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Unity or Diversity – What Really Makes America Great?

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, January 26, 2020


Julius Caesar


Unity or Diversity  

What Really Makes America Great?

By Scott Rohter (January 2020)

Updated April 2020


The Importance of Unity to the Survival of a Nation

Democrats like to say that there is strength in diversity. It has become like a mantra for them, but is it true? Is there any truth to the idea that there is strength in diversity?

One of the greatest contributing factors which led to the fall of the Roman Empire was its tremendous diversity. Near the end of its long history Rome was so diverse that the majority of people in in the Roman Empire were not Romans anymore. They were people from other lands that Rome had conquered.

In the life of every nation there comes a time when its people have to choose between reality and their own idealism, between survival and their own extinction. There is nothing inherently wrong with a diversity, but just like anything else too much of a good thing is not good… The United States of America is at the tipping point now where any more diversity will only further divide the country and make us even weaker than we are now. We can’t afford to let that happen. The very thing that made America great, immigration is now being used to divide and destroy us. Our diversity has become our Achilles heel. and we now have to choose between our own survival and our own demise.

We are so deeply divided that we can’t even agree on how to solve the most pressing problems we face as a Nation. Our unregulated immigration policy over the long course of the last fifty years is responsible for that.

For decades we have allowed people to come here from all over the world  faster than we can assimilate them. That is why you can take your driver’s license test in some States in a foreign language, Russian, Vietnamese, or even Arabic. How crazy is that? When you pick up the phone to dial the operator you can chose to continue in Spanish if you want. Millions of immigrants who have managed to make it to our welcoming shores support the idea of millions of more immigrants coming here just like they did, either out of a sense of guilt or fair play, but it is a huge mistake for which we will pay a high price,  and the rest of us are making  an even bigger mistake if we continue to allow it to happen.

The reason our borders remain open is to destroy the cultural fabric and cohesiveness of our society. A global new world order t will come at the expense of our national sovereignty. Immigration is being used as a tool to facilitate this new world order by maximizing diversity and minimizing unity and national sovereignty. This is what politicians in both political parties have been doing for years. They are exploiting the differences that are so prevalent in our society for their own personal and political gain.

If we allow the dilution of our national unity to continue then all of this diversity which has been created right under our noses will render our Constitution unworkable and it will result in the surrender the United States to global interests. This threat of national extinction is real and it is not coming from overseas, but rather from right  here inside of the Beltway and right within the halls of Congress.

Diversity is many things, but one thing it is definitely not is strength. How the Democrats have managed to sell this perverted idea that there is strength in diversity is a testimony to their ingenuity and to the extraordinary manipulation of the mainstream media.

Diversity does not make a nation stronger. It makes a nation weaker, and the claim that there is strength in diversity is contrary to common sense. A nation is made stronger by unity. What America needs now is to be more unified. If we become any more diverse we will cease to exist as a sovereign nation.

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