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The Ghost of George W. Bush

By Scott Rohter, July 2012

Barack Obama's top political adviser asks a question.“Do you want to go back to the failed old policies of the past, the policies that got us into this mess in the first place"? That's a very interesting question. Never mind all of the failed new policies of the present under Barack Obama. Don't pay any attention to them.  Just stay focused on the failed old policies of the past under George W. Bush.

So do I hear the ghost of George W. Bush past stirring in his grave again. Is he rearing his restless head once more? Why don't the Democrats let him rest in peace. Every time President Obama needs another scapegoat or a little boost in the polls out comes the ghost of George W. Bush. The Democrats dis-inter the tired old remains of his legacy and put it up front and center for everyone to see. Alas for poor George there really is no rest for the wicked is there? But why doesn't President Obama ever take any responsibility for any of the things that he does wrong?

I never thought I would ever hear anybody talk faster than Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, but by George this spinning head for the Obama Administration can disseminate more bold faced lies and misinformation than Governor Bobby Jindal can recite numbers from a spread sheet. In fact President Obama's top political adviser can spread more lies per minute faster than anyone else ever could. This guy is a veritable whirling dervish of progressive propaganda. He is a veritable slicing, dicing, spinning arm of the Democrat’s media propaganda machine. Together with David Gregory, the host of Meet the Press and his puppet masters over at NBC they are trying to channel the Ghost of George W. Bush to improve Barack Obama’s popularity ratings. Will it work? It all depends on just how stupid Democrats and independent voters really are. It certainly won’t work with Republicans or conservatives.

I never thought I would live to see the day that Democrats would be so desperate that they would solicit the support of George W. Bush in order to help their own President win a second term in office, but by golly that is exactly what they did. That is how Barack Obama won a second term in office. He got re-elected by dragging up the same old issues and resurrecting the same old slogans that he used to get elected the first time in 2008. There was nothing new about Barack Obama's re-election campaign strategy for 2012. He was desperately trying to win a second term by defeating the same man that he defeated in 2008 to win his first term in office! He didn’t run against John McCain in 2008. He actually ran against the ghost of George W. Bush and he is doing that again in 2012. Barack Obama doesn’t want to run against Mitt Romney in 2012. He wants to run against the ghost of George W. Bush past.

So there you have it. In a nutshell Barack Obama’s campaign strategy for 2012 is to defeat George W. Bush again. Barack Obama is trying to get re-elected by talking about the same old problems that got him elected in 2008 while he has done absolutely nothing in the intervening four years to fix any of the lingering problems he inherited from his predecessor. In fact his failed policies have only made matters worse."

Four years ago Barack Obama defeated the ghost of George W. Bush. In 2012 he is running against the ghost of George W. Bush again! He doesn’t want to run against Mitt Romney. He wants to run against George Bush. That is the Democrat’s entire strategy for 2012. They want to defeat Bush.  President Obama will attempt to tie Mitt Romney to George Bush while he tries to ignore Romney as much as he can. The Mainstream Media will do whatever they can to help him of course, but whether or not this strategy will actually work depends on whether voters think that Barack Obama’s performance as our President deserves an encore. I don't.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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