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Arab Spring – World Nightmare

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Arab Spring – World Nightmare

By Scott Michael Rohter, December 2017



One of the unfortunate results of the “Arab Spring” is that France, Russia, and the United States have all spent billions of dollars dropping thousands of bombs on the Middle East in a frantic effort to destroy ISIS. America began unloading its deadly “arsenal of democracy” from helicopters and fixed wing aircraft starting all the way back in 2013 while Russia is just the latest and most serious country to get involved in the not so coordinated effort to eradicate the caliphate, but America was bombing Syria long before the Russians ever decided that it was in their best interests to get involved.

As a result of all of the carnage from the air and on the ground millions of Arab Muslims are fleeing Syria in search of safety. Many Christian Arabs are seeking the security of Iraqi Kurdestan, but the majority of refugees are Muslims and they are heading for Europe and North America.

A million Muslims have already landed on Europe’s doorstep and millions more are on their way. This has created an existential crisis for the European Union as demonstrated by Brexit and the results of elections in Germany and Austria. Some of these Muslim refugees are being temporarily housed in refugee camps along the Turkish border, and Turkey is demanding money to continue to keep them there. Otherwise they threaten to let them cross the border into Europe. Some refugees are being accepted by Lebanon and Jordan, but the majority of Muslim countries in the Middle East don’t want anything to do with the Muslim refugees. They would rather see them starve and die or end up in Europe and America.  

Saudi Arabia and Iran have plenty of room to accommodate all of the Muslim refugees in the world from Syria and Iraq, north Africa, and Burma, and anywhere else Allah is worshipped, but they refuse to offer a helping hand or even temporary sanctuary. Many of the refugees being warehoused in resettlement camps run by the United Nations prefer to go to Germany or Sweden. Angela Merkel and Barack Obama have promised to take in hundreds of thousands more Syrian refugees which will fundamentally alter the demographics of Europe and the United States.

It is quite natural to feel sorry for these refugees. After all we are the ones who are bombing their countries back to the Stone Age, but we have to realize that there are terrorists and would be terrorists among these suffering people fleeing violence in their homelands, and their 7th century ideology is at war with our western values.

Islam seeks worldwide supremacy, and its followers are committed to the domination or the eradication of all other faiths and cultures in whatever country they find them. The Quran states, “Slay the un-believers wherever you find them.”

Perhaps if we actually lived up to our own western values they wouldn’t be coming here in the first place. After all what gives us the right to determine which of their autocratic leaders should stay and which of them should go?

Our desire to be compassionate must be tempered by a hefty dose of common sense. We are not merely guessing that terrorists are among them. We know there are terrorists among them. ISIS boasts about how they are planting jihadists among the civilians who are fleeing the civil wars in Iraq and Syria.. Last month a member of ISIS was among the thousands of refugees who found their way to France. He was one of the terrorists who committed the attack on the Bataclan in which a hundred and thirty people were killed.  If we allow Muslim refugees to come to the United States they will do exactly the same thing in our country that they are doing in Europe. They will reward our compassion by killing our friends and neighbors the same way that Americans are killing their friends and neighbors in Syria and Iraq. This is the insanity of our misguided immigration and foreign policies, policies that could only be designed by the Council on Foreign Relations.

If the United States had not invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein in the first place there wouldn’t be any ISIS. There wouldn’t be Civil Wars in Iraq and Syria either, and for all of the misguided world leaders like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton there wouldn’t be a failed state in Libya. Their idea of an Arab Spring turned out to be a world nightmare.

The only reasonable solution to all of this madness is to stop bombing Syria and Iraq … to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries in the Middle East, and to stop accepting Syrian and Iraqi refugees into Europe and America. We need to stop deciding which Arab dictators should go and which Arab dictators should stay and we need to let Arabs determine their own fate.

Then Americans could stop feeling guilty over what we are doing which is exactly what Americans are doing when we think with our hearts instead of our heads while we watch our leaders bomb other countries to smithereens and topple their governments without the slightest thought as to the consequences of our actions..

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