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Putting the McKenzie Highway on the Map. The Greatest Threat to Public Safety in Lane County

Posted by Scott Rohter on Monday, August 27, 2018

The greatest threat to public safety in Lane County is not an earthquake. It isn’t the aerial spraying of commercial herbicides used in the logging industry. It isn’t the possibility of a terrorist attack. The greatest threat to public safety in Lane County is something that we have never even been told about. It is the danger we face from trucks hauling toxic chemicals, hazardous waste, and radioactive materials up and down the McKenzie Highway every day. It is the very real danger of one of those trucks crashing and winding up in the McKenzie River which is the water supply for 200,000 people.

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Out of Control E.P.A. and Power Hungry Oregon D.E.Q. Claims they Found Levels of Toxic Mercury in the McKenzie River.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, February 2, 2014

The McKenzie River is already one of Oregon’s cleanest and most protected rivers. Certain parts of it are designated as a “Wild and Scenic River” by the United States government and they receive the strictest Federal protections. The McKenzie River is well known to fly fishermen and drift boat enthusiasts alike. People from all over the world come to Oregon to fish in its clean waters and ride its lovely rapids, but wait… The rapids aren’t the only thing that are raging. The battle for control of the river is raging again too. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality says they recently measured trace amounts of mercury in two species of migratory fish that were caught in Springfield near the mouth of the McKenzie River where it joins the Willamette River. The two fish they tested were a Northern Pikeminnow and a Large Scale Sucker fish which make their home in both the Willamette River and in the McKenzie River…

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