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His Father's Son
Rand Paul Shows his True Libertarian Colors

By Scott Rohter, July 2013

“On matters of principle stand like a rock. On other matters swim with the current.” - Thomas Jefferson

"The trouble is to know just where to stand and when to swim" - Scott Rohter

Rand Paul is one of a handful of possible Republican contenders for the 2016 Presidential nomination that I would actually vote for but he is still his father’s son. This means that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is not the real conservative that I wished he was. He is a libertarian by nature with his father’s natural inclinations on social issues. He generally follows his father's position on matters of foreign policy as well. So he is bound to disappoint true conservatives along the long road to the White House and if he becomes America’s forty-fifth President but he just might get us back on the right track at least with respect to privacy rights and economic policy. I see Rand Paul as one of our best hopes to return our country to the Constitutional Republic that we were intended to be.

Speaking of disappointment I heard today that Senator Paul is supporting Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s legislative efforts to remove sexual assault prosecutions in our nation's armed forces from the normal military chain of command. I am sure that her effort does not include removing women from actual field combat positions, or that her uncommon sense New York approach to reducing rapes and sexual harassment in the military does not include curbing the actual presence of females in a largely male dominated profession where men and women are often thrown together under the most extreme conditions in unfamiliar surroundings, and then subjected to severe loneliness and time away from family and friends. These are not the ideal conditions that would lead to a better understanding between men and women in the military nor is it a good recipe for healthy co-existence between male and female recruits.

Ms. Gillibrand’s Bill which has the support of both Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas would remove the normal jourisdictional oversight regarding sexual assault cases in the military and only serve to further emasculate the armed forces by circumventing the usual military chain of command. It is just another thinly disguised attempt to demoralize, destabilize, and destroy our Nation’s military. Ms Gillibrand is just part of an ongoing progressive effort to turn our Nation’s military into a huge social experiment by tempting men and women under the severest of circumstances and then requiring them to rise above their basic human nature. Now we have two Republican rising stars in the Senate, one from Kentucky and the other from Texas, both with future Presidential aspirations who are both showing the same lack of good judgment as the Democrat Senator from New York is. They are both lending their good names and political collateral to her misguided progressive legislation which is designed to tackle the fallout resulting from trying to fully integrate men and women in the our Nations armed forces. The liberal's progressive goal is to more deeply interconnect male and female personnel until they become one cohesive fighting unit. Thats a nice idea in theory, but I fear they will become more personally connected in other ways that were never intended.

Last week both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were in Iowa. They were already campaigning for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. I hope someone in the Iowa Republican Party will think enough to ask them about their support for Ms. Gillibrand's progressive Democratic legislation. In my opinion women should not be serving in the military in the same units with men. They should be serving in support roles in all female units with a female command and control structure in place in order to deal with any issues that may arise between male and female units. We should not be trying to integrate our men and women into the same combat units with a male command and control structure in place. That is not how incidents of sexual assault and sexual harassment will be reduced in the armed forces and it is not how we can maintain our Nation’s military combat readiness by integrating men and women into the same combat units. What's up with Senators Paul and Cruz on this subject? What are they thinking?

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