let’s put the engine of Washington politics in reverse and do it right this time. Let’s allow the Federal Government to shut down in January. Let’s agree not to pay those furloughed government employees for their unscheduled vacation time. In fact let's actually lay some of these non-essential government employees off permanently and get serious about the world of financial hurt our country is in. If we can't cut government unnecessary or non-essential government operations, then what can we cut? Our children and our grandchildren deserve a better future, and they won’t have it if we don’t do it.

I don’t want politicians like Paul Ryan to give me a bunch of spin about how this budget deal removes the fiscal authority to control the budget from the White House and restores the power of the purse back to Congress while at the same time it maintains Republican principles. That is a bold face lie unless of course those Republican principles include shirking their responsibility, kicking the can down the road again, bankrupting the entire Nation, and lying to the American people. Do they?

The Ryan / Murray Budget Bill or House Joint Resolution 59 passed the House of Representatives on December 12, 2013 with the overwhelming support of both Democrat and Republican Parties. The roll call vote was 332 to 94. There were only a sixty two Republicans who did not capitulate. Among them are the true heroes of the Conservative Movement.. They include Rep Tom McClintock from California, Rep Steve King from Iowa, Rep Michele Bachman from Minnesota, Rep Louis Ghomert from Texas, Rep Tim Huelscamp, Rep Paul Broun, and Rep Justin Amash. There were 55 other Republicans who did not vote for this Republican sellout which removes the Automatic Sequester Cuts and reinstitutes a regime of more deficit spending in Washington. You can find out how your own representative voted here in this authoritative link to the roll call vote. The Senate plans to take up the bill on Tuesday December 17. May God help us to stop this as many members of the Republican Party obviously wont.
Note: The Bill passed the Senate and was signed into law by President Obama.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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