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Senate Conduct Committee Takes Action against Brian Boquist

Posted by Scott Rohter on Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Senate Conduct Committee Takes Action against Brian Boquist

By Scott Michael Rohter July 9 2019


Senator Floyd Prozanski

In what was technically referred to as a “public meeting” that almost no one knew anything about, after the real public session of the Senate Committee on Conduct was over, the four members of the Committee: Floyd Prozanski (D), James Manning (D), Tim Knopp (R), and Alan Olsen (R) unanimously agreed to impose interim disciplinary measures against Senator Brian Boquist for some remarks he made on the Senate floor during a debate that were directed at Senate President Peter Courtney, and for certain other remarks he made in an interview he gave to the news media regarding Governor Brown’s announced plans to have the Oregon State Police round up the eleven missing Republican Senators and force them back to the Legislature “in handcuffs if necessary” so the Senate could hold a vote.

Senator Boquist must notify the Secretary of the Senate at least 12 hours before he intends to be at the Capitol building so they can provide additional police to satisfy the concerns of anyone who might be intimidated by his presence there. He must also promise not to take any retaliatory action against anyone involved in the investigation into his behavior, or against anyone who files a formal complaint against him in the continuing investigation into his conduct as a member of the Oregon State Senate..

There is no investigation into the numerous and sundry provocations that he and other Republican members of the Oregon Legislature have had to endure during the 2019 session. Apparently the four members of the Senate Committee on Conduct are missing the whole point. Mr. Boquist is not alone. in feeling angry about what is going on in our State government. He represents just the tip of an ever growing iceberg … He is the “canary in a coal mine”…. Millions of Oregonians are mad as hell that their voices are not being heard in Salem anymore. We don’t feel like we are being represented because of the Democrat’s heavy handed tactics and their political stranglehold on power which they have obtained largely through the process of gerrymandering the districts.  

Millions of Oregonians are stuck in what seems to be a never ending minority status rendering us politically and effectively irrelevant in our State by just a few thousand votes. There is no mandate for Democrats to take any drastic political action on any thing like what they were trying to do this year with the so called Climate Change Bill, nor to overturn the will of the people by handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens beginning in 2021 and registering them to vote by the way too.

There are thirty six counties in Oregon, most of them rural, but only three counties that really matter politically. These are the three urban counties that surround “Moscow on the Willamette”.  There is more to Oregon than just the eight square miles surrounding Tom McCall Waterfront Park, but the conservative minority in Oregon is one minority that Oregon Democrats don’t care anything about.

Senate President Peter Courtney

Another thing that Oregon’s Democrats don’t particularly care anything about is being consistent…. In addition to claiming to represent minorities they also claim to care about women’s rights, yet when given the opportunity they often do nothing about violations of women’s rights… such as when Senate President Peter Courtney who is the subject of a recent Bureau of Labor and Industries report that accuses him of turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to years of allegations of sexual harassment that have been going on under his watchful eye both in the Oregon Senate and as a professor at Western Oregon University.

 This is where the charges against Senator Boquist for creating an unsafe work environment begin to lose their credibility and pale in comparison to the charges that have been leveled against Senate President Peter Courtney in an official Bureau of Labor and Industries report. He is accused of  providing an unsafe work environment for female employees both in the Senate and at Western Oregon University where he teaches. This is why the charges against Boquist begin to take on definite political overtones. They seem to have the appearance of retaliation against him for leading the call for Courtney to resign.

Mr. Boquist who appeared at the Senate hearing on Monday appeared defiant. He  refused to answer any questions from the Committee saying that he had filed a lawsuit and he would answer all of their questions in court.

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