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It’s Supposed to be a Pastime, Not a Life Time
By Scott Rohter – January 2011

It seems that Americans are watching way too many ballgames these days, with way too much interest. We turn these football games, baseball games and basketball games into the main topic of conversation at work or at home, the most anticipated event of the week, and even the “main event” of our lives! Let me remind you that they are just games, a diversion away from the normal reality of life. And as life gets increasingly tough for Americans, we are turning more and more to ballgames instead of participating in life. Life is not a spectator sport! Meanwhile, these games are becoming BIG BUSINESS!

            While you are distracted and preoccupied with all of the hoopla involved in these “games,” the “real game,” the only game that really matters, is being played out without your input or even your interest! That game is going on in Washington D.C., and in your State Capitols all across the country. It is going on in Congress and in your various State Legislatures, City Councils and County Governments. Watching ballgames in person or even on the TV may be fun for a while, but it is a “pastime,” not a “lifetime!” However, what goes on in Washington D.C. and in your State Capitol will affect you for the rest of your lifetime.  You should stay tuned to that “game” more often, and to those meaningless ballgames less often!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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