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Red Line in the Sand in Syria – President Obama’s Folly

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, May 12, 2013



Syrian Civil War 1

Red Line in the Sand in Syria

President Obama’s Folly

By Scott Rohter, May 2013


Syrian Civil War 13Several months ago President Obama unwittingly extended an open invitation to America’s enemies to drag us into another no win war in the Middle East. It wasn’t bad enough that we got sucked into three wars in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan from which we are still trying to extricate ourselves, but now by issuing an ultimatum not to use chemical weapons to the combatants in Syria, President Obama has created the conditions by which we can be pulled into yet another endless military conflict.

Whether or not he meant to do it, I do not know. Whether he meant well or not is also not the question. I cannot tell what President Obama meant to do, but I do know that his advisers and the career professionals in the Defense Department certainly knew that by giving any such ultimatum to the Syrians, he would only be setting the stage for either Al Qaeda on the one hand… or Iran, Hezbollah, and Bashar al Assad on the other hand to violate the terms of his ultimatum in order to drag America into their interminable conflict. 

So now they have apparently done just that. There are allegations circulating back and forth that certain Syrians who are hospitalized in Turkey for wounds that they suffered in the conflict, are the victims of some kind of a chemical weapons attack. President Obama is obviously no great military strategist, or is he? Maybe he really intended for us to get involved in the Syrian Civil War on the side of the rebels? He always takes the side of the rebels in any conflict. He took the side of the rebels in Libya. He took the side of the rebels in Egypt. And now apparently he would like to take the side of the rebels in Syria, but wait one cotton picking minute. Maybe it’s not the Syrian government who used the chemical weapons…

Syrian Cvil War 11None of the combatants in Syria are America’s friends or allies. Are the President’s advisors in the White House really that stupid that they didn’t warn the President of the consequences of his folly, or is he just that arrogant that he didn’t ask their advice before he made his foolish remark about crossing a red line in Syria?

Nevertheless a “red line” is truly a fitting term to describe any line that might be drawn in the Syrian Civil War because of the amount of people who have  already lost their lives fighting in that conflict. Any line drawn in the sand in Syria would literally have to be red because of the amount of blood that has already been spilled over there. But it is not our battle, and we should not allow ourselves to be sucked into it. We should stay the heck out of Syria’s internal power struggles altogether, and let all of the bad guys over there just kill each other. When the war is over and their conflict is settled then we can try to establish diplomatic relations with the survivors… whoever they are.

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