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The Sound of the ‘Trump.’  Is it a Herald to Victory or the Call to Defeat?
‘The Donald Trump Show’ or is he Just an Interesting Side Show?
-by Scott Rohter, April 2011

"Things aren't always what they appear to be, but in Donald Trump's case they really are."

When I first heard the conservative rumblings coming from an unlikely source, Donald Trump, my heart jumped for joy!  Finally I said, here is a guy who is not a politician, who is not afraid to say what is on his mind, and tell it like it is!  Someone who doesn’t mince words!  All of that bravado and theater about the missing birth certificate and the lack of transparency with respect to Obama’s college transcripts, has made for great TV and radio viewing.  Trump sure has some nerve, doesn’t he? I was eating it up just like we all were!  I was so already in the tank for The Donald, until he said that Paul Ryan, the ranking Republican member of Congress on the House Budget Committee, who is entrusted with the very important task of finding a permanent solution to the continuing Federal Budget crisis and the ongoing explosion of the National Debt, should just sit down and shut up!  That’s right, Trump told Paul Ryan to sit down and shut up! He also called the Paul Ryan Budget Proposal too extreme and radical.  EXCUSE ME! 

That was all I needed to hear, for the bottom to fall out of the tank that The Donald was swimming in.  All of a sudden, the water that kept him afloat was pouring out of the bottom of that tank faster than margaritas at a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo!  It wasn't be very long before The Donald was lying flat on his back on the dry ground, like a duck out of water!  He can’t be serious can he?  Oh, but he is! Our country is over $14 trillion dollars in debt and the Paul Ryan Budget Proposal to pay down the National Debt in just under thirty years is too extreme for him? Well, it's not too extreme for me. The final taps for Mr. Trump came when I found out that he had actually voted for Barack Obama, and until very recently he has been contributing large amounts of money to key Democratic policy makers and elected officials like Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, and Rahm Emanuel, the President’s former Chief of Staff!  In fact, Donald Trump donated fifty thousand dollars to Rahm Emanuel’s campaign to become the Mayor of Chicago!  That’s something that no conservative would ever do! 

That’s when I started to rethink my opinions about Donald Trump! I began to read between the lines.  Why is Donald Trump getting so much free TV coverage and airtime on the evening news and on all of the major TV networks?  Well, they must like him for some reason in the Republican Primary!  And that’s precisely why you shouldn’t like him!  Most of the media are liberals and progressives including those that own the media!  If they want Trump to do well in the Republican Primary, then it must be good for Obama and bad for the rest of America!  That’s when I began to see the light.  Donald Trump is just a sideshow put on by the progressive media machine and ‘The Establishment’ who wants to split the Republican ticket so that ‘Obummer’ can win again in 2012!  Trump is just a distraction, although he is a very entertaining one, I admit, but he is just an interesting sideshow.  He is definitely not the main event for conservatives! He is not even being sponsored by forces that are aligned with our own party!  It is safe to say that he is being promoted by Democrats who own the media, in order to distract attention away from the main Republican candidates, to weaken the Republican Party, and hurt their chances for victory in 2012!  The Democrats are using Donald Trump to divert attention away from the real Republican contenders, who they perceive to be their main threats!

Don’t pay any more attention to Donald Trump than you would to anyone else who would write out a fifty thousand dollar check to President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, just so that he could win the mayor’s race in Chicago and deliver Chicago into the Obama camp in 2012!  Avoid Donald Trump like you would the Plague!  Don’t think about him!  Don’t talk about him!  Don’t support him, and above all, don’t vote for him!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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