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Mainstream Media Election Bias  –  What Has to Change?

By Scott Rohter, March 2012

The four Republican candidates running for President right now are not just vying with each other in the Republican Primary in order to run against Barack Obama in November.  The winner of this race will actually be running against the entire government media complex in the General Election.  That’s who Barack Obama and the Democrats will have in their corner of the political ring on Election Night, and all the way leading up to the Main Event.  In the next nine months leading up to the November 2nd Election Night coverage, the media will do everything in their power, which is considerable, to make sure that their guy and their team run away with the race. If the winner of the Main Event is going to be a Republican in 2012, it will have to be in spite of the Mainstream Media, not with their help, just the same way it is every  four years.  So how can the Republicans win this fight when the referee, the judges, and all of the political, “blow by blow” commentators are all working for their political opponents?

Anyone who has ever watched even one network evening news broadcast knows that the electronic news media is liberal, progressive, and votes Democratic.  It doesn’t matter whether it is ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, or even FOX News.  The networks are all liberal, progressive, and biased in favor of  Democrats.  The same conclusion can also be made by any reader of America’s mainstream morning “newspapers”.  All of the mainstream news is filtered by the Elites in the Establishment who own the national print media, and it is framed in such a way so as to advance a liberal progressive agenda.

Therefor any Republican who runs for political office has to realize that conservative ideas and principles will sound just as strange and unfamiliar to the average consumers of the mainstream media products i.e. (TV. Radio, and newspapers) and to the largely unaccustomed eyes and ears of the general reading and listening public as mandarin would sound if it was spoken on the streets of Oklahoma City.  That is because they have been hammered day in and day out for most of their adult life with liberal propaganda. What is the ultimate goal of all of this programming? What agenda is the Mainstream American Media aggressively pushing?  Their agenda is Big Government, “European style” Socialism.

So if I come to you preaching a different kind of political doctrine that advocates for smaller government, personal freedom, and individual responsibility, and a return to the Constitution after you have been accustomed to hearing all of your life about the “great” advantages of Big Government, the Great Society, and the lasting legacy of the New Deal, you are probably going to find my unfamiliar message disconcerting.  It is going to challenge everything that you have been taught to believe about the role of government.  However, that does not mean that my unfamiliar message is wrong.  It only means that your programming has been very successful!

We must find a way to get the corrupting influence of money out of politics.  But even more importantly then that, we must find a way to get the influence of the Mainstream Media out of politics since it is obviously so one-sided.  Until the Media is no longer able to flood the airwaves with endless “Madison Avenue” style political campaign commercials that do absolutely nothing to educate and inform the average voter, we will never be able to break the cycle and elect candidates based upon the true merits of their political message.  Rather successful candidates for public office will continue to be determined by how much money they are able and willing to spend in order to get elected. That’s not necessarily the best recipe for outstanding ideas, or even more importantly for unwavering integrity to prevail at the polls. Whether a candidate for public office wins or loses should not be based primarily upon the extent of their financial resources, nor the depths of their pockets!

Free market principles should be applied to our national and local elections.  The free market doesn’t work well when you have a monopoly or a near monopoly in control of almost everything.  Right now in case you haven’t noticed, the liberals or progressives have a virtual monopoly on electing our nation’s political leaders.  All of the Democrats are liberals, and one-half of the Republicans are liberals too!  Liberals are in control of virtually every form of communication in our country, from the Old Media (TV, Radio and newspapers ), to the New Media (The Internet and social networks), to the education of our children ( the Universities and the high schools) to most of the mayors who are in charge of the polls in our largest cities. There are almost no conservatives in any of these professions. That has to change!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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