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Much Ado about Nothing – All the Fuss over Donald Trump’s Decade Old Remarks about Women

Posted by Scott Rohter on Sunday, October 9, 2016

Donald Trump

Much Ado about Nothing

“The Bush Family’s Revenge”

Scott Michael Rohter, October 2016




Newsflash… Donald Trump is a sinner.  Oh that’s a brilliant revelation… Whoever said that he wasn’t? Whatever made you think that he was any different than you or I?  The Bible says we are all sinners “We have all fallen short of the glory of God”. That means everybody… including Donald Trump.  If you go to church you should know that and if you don’t you should go. All of the money in the world can’t take away sin. Only the lamb of God can take away sin, Jesus Christ…

I’ll admit that I am disappointed in Donald Trump. You would think that someone as rich and supposedly as sophisticated as he is would not resort to such talk, but it was after all just talk. That’s all it was. SO WHAT if he used crude language to boast to another man about his sexual advances  with women. What he considers advances is what someone else calls harassment.So what if Donald Trump thinks he is some kind of a babe magnet. He probably is to many women. It is not nearly as bad as some of the things that John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and William Jefferson Clinton did while they were in pubic office… and the fact that some women just now came forward at the very last minute, just thirty days before the election to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment is so completely suspicious that it defies belief..  The only people stupid enough to fall for this precisely timed media event are Dummycrats. Her October surprise should really come back and bite Hillary Clinton in the heel.

The man who released Donald Trump’s comments to the media is Jeb Bush’s cousin, Billy…. so what this is really is the Bush family’s revenge. This is the Bush family working together with the Clinton family in order to deny Donald Trump the Presidency. The release of that tape tells you a lot more about the kind of people the Bushes and the Clintons are, than it does about the kind of man Donald Trump is… It also tells you a lot more about the leaders of the Republican Party than it does about Donald Trump too.

Donald Trump’s remarks were recorded over eleven years ago in a private conversation he had with Billy Bush on the way to record a television show. They were obviously recorded  without his knowledge and without his prior consent, but at seventy years old I don’t think we have to worry anymore about his wandering eyes, or his wandering hands. His remarks over eleven years ago were certainly made in poor taste, but what difference does it make today what he said about women eleven years ago? What does it have to do with the important issues that our country faces? The man who is campaigning to be our President in 2016 is not the same man that he was one year ago more less eleven years ago, so if that is all Hillary Clinton has for her October Surprise then she better get back to the drawing board or go back to her washboard.

All the fuss we are hearing in the mainstream media now over those decade old remarks of Donald Trump referring to women in a demeaning way is really just a smokescreen to hide the important issues in this election that we should be talking about… the deficit, the economy, illegal immigration, and national security.. and the escalating tensions with Russia. That ten year old tape recording is really much ado about nothing.

Hillary Clinton would like the American People to ignore her role in the Obama Administration’s repeated violations of the Constitution. She would like us to ignore her support for the overthrow of foreign governments in Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine. She would like us to ignore her support for the Muslim brotherhood, her support for the bombing of other countries, the unconstitutional nuclear arms deal with Iran which she supported, and the deaths of four Americans that occured in Benghazi under her watch as Secretary of State. She would also like us to forget about all the lies that she told afterwards about what really happened at Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton wants us to forget about the huge increase in the National Debt that occurred under four Democratic Administrations which she was an integral part of. She wants us to overlook the loss of American jobs to foreign countries, the horrible trade deals she supported which gutted our manufacturing base, all the illegal immigration into our country which she supports, all of the influence peddling which she engaged in as Secretary of State in order to enrich her own pockets, the sale of half of America’s domestic uranium supply to a Russian company which is owned by the Kremlin,.(Why else do you think we are in a new Cold War with Russia) the total lack of transparency at the Clinton Foundation, her 30,000 deleted emails which she stored on her own server precisely precisely so she could do just what she eventually did with them… conceal the evidence of her influence peddling,.

She wants us to forget about all of the lies and cover-ups she has engaged in over the years, and the smear tactics she has used against women who have been sexually assualted by her husband, and the fact that she enabled her husband’s predatory behavior towards women during the entire time they have been married to enhance his career as well her own… and instead… instead she wants us to focus on a few disgusting and lewd comments made by Donald Trump about women which he made over eleven years ago…  As he said in the Second Presidential Debate… These were just words.. What Bill Clinton did was a lot more than words… and what Hillary did to his victims defiled them even worse then her husband did…  Hillary Clinton’s remarks about those women are a lot worse than my remarks about women. I am ashamed of my words when I hear them today but it was locker room banter between men.. As disgusting as it was… it was just words and the women who just came out to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment are so obviously a part of a Democratic scheme as to make them totally unbelievable…

So my question to you is this… Are we, the American people so stupid that we fall for Hillary Clinton’s dirty tricks… her October surprise. I hope not !

If there is someone out there voting in this presidential election who is not a sinner then let him throw the first stone at Donald Trump, but certainly Bill and Hillary Clinton are not qualified to do that so let’s move on. Before we do though, maybe we should remember the Clinton’s past…

Over his thirty year political career Bill Clinton has been accused of sexually  assaulting many women. The accusations range from grouping, to unsolicited kissing and fondling, to revealing his penis to women. He even engaged in intercourse with other women while he was married to Hillary Clinton. He had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky right in the Oval Office… These things occurred from the time he became the Governor of Arkansas until his last term as President of the United States. He was finally impeached because of the lies he told to a special prosecutor appointed by Congress about the long tryst he had been having with a young White House whose life he destroyed.. Her stained blue dress with the President’s semen on it gave powerful testimony to what a couple of prevaricating liars Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been…

Even worse than what Bill Clinton did to the women he sexually assaulted and exploited over the years is what Hillary Clinton did to them afterwards in an effort to preserve her husband’s reputation as well as to advance her own political career.. If you want to talk about somebody’s remarks about women, why don’t you look at some of the horrific statements that Hillary Clinton made about the women her husband sexually abused. She defiled them even worse with her words than he did by his actions. Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to be the President of the United States.  Just like her husband she never knows how to tell the truth and she never will. That’s why I hate her.

I hate the Clintons both for what they did to our country when they were in power and for what they are willing to do to our country again just to get back in power… and I hate them for what they WILL DO to our country God forbid if we ever allow them to get back in power. People have died because of what Hillary Clinton did  and what she did not do.. Thats a hell of a lot worse than anything that ever happened to people because of something that Donald Trump did.

I hate the Democrats for nominating another Clinton, and the Republicans for supporting another Clinton, and I especially reserve my fiercest hate for the Bush family who arranged for the release of that private, taped conversation of Donald Trump from over eleven years in order to help put the Clintons back in power even though it would mean the loss of the Supreme Court for the next forty years….  I detest the Bush family.

Finally I absolutely detest the Clinton media for focusing on mere words in an irrelevant tape from eleven years ago and hiding every rotten, stinking thing that Bill and Hillary Clinton have done over the last thirty years while they were in office… I am ashamed to be an American today.. completely and totally ashamed…

The tape recording of Donald Trump making some lewd comments about women from eleven years ago doesn’t reveal very much  besides the fact that he is a sinner. It proves that Donald Trump in spite of all his success and money is really no different than anybody else.He is no different than John F. Kennedy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt who also liked to have extra marital affairs. Donald Trump’s words prove only that he is attracted to beautiful women in a crude way, and it proves he could use a little  more respect for women  and a lot more control over his tongue…. but the tongue is a hard thing to control as it says in the Bible. Other than that I don’t know what else that tape recording proves.

Many years ago Bill Clinton said that this, “If you elect me to be President you will get two for the price of one.” Hillary Clinton is now trying to make good on that promise.

The reaction to his decade old remarks on that tape released by the Washington Post by Republican Establishment figures like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Mitt Romney and all the calls for him to drop out of the race prove that the cabal between Democrats and Republicans to put Hillary in the White House exists and it is alive and well. The plan as you know was hatched several months ago in a secret meeting at a posh island resort off the coast of Georgia where wealthy Republicans and Democrats came together and promised to do whatever it takes to prevent Donald Trump from ever becoming President. They are now trying to make good on their promise.

In the Bible you can read about two of Israel’s greatest Kings  Solomon and David. Both of them had serious problems with women…  Solomon could never get enough of them, and David even arranged for the death of one of his soldiers in order to sleep with his wife.  Yet God still used both of these men to do great things for his people. I don’t think there is anything that Donald Trump did in his past that would prevent God from using him to save our country from the stupidity and the treacheries of professional politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


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