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Cutting the Federal Budget. Are we Ever Going to get Serious About the National Debt?
-By Scott Rohter, April 2011

It is more clear than ever before, why we need a new President in the White House! The only reason that our country’s leaders: Obama, O’Boehner, and O’Reed, couldn’t agree to cut spending more than the $38 billion dollars that they agreed to cut this week in Washington, is because President Obama wouldn’t agree to sign the Bill, if it contained any more cuts in spending! It was the most cuts in spending that the President would agree to sign off on! Americans elected him in 2008, and now we know why, more than ever before, we need to un-elect him in 2012! He simply won’t agree to any meaningful cuts in the Federal Budget in order to pay down the National Debt!

While Obama is pontificating from his bully pulpit about how this $38 billion dollars is the largest single spending cut in American history, he fails to mention the fact that in the first two years of his administration, the National Debt has risen over $4 trillion dollars, more than 100 times greater than the amount of the spending cuts that he has agreed to approve! Who the hell exactly does he think he is kidding! As for Congressman Boehner, he is a huge disappoint as the Speaker of the House! He should not have agreed to sign off on this legislation. He should have just allowed the Government to shut down! Who the hell does he think he is kidding too? At only $38 billion dollars a year, it will take over 300 years to pay down the National Debt! And that's assuming there was no interest on the debt! Let’s get serious about cutting the Federal Budget!

I know that we couldn’t have gotten more than $38 billion dollars in spending cuts because Obama said that he wouldn’t sign the Bill. And it’s just as true that we wouldn’t have had any spending cuts at all this year, if it wasn’t for the House Republicans! But I don’t think that Speaker Boehner should have agreed to the ‘terms of surrender,’ I mean the terms of the Bill. Instead, he should just have allowed the Government to shut down! We could all have learned a very good lesson from the government shutdown. We don’t need the government as much as we think we do, or at least as much as they want us to think that we do! There is life after a government shutdown! Let’s try and find it!
"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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