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Rebuilding America’s Greatness… or Managing America’s Decline? The Choice is Ours.

Posted by Scott Rohter on Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Rebuilding America’s Greatness or Managing America’s Decline?

  The Choice is Ours and it doesn’t Depend on the Definition of is! 

By Scott Michael Rohter, August 2016


Bill ClintonI will always remember something that Bill Clinton said over twenty years ago when he was President.  He said that America won’t always be a great super power and the leader of the free world.

When I heard that I thought… If this is what he believes  he should just keep it to himself. He shouldn’t be advertising it to the whole world. The President of the United States shouldn’t say something like that out loud. I’m sure he offered his prognostication of America’s future on a day when he wasn’t too busy chasing young women around the White House. . 

There is something else that Bill Clinton said that I will always remember… His assessment of the scandalous tryst he had in the Oval Office with a young White House intern contained his famous observation: “It depends on what the definition of is… is.”  No President in the history of the United States of America has ever said two more stupid things. They far surpass anything stupid that George Bush ever said or the famous, statement, “I have been in 58 states” by Barack Obama. Those are the only two things that Bill Clinton ever said in the eight years he was  President that I remember.

In addition to exhibiting a profound lack of morals to an entire generation of young Americans who came of age during his two terms, President Bill Clinton promoted his idea that America is a declining superpower to the whole world. Twenty years later his wife is running for the Office of President and her philosophy, morals, and beliefs are just the same as those of her husband. She is an unscrupulous liar just like he was and she wants to manage America’s decline just like he did… Her judgment is just the same as his.

The choice for President of the United States has never been clearer than it is today. It is a choice between two polar opposites… between two different world views and two very different views of America’s role in it. Hillary Clinton wants to manage America’s downfall just like her husband did, Donald Trump wants to rebuild our country and make America great again.

In this election the choice is ours to make  It is a choice between good and evil, between greatness or decline, and between morality and total depravity. The Clinton family has spent a lifetime in politics on the government payroll… Lying, cheating, and stealing are nothing new to them. Scandals have marked both of their political careers all the way from the Statehouse in Arkansas to Washington D.C. and then on to Chappagua, New York… Among their scandals was the Whitewater investigation, the Congressional hearings into the murders of four Americans at the Embassy in Benghazi, the incredible lack of transparency at the Clinton Foundation, the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s classified State Department emails which were stored on her own private server, and the thirty thousand emails that she deleted before she turned over this server to the FBI for its investigation.

Abortion, adultery, rape, perjury, and obstruction of justice are just a few of the Clinton’s accomplishments over the years. Some people have gone so far as to suggest that drug racketeering and murder should even be included on this list.

How do you want the world to think of America? Better yet, if you are considering voting for Hillary Clinton,  how do you think the world will remember America? The choice is ours to make. 


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