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Putting America First, or Putting Her Own Personal Interests Above those of the Country? The 2016 Presidential Election

Posted by Scott Rohter on Saturday, July 23, 2016





He won the Nomination, but Can He Win the Whole Enchilada?

by Scott Michael Rohter, July 2016



Taco voters listen up. Grassroots Republicans have won a major political victory. We have done what many people thought was truly impossible. We have succeeded in nominating Donald J. Trump for President of the United States in spite of the fact that he was opposed by every prominent member of the Republican National Committee… Now we are facing an even bigger hurdle than the one we just overcame.  In order to elect Donald J. Trump President of the United States we have to defeat Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the entire Washington political Establishment. Can a complete political outsider who loves his country actually win the whole enchilada? We will see.

The year 2016 is a critical year for the world and for our country, and America’s election is going to be a critical election for the United States of America. It will determine if we still have free and fair elections in this country or whether the Washington political establishment controls the whole outcome. It will prove whether or not our votes actually mean anything. Does the Electoral College actually reflect the will of the people? To put it another way…. If Donald Trump fails in his bid to America’s 45th President than he is not unlike Russia’s Mikhail Khordokovsky who opposed Vladimir Putin, and we are not very different than Russia. 

Donald Trump has defeated the RNC and all of its cronies. Some people thought that this wasn’t possible, but he proved them wrong… all of them. Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney,  the entire Bush family,  all of the progressive pundits in the media, all of the county’s leading newspapers, the New York Times, the Boston Globe,  the Washington Post, most of the wealthy donors like the Koch brothers, sixteen professional politicians who were all lined up against him… They all went down for the count along with many others who are all a part of our rigged political system. Donald  Trump defeated them all, the puppets and the puppet masters alike. He prevented some of the nation’s most wealthy elitists from  stealing the nomination away from him at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but the real battle for the White House is still ahead of us.…    Now the Democrat Party is going to join forces with the Republican Establishment in order to defeat him. We no longer have to worry  whether or not Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee,  but top GOP leaders are still conspiring and strategizing with Democrats in order to defeat him in November. Many Republicans like George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Jeb Bush are all supporting Hillary Clinton and they will be standing in his way before November.

The newspapers, and the television networks are standing in his way. Progressive radio pundits like John Bachelor and Thaddeus McCotter are standing in his way. The DNC and the entire Democratic Party are standing in his way. They will all be doing everything in their power to prevent  Donald Trump from winning in November. They will be running unflattering headlines and pictures of Mr. Trump on the front pages of their newspapers; They will be broadcasting edited clips of things that he has said which have been taken out of context and designed to make him look bad. The dishonest media will misconstrue the facts, and if distorting the truth doesn’t work they have no qualms about fabricating complete lies. There is nothing in their moral makeup that prevents them from spreading lies, fear, and innuendo. That is what they do.

Yesterday I heard the news anchor on National Public Radio compare Donald Trump’s plan to make America great again to the America First Movement of the 1940’s which was both isolationist and anti-Semitic. It didn’t seem to bother Scott Simon that he was perpetrating a false narrative. Mr. Trump is not an isolationist and he is certainly not anti-Semitic.. His own daughter Ivanka married a Jew and converted to Judaism.  He has Jewish grandchildren. Mr. Simon is aware of the facts, but they didn’t stop him form spreading his lies and innuendo. The truth doesn’t matter to liberals. It is frequently the casualty of their political agenda.

The America First Movement of the 1940’s was comprised of Americans who wanted to prevent America from getting involved in World War II when it was still just a European conflict.  In retrospect they were wrong, but was it any less wrong for our country to have invaded Iraq or bombed Libya and facilitated the ouster of Colonel Kadhafy?  Hindsight is a rare thing to have and it is hard to condemn someone for not having it. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to put America first again.

Does Mr. Simon value his country less than other countries?  If so then I’d like to know what country or group of countries Mr. Simon places ahead of his own. Hillary Clinton has been putting herself and her own selfish interests ahead of America’s interests all through her political career.  Every position or office she and Bill have held have just been the gateway to another. She moved to New York just so she could become the Senator from America’s most influential State. She sold government access and favorable State Department decisions to leaders of foreign governments while enriching herself through various kickbacks made to the Clinton Foundation. She hid the evidence of her influence peddling on a private server which she kept in her own home which put national security at risk, and she got away with it with just a mere slap on the hand by the FBI proving that Hillary Clinton is above the law. Hillary Clinton has always put her own interests above the interests of her country.  Do you want to elect another Clinton to the White House. I don’t.

I agree with Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton’s legacy as Secretary of State is a legacy of of death, destruction, and weakness, and it is one of corruption too.

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