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Innocent Victims of a Government Conspiracy

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, October 31, 2017




Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada… The home of gambling and prostitution… sometimes jokingly referred to as “Sin City”. This is the place where a team of United States Attorneys working for the Department of Justice are endeavoring once again to convict four God fearing, law abiding, Christian men of a myriad of serious crimes, all of them felonies, not the least of which is a criminal charge of conspiracy against the United States.


Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and Ryan Payne have all spent most of the last two years in jail. They are the real victims of this conspiracy… a government conspiracy directed at them and their way of life. They are the actual victims of a government vendetta which was begun by Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch during the Obama Administration and which is now being carried out by Jeff Sessions in the Trump Administration. While the Bundys are the ones with the bull’s eye on their backs… in a broader sense this prosecution is targeting all ranchers in western States.

Inside the Federal Courthouse every aspect of this trial is being very tightly controlled from the shackles on the defendants’ feet to reports of the proceedings emanating from within those walls… and just like the events in that courthouse almost everything else that anyone does in the State of Nevada is also tightly regulated by the United States government. That is because ninety percent of the land in the State of Nevada is in fact just like that courthouse.. It is owned and administered by the federal government. Here are a few other facts that you may not know about this trial…

All of these defendants have been denied bail They have spent most of the last two years in jail. Two of them have been beaten nearly to death and placed in solitary confinement for extended periods of time.  Three of them have been prosecuted twice, once in Oregon and once in Nevada. Two of them have faced a jury of their peers twice.  While they have been languishing in prison waiting for their day in court… the government has produced numerous other indictments accusing their supporters and defenders with various other crimes. These indictments have resulted in two hung juries and two mistrials being declared. Altogether there have been four trials so far and this one is the fifth .  Hopefully it is the last.

That brings me to the question of why the Bundys are really being prosecuted in the first place. The government claims it is because Cliven Bundy refused to pay the grazing fees for his cattle over a period of time so in 2014 the BLM tried to impound his cattle in order to collect the money he owed them. This provoked the infamous standoff in Bunkerville where hundreds of Americans from all around the country rallied to his support..  The government’s narrative is completely implausible as the exact same government  which thinks nothing at all about being over 20 trillion dollars in debt and prints money like it is going out of style now is desperate for Cliven Bundy’s grazing fees… The truth of the matter is that the Bundys are really being prosecuted because they have challenged the legitimacy of the government’s unconstitutional occupation of over 700 million acres of land in twelve western states since California became a State in 1850. The ongoing occupation of this land violates the Equal Footing Principle of the Constitution by which all new States are supposed to be admitted to the Union on the same basis as all of the other States.  

There is no State prior to the admission of California in 1850 in which the Federal government owns more than a few thousand acres of land on which the Constitution says it can build “forts, and ports, and other needful buildings”.  In today’s parlance that consists of military bases, naval installations, ports, dockyards, and other government facilities like post offices and Federal Courthouses like the one in which this trial is being held.

There is nothing in the United States Constitution that gives Congress or the President the power to create Federal Monuments or National Parks, or a bird sanctuary in the State of Oregon. That is why the government is going after the Bundy family with such a vengeance… They have called for an end to this unconstitutional occupation of land in America’s twelve western States. The amount of land that Congress controls is staggering. It is 25% of all the land in the country. That is more than the size of most other countries.. Think about that as you watch the shenanigans of this trial unfold… and be very skeptical of anything that you read about it or hear about it in the mainstream media.


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