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Fifty Republican “National Security Experts” say that Donald Trump would be the Most Reckless President in U.S. History…

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, August 9, 2016


fifty security experts letter

Fifty Republican “National Security Experts” say Donald Trump would be the Most Reckless President in U.S. History…

By Scott Rohter, August 2016


If you think that the recent Democrat and Republican Primaries were bad, just wait until you see what is going to happen during the General Election. The Presidential Debates are rigged for Hillary. There isn’t a single conservative and not one real Republican on the Presidential Debate Commission which sets the rules for the debates and picks the moderators who ask the questions.  There won‘t be a single question directed at Hillary Clinton which challenges her record as Secretary of State. Nothing on the murders of our embassy personnel at Benghazi. Nothing on the Clinton Foundation scandals. Nothing on her careless storage of classified government emails on a private server in her own home, nor the deletion of 30,000 emails before she eventually turned the server over to the FBI for its investigation into her conduct as Secretary of State. All of the tough questions will be directed at Donald Trump in order to make him look bad, and all of the easy questions will be directed at Hillary Clinton in order to make her look good… The deck is stacked against Donald Trump even worse than it was in the Republican Primary. The “fix” is in. The game is rigged, and the man who wants to fix the rigged system is on the outside looking in.

fifty security experts letter

Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden

Recently a letter was signed and delivered to the New York Times by fifty so called top “national security experts”. They are all Republicans who refuse to endorse Donald Trump for President. They included former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and former Director of the CIA Michael Hayden. Michael Chertoff was a judge before he was tapped by George Bush to be our country’s first Director of Homeland Security.  He was a damn judge!  They both say they are not thrilled at the prospect of having Bill and Hillary Clinton back in the White House again, but they claim that if Donald Trump was elected he would be a total disaster for our country. In their own words they said, “He would be the most reckless President in U.S. history.”

Oh, really?  Would  he be a bigger disaster than Bill Clinton?  He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. Later after lying to Congress he was disbarred from ever practicing law again. Would he be more reckless than Bill Clinton was? Would he be more reckless than Hillary Clinton who was labeled as being “extremely careless” for all of her national security breaches by the current Director of the FBI, James Comey?

Let ‘s take a look at the record of these so called “national security experts”. Did they ever warn us about any other Presidential candidate before they became the President of the United States?  

Bill Clinton used American planes to bomb Serbia into partition. Serbia is a Christian nation. Their defeat at the hands of NATO paved the way for the first Muslim nation to be created in Europe. This new country which was formerly a part of Serbia was later admitted to the European Union.. That nation is Bosnia. Bill Clinton also got beat very badly at the bargaining table by Kim Il Sung which allowed the little North Korean dictator to obtain nuclear weapons. I’d say that was pretty reckless conduct for an American President, wouldn’t you? Not to mention the fact that Bill Clinton liked to chase young college interns around the Oval Office just for fun.

George W. Bush launched two wars, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan after 911 which destabilized the entire Middle East and turned Iran into a full-fledged regional power with worldwide aspirations. Did the fifty Republican national security experts who refuse to endorse Donald Trump ever warn us about George W. Bush?  No. On the contrary they served in his Administration and helped to design his reckless foreign policy that still troubles the world today. While they were working for the Bush Administration they allowed Muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan to emigrate to the United States. The result is that we now have Imams in America preaching Jihad from their mosques in Texas, California, and New York. We have Muslims living in Michigan practicing Sharia law. They are calling people to prayer five times a day over loudspeakers just like they do in Saudi Arabia. Honor killings are being performed on American soil in the name of Islam and there has been an increase in terrorist attacks committed on our soil. That is the legacy of George W. Bush which these so called national security experts failed to warn us about.

Did these experts ever write a letter warning us what a disaster it would be if Barack Obama ever became President? They had two opportunities to do this, once  in 2008 and once again 2012.. Did they warn us? No.

After being elected Barack Obama went on his apology tour through the Middle East and he withdrew American troops from Iraq and turned a bad situation created by George W. Bush into a much worse situation. Today Baghdad is the most dangerous place in the world. Criscrossed by concrete barricades and barbed wire there are more bombs and improvised explosive devices going off in this capitol city in a single day than anywhere else in the world. That is the legacy of Barack Obama in addition to arming an emergent Iran with nuclear weapons and the cash to develop them.

Did these top national security experts ever warn us about Barack Obama? No.  They did not. As President of the United States Barack Obama has stuck his big, fat nose into other countries’ business and intervened in the internal affairs of other nations all around the world. He bombed Libya and ousted Colonel Gadhafy. He ordered America’s  long time ally, Hosni Mubarak to step aside and let the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt.  He supported the coup that toppled President Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine, and he single handedly started a new Cold War with Russia over a popular referendum that was held in Crimea for independence.

These are the reckless foreign policy initiatives of a mad man in the White House named Barack Obama. Did these fifty so called Republican national security experts ever warn us about Barack Obama? No. They did not. Instead they warn us about Donald Trump. Barack Obama now wants to topple the government of Bashar al Assad in Syria. They didn’t tell us that Barack Obama would be the most reckless U.S. President in history, did they? Why not?

Under Barack Obama Muslim immigration to the United States has dramatically increased. There has been a corresponding increase in terrorist attacks inside our borders, and Barack Obama together with George W. Bush are responsible for creating ISIS. Their reckless foreign policy initiatives are responsible for creating a new wave of Muslim refugees fleeing Syria and the Middle East which now threatens Europe and America. It threatens the very heart and soul of Western civilization. Did they warn us that  Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barrack Obama would be reckless Presidents? No they did not.

Now comes Hillary Clinton. She is running for President and she embraces all of the reckless foreign policies of her predecessors. She voted for George W. Bush’s  War in Iraq. She helped formulate and implement the reckless foreign policy initiatives of Barack Obama as his Secretary of State. She illegally stored over 30,000 classified emails and government documents on a private server in her own home which jeopardized America’s national security. She was labeled as negligent and extremely careless by FBI director James Comey. She lied to the American people about what happened at our embassy in Benghazi and she had the nerve to say, “What difference does it make?”

Did the fifty Republican national security experts warn us about Hillary Clinton? No. They did not. Instead they are voting for Hillary, and they are warning us about Donald Trump.  Well, Trump is my guy and I am sticking with him, but let me point out the dismal record of these so called national security experts.  Their capacity to spot the challenges we face as a Nation which threaten our national security has been somewhat less than stellar. Our present vulnerability to terrorism is a direct result of the way they performed their jobs in the years following 911.

We were in way too much of a hurry to elect our first Black President so we wound up with Barack Obama. Now we are in too big of a hurry to elect our first woman President. We are in danger of electing the most reckless and careless wife of an impeached President.  I’m not with these so called fifty top Republican national security experts and I’m not with Hillary Clinton. I’m with Donald Trump. He is my guy and I am with him.

The only thing left to say about these fifty so called top Republican national security experts is that their letter sounds a lot like sour grapes to me from people who are obviously not going to be called upon to serve in any Trump administration.

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